Saturday, September 23, 2006

So Tricksy

I am.. not very bright. It's very sad to admit, but alas quite true. I've been seeing KFC ads on TV lately (because now that I'm at home I have the luxury of watching TV every night--how amazing is that?!) and I have been craving the boneless honey BBQ chicken wings. So I headed over there tonight and ordered them for dinner. I had the sneaking suspicion that I had actually eaten these before and were disappointed, but I waved it off and ordered them anyway. Yeah, wrong move. Brought them home and was sadly disappointed by its not so great taste. My mum ate a few pieces before giving up altogether. I actually made it through quite a bit. They had two choices: 6 pieces or 20 pieces, and since it was dinner for 2, I chose the 20 piece one. Which wouldn't have been too horrible except that they were feeling generous and gave us 25. While I normally would not complain about such generosity, this is not something I want to eat 25 pieces of. Thanks largely in part to my persistence, we managed to tuck away 13 pieces. I am not looking forward to eating the remaining 12 at some point in the future. But KFC is not all bad. The one thing that I love them for is their apple turnovers. Those things are absolutely scrumptious! I must one day put together my perfect meal: In-N-Out burger, McDonald's french fries, and KFC's apple turnover. That would be fantabulous!

In reference to my last blogging, I told my cousin about how much I missed his two liddo doggies and he was kind enough to give me the program and whatnot I needed to see the security cameras he set up at his house. So if the two loves of my lives would ever set foot in the living room, I would be able to see them. Alas, thanks to the time difference and the fact that my computer is so slow that it can't handle doing much when the program is running, I always look at the wrong time and I never see them! But someday.. I will open up that program and see those two preciouses running around and I will be happy.

In response to comments:
Jinwon: No passing. I will always miss Korea. Except for, of course, when I'm back. Which unfortunately doesn't look like it'll be anytime soon.
Bread: Why are you bread anyway? I keep on forgetting to ask. Anyway, there is no argument as to who has scarier dreams. Definitely isn't me. But you.. you are one disturbed piece of bread. And yes, I want a dog. I want a doggie just like Mangchi and a doggie just like Cherry. Get them for me!!! And it's not the drive itself that makes me so tired, I'm just tired in general. Over the past 3-4 years, I have built a habit of falling asleep every time I get into a car. It's a hard habit to break out of. And one I was particularly fond of. I hate having to be awake in the car. Especially during traffic. Such a waste of precious sleeping time!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dreams of Korea

I miss Korea. I miss my cousin's two adorawable doggies. I've been having the same recurring dream for the past couple of days, both at night and in my daydreams, and it gets more detailed and real every time I dream it. Basically Mangchi (the male dog) runs away from home and goes missing. No one can find him anywhere. And then somehow miraculously I find him here.. in LA (remember, this is a dream. No one said it had to echo reality). So I go to the pet store, buy a dog carrier and some necessities for him, drop by home to pick up stuff for my cousin and his employee, and head to the airport (I'm assuming I inform my mother of this plan somewhere in here). Since I'm poor and need to be with Mangchi to take care of him, I somehow talk some airline or another to let me ride the plane for free in return for taking care of the pets on board (damn I wish this was possible). I land in Incheon Airport, take a shuttle or something to somehow get to the metro line, and take the tube and then the bus to my cousin's home. Well, this changes. Sometimes I go to his office, and sometimes I go to his house. And sometimes my cousin is there, and sometimes he's not. No matter what, basically it ends with a very happy reunion between Mangchi and Cherry and my cousin. *sigh* I miss them~

So that's that. Psychoanalyze it if you wish. Or you could just fly me back to Korea for the next couple weeks before school starts *hint hint*

Anyway, driving practice continues. Been driving on the freeway lately. Fun stuff. The only problem is the fact that I'm always so damn sleepy. Which means my mommie always ends up driving me back so I can sleep in the car. Keke ^^ But anyway, getting better. Or so I hope. So wait--but don't hold your breath--for me to come visit you! But always feel free to visit me first *^^*

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Honey, I'm Home!

Hello everyone! I am back~! I've actually been back for over a week now, but I decided that I should make an official announcement. So here it is: I am home! So please come and play with me since I still have three weeks until school starts! And I'm finally practicing my driving (I know, after what, three and a half years?) so hopefully someday in the near future (but probably after school starts) I will be able to reciprocate and go to where you are! So keep your fingers crossed, those of you in SD and SF, I will be visiting you sometime this school year! (Assuming, of course, that you want me too ^^#)

In answer to everyone's question, Korea was absolutely fantabulous! I loved it. Can't really compare it to Cambridge, however. I think program-wise, I like Cambridge's better. The academics, the classes, the lecturers--all to be preferred. People-wise, both were great. Although I must admit that speaking Korean is a lot easier than trying to fake a horrible British accent. Though perhaps not as fun. Keke. The thing that made Korea so great for me, however, was family. I love my family!!! My cousin that I stayed with has become my ultimate favourite cousin.. and I love him and his wifey and their two absolutely adorable Malteses. I miss them. I miss Korea. (I know, you're thinking, oh no.. Esther's going to be whining about how she misses Korea now for the rest of the year. Haha. Too bad for you.)

Pictures are now slowly being worked on and uploaded to my various sites--Facebook, deviantART, and Cyworld--although Facebook is creeping me out with its stalker tendencies and thus making me want to not use it as much. So look forward to the pictures and hopefully you will see a fobbier Esther! *^^* And that will make you want to see me in person and you will thus come by and play with me!!! *beams* As an added incentive, I will add that I have gifts for people.. *hint hint* Hope to see you soon!