Monday, August 20, 2007

2007 LA Tofu Festival

The 12th Annual LA Tofu Festival
August 18-19, 2007
Presented by the Little Tokyo Service Center
Part of the 67th Annual Nisei Week Festivities
"Where tofu meets its perfect match"

So this past Sunday I went to the Tofu Festival for the very first time. I feel like I'm being de-virginised of many things. Go me!

It was quite an interesting experience. First off, being a cheapo, I was trying to find free parking nearby.. which was impossible. Which resulted in me driving around pointlessly for around 45 minutes before I finally found the parking lot on Olive. Where Joycie had been waiting for me (thanks Joycie!). But the shuttle ride (which they conveniently provided for us!) was very nice since the air conditioning was on full blast. I heart air conditioning.

We met up with Williana at the festival, bought our tickets (yay for coupons--it was only $3 each), and then walked around. They had a lot of booths, a lot of tofu food items--as well as non-tofu food items, and more. It was fun. I think my biggest complaint was the damn heat. It was sooooooo effing hot there it was ridiculous.

Food-wise, I bought sweet-and-sour tofu kabobs and a strawberry lemonade smoothie, and later I also got tofu bread bruschetta. Yummy for my tummy. Joycie got the honey orange tofu and some meat kabob. I wanted to buy a Tofu Festival shirt, but they ran out of my size. And I was too cheap to buy any shirts from Spicy Brown, Happy Six, or Fat Rabbit Farm, although they all had cute shirts.

Williana left less than an hour after we got there, and Joycie left a bit after (but she was kind enough to wait for my co-workers to show up). Hope and Stephanie got there around 1:15, 1:20ish. We walked around even more and they got things to eat/drink. Stephanie got the virgin tofu margarita, which was interesting. And Hope got the sweet potatoe pie, which she was a fan of. And then we got so hot that we all got "snow cones," which was basically little chunks of ice with food colouring. But at least it was cold. We also went to Kinokuniya to make sure that they had our TOKYOPOP stuff up, and Stephanie also took the opportunity to make a few purchases. We then returned to the festival, where Stephanie got her milk tea boba and Hope was ecstatic to get her chicken kabob. That carnivore. I got more tofu bread bruschetta.

I ended up leaving around 4:15pm and those two left around an hour later, I think. All in all, it was a memorable experience. I'm glad I went, and I'm grateful for those who accompanied me. But mainly because of the cost and the unbearable heat (you know how much I hate the heat), I doubt I will ever return. But yay for tofu!