Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Breath of Fresh Air

I finally have internet. I can barely believe it. I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET. It is amazing. I seriously feel like I can breathe again. I love the internet.

So I have been gone for quite the while. It has been three torturous weeks that I had no internet. My sincerest apologies for being so hermit-like in those weeks and not really talking to anyone, both on the phone and online. But who am I without internet, no? So let's see if I can summarize what's been going on with me..

School started. And I do have an apartment here. I know many of you were worried about the fate of me and a horrible commute, but that disaster was averted. Living at Kelton & Ophir and--best of all--my car is with me! The driving practice continues, but I would like to say that I am getting better at this driving thing. Keke. Anyway, living with two very nice Romanian girls (am I branching out or what?). Both from Pasadena, history majors, third years.. and both in the same Irish band. Too cute. Overall, school's not too bad. Taking three classes, and they're bearable. Although having 9 AM classes 3 days a week is a bit painful. How did I ever survive high school? My past self amazes me~ And to hear more about my oh-so-exciting life.. don't hesistate to comment/IM/email/call! I love talking about myself XP

And before I end, I will leave you with a nice present to make up for my being so absent recently. If you paid attention to what I put up on Facebook, you will have learned that I went bungy jumping while I was in Korea. It was AMAZING. I dragged Paul (from church) out to the country(-ish) with me and we both went bungy jumping together! You may laugh at the fact that it was a mere 45 meters.. but it was also only 25 dollars (that's right, a quarter of what you would pay in SoCal!) and so I beam with pride. I went bungy jumping first, which gave Paul the opportunity to record me on his camera while he waited to go after me. Thanks Paul! Anyway, the story's a bit more interesting when it's told in person, so that's yet another reason for you to come visit me! So after I finally got the video last week, I uploaded it onto YouTube so you guys can all see it:

Hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to comment! *^^*