Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Good & Bad of Internship Fairs

So today was the Internship & Summer Job Fair at UCLA. It was held in Covel Commons from 4-7 PM. Liz and I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for us to try to give our lives some semblance of direction and hopefully ensure that we have some form of a future. And I think it worked out quite well. I don't know if I will get any internship or job out of it, but I have hope. Although my one little rant is that a lot of places didn't want graduating seniors--they wanted sophomores and juniors. And I wanted to yell at them because when I went to these fairs as a sophomore, I got yelled at and told to come back when I was a senior. Seriously, sometimes there is just no way to win. But here is my rundown:

They weren't so nice. As a graduating senior, I'm not eligible for their internships, which sounded pretty good. But I'm thinking about applying to their Page Program, but we'll see.
I have a nice free mechanical pencil with the Chevron logo on it, but I'm pretty sure Chevron wasn't there. Were they? I wonder where I got this pencil from. I remember it was from some company where Liz and I were totally wrong for. But the guy was nice and told us to take whatever we wanted anyway.
Disney ABC Media Networks
I'm not eligible for the internships here, but they said I could apply for a job. The guy was pretty nice. I liked him.
Disney College Program
This sounds like a pretty amazing program. It would be fantastic to get into this. You guys should check this out! They also gave me post-its ^^
Eleventh Hour
Absolutely awesome company! The lady we talked to was so friendly and so wonderful. I would really love to get an internship here. I cannot express how great Megan is. Two thumbs up! And I got a magnet and chocolate!
Lieberman Research Worldwide
This sounds pretty interesting. The only thing is that they're all about research. But I like who they work with. The recruiter guy was pretty nice. I liked him.
Manhattan GMAT
This guy was really friendly. This is a prep course for the GMAT, which is for business school. It is a thought of mine, but not serious. At least not yet. But the guy was nice.
Motion Picture Association
As a lover of films, I figure this would be a cool place to work for. I got a business card, but they weren't so friendly. I don't know. Psych majors just don't seem to be very popular. And it's a bit scary because their big thing is pirating, and you all know how I feel about that ^^#
This was all Liz, but I did get free post-its out of it. Yay.
NBC Universal
Here too I can only do the Page Program. I think they were a bit nicer about it, but I don't remember. This would be pretty cool as well.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
I didn't care about this place, and frankly they didn't care for me because they don't want psych majors, but I just feigned interest to get their mini stapler. Keke ^^
This company sounds pretty cool. The lady we talked to was pretty nice as well. I wouldn't mind working here. And I got mints. Haha.
Sony Online Entertainment
The guy here was so nice and friendly! But he didn't think there were any positions a psych major could do, and he had such a hard time breaking that to me. Too cute. But I got a free pen out of it. Haha.
I did not submit a resume to this place. Their internship is way too hardcore for me. But the lady was really nice and gave us a lot of free stuff. I got a bag, a water bottle, mints, a pen, and a deck of cards.
Toyota Financial Services
I figure, my family has two of their cars, might as well see if I can get money from them. The internships sound pretty interesting. We'll see.
Twentieth Century Fox
I love this place. They gave me the soundtrack for Angel. I absolutely love them for that. The only problem is that they want college credit for their internships. I might try to do it in the spring, but I have to take four classes next quarter so I don't know if I can pull it off. Maybe they would hire me for a job?

So that was my summary. Sorry if it was long. Pray that I get an internship or job somewhere! I'm poor and need money!

Friday, January 19, 2007

A Really Long Day

Today is a long day. A very long day.

It started off okay. I finally managed to wake up on time and take a refreshing shower. Then I headed to work. That's where it all began to go wrong. So today is a big application day. Seven countries, who knows how many programs. All due today. Vy and I were put in charge of Spain and Australia. Sergio's countries. Now I love Sergio. I do. Even though he hates me. But he's so.. anal. He has to have everything a certain way. So Vy ended up doing all the intake, and I did all the processing. The entire time. Checking in applications isn't that bad. But processing? It's a downer. Mentally exhausting. I was brain dead by the end of the day.

But Ariana was doing a very nice deed for a UK reciprocity student, so I decided I would help out and take her to the post office near her apartment. But I made a very stupid mistake on the way there, so I ended up damaging my wheel. My wheel isn't too happy, and my hubcap (or wheel rim? whatever that middle section part thingamabobber is) is especially unhappy. It's broken. Ripped, actually. So part of it is a bit.. detached? I'm not sure how to describe the entire situation. Maybe I'll take a picture of it later and upload it.

That hurt. Not just my car, but me. Physically. I feel pain for my car. I feel pain for my wallet, for it will be expensive to replace it. And I feel fear. Fear of my mother and her reaction when she sees it. She is going to torture me.

The rest of the night wasn't too bad. Got In-N-Out with Ariana and watched an episode of Alias with her and her roommate. There was traffic on the way back but I was just too down and depressed to really care. I just feel so out of it. So very tired. So very old.

It's been a long day and I can't wait for it to end. But before that, I need to pack up and drive home. In my poor abused car *cries* I'm sorry car, I really am.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Boo Hiss UCLA

Yesterday night I had in mind a happy blogging that I was going to post today. I even had a title: I'm a winner. But now I forgot what I wanted to blog about. Why am I a winner? Because today I feel like a loser. And it's all UCLA's fault. I hate UCLA, the Financial Aid office, and especially the office of Work Study. All evil.

So I went today to Financial Aid to petition for more money for work-study, since all the work-studies in the EAP office will run out of hours by the end of this quarter. I went last quarter, and was told to come back this quarter since they will have figured out how much aid they have left to give out by winter quarter. Stupid female student worker. This time I got an actual staff member, who told me that I need to go to Work Study. So off I went down the hall.

And then received devastating news. Only community service workers can get more work study, by changing loan money into work-study money. Am I community service? Technically, no. So no, I cannot receive more work study. But I'm at EAP--we help the international community! Yeah, doesn't count. Did she care that the office was going to lose all its work-studies after this quarter? Nope. She said they just need to hire more students (who haven't yet used up their work-study allotment). All in all, I basically got flat-out rejected no matter which route I tried to go. Sad times. Quite depressing.

Now I'm left with a dilemma. Should I just use up all my hours this quarter and try to find a job for next quarter? I do need an internship for the summer, so should I just try to get one now that will last until then? Or should I ration out my hours so I can help the poor EAP office survive spring quarter understaffed? I don't know what to do and am just really worried and quite depressed. UCLA always finds a way to screw me over every single year. Lovely.