Thursday, June 21, 2007

Celebrity Sightings

So I thought Scott Wolf would be my one and only celebrity sighting, but nope! There are a couple more!

Celebrity Sighting #1
So a few weeks back, I was driving on Bedford Drive through Beverly Hills. Out of nowhere, all these cars in front of me and in front of the car in the lane next to me stop--in the middle of the road!--and the drivers get out.. with their cameras! They all flock somewhere, and I am totally confused. What is going on?! And then I realize.. they're paparazzi! And then I see a tiny little blonde girl in the middle, and I realise.. Nicole Ritchie. And the paparazzi are going crazy. The driver in the car next to me and I roll our eyes at each other over this ridiculousness. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, especially with the cars behind us honking at us, the paparazzi finally stop and get back into their cars and drive. Later I looked it up online and it turns out that Nicole Ritchie went to a spa that day. I was mind-boggled that day, not because it's Nicole Ritchie, because I really don't care for her, but because I didn't realise paparazzi were so.. ubiquitous.. and so crazy.

Celebrity Sighting #2
Last week, I was sitting at my desk at work, doing my own work. I then saw Stu Levy, the CEO of our company, walking around giving a tour of the office to a group of people. I managed to overhear him introducing someone in the group of people to company employees as Dre. I thought, Dre? Dr. Dre? Could it be? But at TP? But then he came around to the marketing department, and he stopped right next to me, explaining what everyone does. I looked up, and it was Dr. Dre! I smiled and said hi, and he smiled and said hi back! And then Stu continued the tour and Dr. Dre went away.

So those are my two celebrity sightings!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So like I mentioned earlier, there was a blogging that I was working on. But I got lazy. Or I ran out of time. Don't remember what happened exactly. And now I don't feel like finishing it. Basically all I got to write about was my car accident. I will be blogging after this about everything else in my life, but you'll probably have to wait until next week because I'm in the midst of finals and this weekend is going to be quite hectic. So the next blogging is either going to be super long, super condensed, or broken into two bloggings. Either way, check back next week!

Car Accident
Yes, you read correctly. I got into a car accident a few weeks ago, on May 11th. I rear ended another car driving east on Wilshire Blvd. on my way to work. I was running late, in a hurry, and decided that I would change lanes to the one on my right since it was moving faster. As I turned my head to make sure that there were no cars in my blind spot, the car in front of me stopped and I realised it too late. So my front left section hit her bumper.
Good: Neither of us were hurt.
Bad: Our cars were.
Good: Her car only had a couple scratches and a small dent.
Bad: It's a Benz CLK.
Bad: My car was not a pretty sight to see.
Good: After we pour about $6K into it (which is another bad), it should be "as good as new."
Bad: Traumatised me for life. Many negative effects.
Good: Restored somewhat my faith in people. Everyone was so nice to me: the lady I hit, the tow truck driver, the body shop owner, the AAA people, the people at work! It was really comforting~

Oh, and the reason everything's in good/bad format is because I was going to have my blogging be all about the good and the bad aspects to everything. So much for that. See you next week!