Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Drugs are GOOD for you!

And anyone who says otherwise has never been in severe pain.

So today I woke up at 6:15 AM. Why?

Because the left side of my face was killing me.

I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. This was a different kind of toothache pain. Not the kind of pain I had gotten used to dealing with for the past 1.5 months. No. This was different. Worse.

On Sunday, P.Dan made dinner for me. When I told him about my tooth needing a root canal, he shared his root canal story. About how he didn't realise he didn't a root canal, and that it needed to be done soon, and how he waited to the point where he was in so much pain he couldn't move and had to be rushed to the E.R. where they pumped him full of morphine and the like.

And this morning I thought to myself, Shit. It's happening. The horrible pain has started.

Because it wasn't just my tooth, or my cheekbone area.. it was my whole left side of my face.. my head.. and my left ear. Not a good sign. Not a good sign at all.

Figuring no one wants to be woken up around 6:30 in the morn, I waited until 7 AM to call Wilshire Dental Care (they're a California Dental provider, and I'm waiting to get my application for California Dental insurance processed and accepted). Called the provided emergency number and the guy (who sounded like he had just woken up) told me that a doctor would be in at 8 AM. So I got ready, got to the office at 7:30 AM, and proceeded to hold my face in pain waiting for the dentist.

The receptionist finally arrived.. at 8:20. After she let me in, she told me that the doctors don't get in until 9.


So I waited. Finally at 9:10 AM, I was taken in to get x-rayed. Then I saw a doctor, who proceeded to tell me that I needed a root canal.

No duh.

The next hour and a half was spent mainly with the front desk trying to figure out when I could come in, what I'm doing, and how I'm paying for it. With the root canal and crown and everything, the grand total would come out to be..


When that finally hit me, I started crying. Right there at the front desk. After I had split it up between three credit cards. They ended up cancelling two of the charges since I decided to delay some stuff until after insurance kicks in.

So later today I went back to get my tooth opened up, the nerves/root taken out, and medication applied. And then they put a temporary filling on top.

So the pain is gone. Mainly because the drugs have not fully worn off yet. As I was walking out of the dentist office, I thought to myself, Wow. This is the first time in 1.5 months that I have no facial pain. Wow.

It was amazing. Hence my appreciation for drugs. I heart drugs.

Just so you know, that was an extremely condensed version of today. But you don't need to read the whole thing.

Interesting side note: Doggies have dentists.

I knew that you can brush their teeth and all, that they have toothbrushes and toothpaste and all that, but I didn't realise that there were doggie dentists as an occupation. Interesting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dirty Cash!

This blogging is not about dirty money--the song by Big Bang just suddenly popped into my head when I thought about blogging about money issues.

So, first off, to sound like a broken record, UCLA hates me.

Oh, and procrastination does not pay.

So, if you've been anywhere near me in the past couple of weeks, you will have heard me whining and moaning about my dental pain. Based on the pain, I'm thinking root canal surgery. Really really severe I-should-just-kill-all-my-teeth kind of surgery. At first it just hurt when I ate, but now it hurts 24/7.. so I basically live from painkiller to painkiller. My entire left side of my face hurts like crazy *&%@#, and it is not good times. The pain initially started right before finals, but since I was dealing with finals, I had no time for the dentist. And then I started working full-time and then I graduated and BAM! I was left insurance-less. Lucky for me, I thought, I bought the alumni gradpak so I will get discounts on any insurance I need. But I left the info at home, and emailing the Alumni Association did nothing. I finally got ahold of the info last last weekend, and I proceeded to try to contact California Dental and get what I need.

People really like to put me on hold.

And then forget that I'm there.. on hold.

But after a week or so, I finally got everything figured out. They still hate me.

So California Dental is going to mail me the application for the dental insurance. My insurance coverage will start the month after the application is accepted and processed, which means that the earliest I can get coverage is August 1st. I will not live that long. So I decided, fine, I'll go to a dental school and do that route (BTW, according to my local dental expert Jamie, a root canal is around $800-900 but it will be around half price at dental schools).

So I called UCLA School of Dentistry. Got put on hold. Looked up USC. Looks like they'll kill me with the process of trying to get treated before my tooth does. The only other Schools of Dentistry in California are Loma Linda and UOP. Seriously considering going to UOP.. except it's UOP. Which means far far far.

But I finally managed to get ahold of a talking person at the UCLA School of Dentistry's General Dental Clinic. And I made an appointment to get screened (which is a three hour process that doesn't even guarantee acceptance as a patient).. and that will be August 8th. I had actually called the Endodontic Clinic first, since they specialise in root canal surgery, but they're referral-only and also booked until August.

I just can't win.

And I'm running out of (chewable) painkillers. Why do the markets and pharmacies only sell painkillers in gel tablet form?! My teeth are not that strong! I can't bite into those damn things! And they're pretty scissor-resistant as well.. ARGH!!!

On a total random side note, I'm subscribed to Buy.com's newsletter. Oh my goodness, guess what is on sale:

Iomega Value Series 1TB--USB 2.0, 7200 RPM--External Hard Drive

That is right. ONE TB!!! And do you know how much it is?

Just $279.95!!!

I love it when things get cheaper, but this just hurts me.

Is it bad that I'm tempted to buy it despite my being in credit card debt and already having 3 external hard drives? O.O