Friday, February 24, 2006

I am a cool fob ^^

So here's the long awaited photo of me and my new glasses, which I got this past Monday. A self-taken picture that actually came out decent. Except my face is so huge -_____________________-

So far I'm mainly going to be posting on my Xanga. But hopefully I'll start to post here more often.

Before I leave, a big hug to my beloved Mindy!! Post more often so I know that you are alive~

Monday, February 13, 2006

In the EYES of the Beholder

I went and got my eyes tested today. I've had eye insurance the entire time I've been here at UCLA and I have never used it before today. And I actually got new glasses two years ago. My poor mommie.

They determined that my eyes have gotten worse. I used to be 4.5. I am now 5.0. My mother is crying inside.

But I am smiling. Why? Because I had thought this entire time that I was a 5.5. So in my mind, I have improved. That's right--my eyes have gotten better. Damn straight.

I'm trying to be fashionable. And cool. I'm getting rimless glasses. Rectangular shaped lens. Want to be friends with me now?