Sunday, July 30, 2006

What do you WANT?

So the whole spending time in my room in front of my computer has continued. Watched another Korean movie called Welcome to DongMakGol. It was good. A bit sad. But that's the way all good Korean movies go. And finally watched the Korean movie The King and the Clown. I agree with everyone--it's a good movie. And it made my heart hurt. Also watched a movie called Shin Angyo Oshi. It's known as a Japanese movie, but it's actually a collaboration between Japanese and Korean anime studios, and it's based on a Korean manhwa. I've also been watching some more anime. As for manga, stopped concentrating on Death Note so much and am now very much into Blade of the Immortal. I absolutely heart that manga (although there are some scenes that are quite disturbing). And Goldie, I have never read Peach Girl. Maybe I'll look it up someday..

But on the flip side, I've also been going out. Went out on Tuesday with Liz to MyeungDong and also went to the Kyobo bookstore. Bought some cute stuff for myself and friends. The friend shopping has finally begun (slowly). And on Wednesday, after dinner with cousin and his wifey, I went out with Lara to explore. It was a failure, but we're trying again on Tuesday now that we know what we did wrong. ^^# On Saturday, I dragged my roomie, Lara, and Yeun Su out to Sinchon so I could buy my cousin's birthday present. We also bought some other fobby stuff (my keyboard is now all fobbed out *^^*). We will be going out more this upcoming week so look forward to those stories.

Now onto the important part. What does everyone want??? I've bought some souvenirs/presents.. but not much. But I still have a month left, so I'm not worried. So tell me, what do you guys want? If you guys don't give me some kind of an answer, you're not getting anything. So here's the list (in alphabetical order):

[09/07/06 EDIT: list taken down as I have returned from Korea and gifts are done and over with]

I think I had more to say.. but I forgot. Please comment with your answer!

Monday, July 24, 2006

A Couch Potato.. even w/o a couch

I'm back! Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long~ I'm too lazy for my own good. But here I am with some updates~

So I've been wasting a lot of time in front of my computer lately--no surprise there. Same Esther as usual. Been watching quite a few movies (courtesy of my oh so kind cousin). So far I've watched (since the last time I blogged): The Corpse Bride, The Longest Yard, Catwoman, The Last Samurai, Secret (a Japanese movie), and Mr. Socrates (a Korean movie w/ Kim Rae Won). I also watched another Korean movie with my cousin, but I don't remember its name.

I've also been anime- and manga-ing it up lately. Watched a few episodes of Bleach and Black Cat. And I've been downloading and reading new manga too! Lately I'm reading Death Note. It's not exactly the kind of manga I've been reading, but it's not bad. And I need my manga fix. With the exception of the hideous shinigami (this is nothing like Bleach), the characters are not bad looking. Correction--the main characters are not bad looking. Could care less about the other ones. Also started reading Hell's Angels. It's really short--completed at 3 volumes. But scantalators are still working on Volume 2. This is definitely not the kind of manga I would normally read, because the way it's drawn makes me cringe just thinking about it. But it's short and I'm going to finish it anyway. Started the manga for Prince of Tennis.. but I don't think I'm going to continue it. Too long and wasn't all that interesting. But I finally downloaded Blade of the Immortal so I can finally read it without having to go to Borders! Kekeke~ *^^*

I also met up with Jinwon a little over a week back - fun times~ She's hopefully going to come play with me this week ^^ And when August comes.. both Paul and Willi are going to come play with me so I'm excited! *^^* I also went to the DMZ last week--that was quite an interesting experience. I've always wanted to go there and I'm very glad I finally went. And I can now say that I have actually set foot on North Korean soil. Pretty amazing~ Also went shopping with a couple friends this weekend. Bought a few presents for people. Don't worry--I haven't forgotten about you all! You'll all get something.. or other.. ^^#

Sorry there are no pictures to share. I know, disappointing. Again, laziness is the reason. I would say a lack of time as well.. but I can't use that excuse today because I'll be wasting the rest of the afternoon/night just reading manga and watching [TV shows, Korean dramas, movies]. Don't you just love how I spend my time in Korea? But eventually.. there will be pictures. Maybe if enough of you guys comment and ask for it.. *hint hint* Okay.. time to go and be my lazy self! Hope you're all enjoying your summers~

Monday, July 10, 2006

Encounters w/ the Rich & Famous 2

I'm back! And with pictures this time! Aren't you excited? *^^*
So here I am with the famous (or should I say infamous?) Liz:

This was from the EAP dinner the Friday of Week 0. Aren't we so cute together in our fobbiness? But have no fear--I still love all you guys at home! *muah*

And here are some SBS pictures! I know you guys have been waiting for them~

The awe-inspiring SBS building in MokDong. Inside are the elevators featured in Sweethearts in Paris ^^

After our tour of this building, we went to the studios in.. some other city. Haha.. too lazy to look up the name ^^#

The set for the food show "Taste vs. Taste" (yes, I know, it does not translate over very well T_T) It's basically a competition between two food dishes. They were setting up when we came in.. and when it was time for us to leave they offered to let us see the shooting of it. But no one really knew about the show and everyone wanted to go home, so we didn't go. But then I found out this weekend that THIS is the show that Ryu Shi Won M.C.'s for! I was devastated.. I had my chance to see RSW and have him fall in love with me.. and I missed it! OH CRUEL FATE~

So I made the following to show you some of the actresses that I saw. I saw a couple other actresses and actors.. but I couldn't remember their names. I'm really bad with names ^^#

Han Go Eun even said hi to me! I was happy *^^* And Lee Yoo Ri took a picture with us too (below)

The guy next to her is also an actor. Not as famous, but apparently well-known. He has a cute baby ^^

And on Friday, my cousin's co-worker took me to go see a comedy show that I will loosely translate as "People Looking for Laughs". I don't think even Koreans who know this show will know what I'm talking about with that translation.. but I'm not on my computer right now so I can't go rush off and write it up. Just know that it's well-known and the gag-men (comedians) were hilarious. Here's a picture of some of them in the end when they all came up for applause~

Okay, that's all for pictures for now! Hopefully over the weekend I'll be able to edit more pictures and put them up on Facebook for you to all see and enjoy. Thanks for being supporting readers and I look forward to your comments! ^^

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Encounters w/ the Rich & Famous

Thanks Kathy for your translations! You are quite talented ^^ And thanks of course to Christina for confirming it. And Paul just confused me T_T It's okay. For the postcards, Christina is awarded with the second one, and Gardy will consider herself lucky for getting the cell phone one. But first, mailing addresses! Christina, if you just want it mailed to your apartment, I just need your apartment number (is it.. 202?). I remember your building address. And Gardy, Australia or home? You tell me.

And hello to everyone at the EAP office! *waves* I feel so special to have you as part of my readership. Are you keeping tabs on me to make sure I don't dishonour the EAP name here in Korea?! *raises eyebrows* Haha.. you know I never would. I didn't even go clubbing last night when people asked me to! :P But thanks Ariana for loving the hair! I feel better knowing people like it ^^ And I don't think my hair was long enough to be donated. So I didn't even consider it an option. And I think Emily's right anyway. Haha.

And thanks to Crystal and Willi ^^ Liz is a girl from UCLA that I met at the EAP orientation. We are now friends and lovers *^^*

Okay, that was a long.. intro.. thingy. But yay for comments! See how often I blog when you comment a lot? *^^* Anyway, Fourth of July dinner was a no go because it kept on raining on and off all day and it was supposed to be a rooftop thing. So it got postponed until.. next Thursday, I think. The EAP activity that I mentioned was going to the SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) building! We got a tour of some of the recording studios (for radio and TV news programmes) and I even got to ride in the glass elevator that was featured in Sweethearts in Paris! And then later we went to the studios where they record the TV game shows and dramas. We got to see a couple dramas being filmed, and I saw quite a few famous actresses and actors! I don't remember their names, but I will post their names and pictures once I figure them out! *^^* I couldn't take a lot of pictures however because a lot of times they wouldn't allow cameras. But I have a few, and I still need to get some from Liz.

So today was a pretty good day event-wise. Personally, however, today also had a negative side to it. All I have to say in that respect is that sometimes, being a female is not all that.

I think that's all I have to say for now. I need to go and get my reading done for class tomorrow. OH.. I need to go check on my laundry!

Monday, July 03, 2006

This blogging is for YOU!

Thanks for the comments ^^ It helps that everyone's being so supportive of my haircut! Hopefully you're not just all lying through your teeth~ (jk jk!) I'm on my way to becoming a super fob! v(*^^*)v

My current wallpaper is from A Wolf's Attraction, and I realized something when I saw it this morning. So after class, I made this:

What do you think? Does my haircut resemble his? Maybe the picture from before resembles it more..

Anyway, life in Korea isn't bad. Liz and I are hanging out a lot more, so yay. I even gave her a Korean name: Mi Kyung! Basically just directly translated her Chinese name over to Korean. I still have to ask my mommie if that's even a real Korean name, but it sure sounds like one, no? Tomorrow we're going to the 4th of July dinner over at Vabien Suites (where she lives).. and Wednesday is an EAP activity! Well, in the morning I have my calligraphy class (yup, I signed up for calligraphy! And I suck at it T_T) and then we go off to have wonderful adventures (I hope).

So I went to the student union today and bought postcards! I bought six of these totally cute and totally cheesy postcards, and I will post them here (with their translations). If you want one of them, please tell me ASAP! And if you didn't give me your address, that would be handy as well. Whoever claims them first will get them. Hopefully I can keep some of them for myself, but I guess I can always just go back and buy more for me. I heart them because they are so fobby.. like me *^^*

In green lettering: First love.
In red lettering: Even though it hurt so much, I still miss my first love whom I loved so much.

In red: One heart. (Thanks Kathy)
In black: I will love you.. Even if I am born again, only you.. Even if I die, only you..
FOR: Christina Chiang

In green: Eat my love and be strong!
In black: It's hard nowadays, isn't it.. I know.. but because it's hard, getting sick.. you can't just stay like that! Here! It's my love! You have to eat this and get stronger! Ajja ajja! You can do well!
And in little purple and white lettering everywhere: I love you.

In big green lettering: I think I like you.. ^^
In small green lettering: I am happy.. so so very happy.. really really happy.. I think I like you.. This happiness.. I really want to pour out to you.. Do you think there is a chance there is space in your heart for it?
Under the picture: I {heart} love You
On the keypad: You are the only one I really love.
On the background (under the phone): I want to see you~
FOR: Gardeenie Hsu

In purple: You know, I.. am really happy..
In green: You know, I am really happy.. so happy because the sky that I see as I am slightly leaning against your back is so beautiful.. So happy because I can feel your atmosphere (phrase doesn't translate well).. So happy because your sweet fragrance is so good (Nancy can relate with this).. So happy because right at this moment we are together.. And the thing that makes me the happiest is.. that we love each other so much..
In pink: I love you.
FOR: my darling, Nancy He!

Top red lettering: Love. (Thanks Kathy!)
Lower red lettering: (This is hard to translate because the sentence structure in Korean can be a lot different from English.. but the gist is) The one who is so loved by me.. You.
FOR: My delirious partner in crime, Karen Saroca!

The postcards are really cute, no? The last one is different from the others, but I thought it was really pretty so I bought it. So if you want them, please tell me! And don't worry--I bought a whole set of pretty traditional Korean postcards to mail out as well! So please give me your mailing address and your preferred postcard and wait for it to come in the mail!

Sorry this post is so long.. I couldn't resist sharing them with you! Now go and comment!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

How To Get A Short Haircut

1. Find a hair salon.
There were a bunch of ladies on the street giving out flyers for different salons so this was relatively simple.

2. Get a "before" shot taken.

This is me with my hair down. Remember this picture, because you won't be seeing that again for quite a while.

3. Get your hair cut.

She asked me if I was going to be sad over the loss of all my hair. I'm still not sure whether I am or not. I think it's going to hit me when I'm trying to shampoo my hair. But it was a bit shocking to see all my hair on the floor.

4. Take an "after" picture.

Cute, no?

But it's not done here! There are still a few more steps..

5. Get your perm done.

This is my first ever perm! Look at this machine heating my hair..

6. And take the real "after" picture.

I'm all done! *^^*

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get a short haircut. So what do you think? Cute? Ugly? Good idea? Bad idea? You can be honest (just don't be cruel~). Please leave comments!

I don't know if I'm happy about it. It didn't turn out the way I wanted to. The haircut I wanted was the second picture on this page. And they told me that if I wanted it, but still have it be low-maintenance, I needed to get a perm. Ergo, perm. The bangs on this haircut bug me. So when I got back I put on a headband, and voila I look exactly the same as I did when I started freshman year. I can't be fashionable even when I try..