Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Today I was a rebel. I ditched class. I wasn't going to, but Jen really wanted to go to Pinkberry and I was easily persuaded since I don't consider that class to be enjoyable. I knew we were just going to be going over our journal review assignment, and I actually got Natasha and Christina to ditch too! So we all went to Pinkberry, which is not as good as Red Mango but an adequate substitute, and then we went to Ralph's so Jen wouldn't starve tonight.

Anyway, I just signed up for ANIME EXPO!!! Everyone should go! It's June 29 to July 2, and it only costs $50 for all 4 days (which is pricey for us poor college kids, but considering just one day is $25, not bad!). So sign up!!! I'm still contemplating whether I'll cosplay or not. I guess it depends if you cosplay since I don't want to do it by myself. If I do cosplay, I'll just switch from Yachiru to another female shinigami since I don't have the time or energy to make another outfit. I'm really excited--this will be my first time at AX! *^^*

SO SIGN UP and go with me!!!

Oh, and if you're worried about rides, I'll drive us there and back. And you can sleep over with me too if you want! Fun times will be had ^^

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Am Spartacus!

Friday was an amazing night. It first started off at church with Sister's Appreciation Night, where the brothers went all out and made us feel very appreciated. We had three appetizers (a) pigs in a blanket: bacon wrapped around dduk (rice cake), (b) lettuce wrap with salmon, peanut butter, masago, etc., and (c) chicken wonton salad. Then came the two entrees: BBQ ribs and then authentic udon. And then the two desserts: a huge delish fruit tart made by D.K. and then the Pandora's Box, filled with wonderful small cake delicacies. We were serenaded and pampered and it was just wonderful. Thanks you guys!!!

And then, after a few driving and direction mishaps, Eileen and I managed to make it to Suzan's birthday party. Fun times were had, and I had the opportunity to show my Korean blood. How, you ask? Why, by playing King's Cup! It's a drinking game that, despite being somewhat confusing at first, is quite fun to play. It involves a deck of cards, and everyone's split into pairs, with each pair going around picking a card from the deck. Based on what card you pick, you complete an action. There are variations with how to play it, but this is how we did it:

2) "Screw You"
Make another team take a drink.
3) "Screw Me"
Your team takes a drink.
4) "Whores"
All the females take a drink.
5) "Social"
Everyone takes a drink.
6) "Dicks"
All the guys drink.
7) "Hand Jive"
The leader of the team makes a hand jive and passes it on to another team. That team must then correctly repeat the hand jive in sync, and then that team leader adds to it and passes it on. This continues until someone messes up, and then that team takes a drink.
8) "Waterfall"
Everyone drinks until the person who picked the card puts his/her cup down.
9) "Rhyme"
The team chooses a word then each team after rhymes with it. First team to mess up drinks.
10) "I Am Spartacus"
The person who picks this card yells "I am Spartacus!" and raises his/her arm in the air pointing up. Everyone must follow suit, and whoever is last has to drink along with his/her team.
J) "Back"
The team who picked right before must drink.
Q) "Questions"
The team that picked the card must talk in question form. Each team goes around doing the same, and the first team to mess up must take a drink.
K) King's Cup
Person who turned the card quarter-fills the King's Cup. If he/she turns the 4th King in the deck, he/she must drink the contents of the Cup.
A) Make A Rule
The team who picked the card announces a rule which all players must adhere to before drinking. The penalty is getting a point taking off. Each teams start out with 5 points. The rules which were made in our game:
1. Can't say the names of anyone participating in the game.
2. Can't point.
3. Can talk only in a soft voice just above a whisper. Not allowed to talk any louder.

It was a pretty crazy games, especially as the rules were being added. And who got the 4th King in the deck?

That's right, I did. And I chugged the whole thing down. And I didn't even get buzzed. Talk about strong Korean blood! Hahaha. It was amusing seeing other people be buzzed/tipsy. People can be so funny ^^

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Occupation: Wannabe Kiwi?

So remember how I already received my work visa for New Zealand? And how I was going to ask them if they could delay it until next year? Well, it turns out I don't have to do that! I went to the NZIS website today and looked through their FAQ, and this is what I found:

A working holiday visa becomes valid on the date your application is decided. This visa allows you to enter NZ, which you must do before your visa expires. Please note that this visa cannot be extended, so make sure that you apply for your Working Holiday Visa closer to your departure date.

Once you enter NZ on a working holiday visa, however, you will be issued a work permit at the border. This permit is what allows you to remain in NZ lawfully and casually work. So, if your scheme validity is 12 months, you would be granted a work permit for 12 months from the date you entered NZ. This is when your Working Holiday in New Zealand officially begins.

Example: a German citizen applies for his 12 month WHS visa online in January, and the visa is decided on 05.Jan 07. This means he must enter NZ before 05.Jan 08. His plan is to enter NZ on 05.Sep 07. and if he does, he will be granted a working holiday permit until 05.Sep 08. So, he must finally depart NZ by 05.Sep 08. which is when his NZ Working Holiday ends.

So this means I can go to New Zealand in January 2008! I was so happy when I read that! *whew*

So far, so good! But career-wise, I'm still lost. I met with P.Dan this past weekend and he traumatized me with the obstacles ahead in my bleak future. Very sad. Apparently my future bank account will not be so happy. But I'm trying my best to be as outgoing and determined as possible, and am putting myself out there to be hired by whoever wants to hire me. I have my second interview with NY Life this upcoming Tuesday, and today was a mini career fair-esque event hosted by the Undergraduate Business Society at UCLA. I attended that and gave out some more resumes, so hopefully I hear back from some of the companies. A couple places outright rejected me because I'm a graduating senior, so that was sad. And most of the other companies said they're only giving out course credit, but I told them that I can do that so hopefully they'll contact me (even though I really don't want to do course credit *sigh*). Joycie gave me some very helpful hints for interviews, so hopefully people will want to hire me. I'm just hoping that whatever company I finally get into will be willing to wait until the end of 2008 for me to start working.

I must, after all, do my duty as a LOTR fanatic and go to Middle Earth~

Friday, February 16, 2007


Can the ideal really happen? Can you have your cake and eat it too? I sure hope so.

So today a dream began to form. I'm starting to have some idea of where I want to go and what I want to do. It's weak and fragile and may be broken soon, but I hope it will survive and come true. So as most of you should know, I had a couple of job interviews this week and one for an internship. KCCD, the one I had on Wednesday, went okay. It was a good interview I would like to say, and lasted for about an hour. In the end, although I hope they want me, I actually don't want them. I don't see myself there. But the other two, the Disney College Program internship and NY Life, are a different story.

So yesterday was the presentation for the Disney College Program. Recruiters came and gave a presentation, I met and talked to them, and I submitted my application. I then went and completed the "web interview", which is basically an online questionnaire. And then today was my phone interview. We were on the phone for about 20 minutes, and in the end I was accepted! Yes, that's right, I am accepted into the Disney College Program! I couldn't be happier about this *beams* So from mid-June to the beginning of January 2008, I will be a Disney Resorts employee and student. It's an amazing program, and I feel so lucky to get to be a part of it.

And today I had the interview with NY Life. They're a life insurance company, but they're also so much more. I never realized what an amazing company they are! But the guy who interviewed me was so nice, and the interview actually lasted for two hours, even though it seemed to fly by when I was there! As long as I work hard and am good at my job, my career there would be absolutely amazing! Within a few years, I could be making six digits! I know for some of you, that's nothing, but to me, that's the world. I could end my mum's suffering with that kind of money, and the job itself sounds really good. I passed the first interview (there are 3 total), and I will go in next next Tuesday for the second interview. Wish me luck!

On top of all this, remember New Zealand? So before this week, I had planned to get a summer internship and then go to New Zealand in October to work for a year on the Working Holiday program offered by the New Zealand Immigration Service. I had applied for it last month, and finally checked today to see what my status was. It turns out that they already granted me my work visa! I thought I would get it in October, because that's when I said I wanted to go, but nope--I have it now. And it's good until January 2008. I saw that and was mind-boggled. Happy that I got it, but boggled at the timing.

So now what?

This is where my dream comes in. This is what I have in mind: doing the Disney College Program internship from mid-June until January 2008, then going to New Zealand for the 2008 year (assuming I can persuade NZIS to give me a visa for that year in lieu of the one I have now), and then coming back to work at NY Life (assuming that they even want me and are willing to wait for me). So that is the ideal situation. I just hope that ideals really do happen. I really do want to have my cake and eat it too.

As a side note, I'm applying for TOKYOPOP's spring internship. It's for college credit, which is why I have to do it now. I seriously won't even have time for it, but I want it anyway. It's TOKYOPOP! You all know how I feel about manga *^^*

Do you think dreams come true?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It seems that, despite all my best efforts at being lazy and procrastinating, this will actually be a somewhat productive week. Yay.

So today was our weekly AHS dinner. Our gathering of six went down to three, but it's all good because we are all each other's valentines. That is right. Christina and Lois are both my Valentine *^^* We ate my mum's yummilicious cooking today and were then then treated to Christina's delish Valentine cookies. Good stuff. And then Christina, with the help of Lois and Natasha, managed to persuade me to go to the gym. Yes, you read correctly. I went to the gym. And I was on the elliptical for thirty minutes. It was quite exhausting. I went at a slower pace than usual though, since I hadn't gone to the gym since spring quarter and hadn't used the elliptical for even longer. So in total I completed 2.83 miles and burned approximately 328 calories. Be proud of me ^^

And the rest of the week will prove challenging as well. Tomorrow I have an interview with KCCD: Korean Churches for Community Development (non-profit). I met with one of their recruiters on Saturday at the Korean-American Career Fair, and I expressed interest in their Asian Pacific American Healthy Marriage Initiative. They called me the other day asking for an interview, so tomorrow I will head on over. Thursday is the mandatory presentation of Disney's College Program. And on Friday I have an interview with NY Life, a company that I also met at the Korean-American Career Fair. I'm not really sure what an insurance company wants with me, but I vaguely remember expressing interest in some marketing position. Either way, I feel very lucky to get the chance to interview with these two companies, and am also terrified that I'm going to be a total embarrassment and make them regret even giving me the chance to interview. Please wish me luck!

But have no fear. Lazy and procrastinating Esther is still here. When it comes to school, she rules. I am so behind in my reading and research for school, it hurts to even think about it. Which is why I am in a constant state of denial and non-thinking. I was actually going to try to force myself to read tonight, but Christina killed that plan with the gym and now I'm too tired to do anything. I will try to do some work before I shower and head to bed tonight, but we'll see how that goes. Anyway, wish me luck with the rest of the week! Hwaiting!