Monday, February 18, 2008

I Heart Movies

So I signed up for Netflix almost two weeks ago. They were offering a free 2-week trial, so I went for it. After all, I'm unemployed. Might as well make use of my time to catch up on movies. My two weeks will be up in just a couple of days. And I am going to keep Netflix. I think that $13.99/month for unlimited 3-at-a-time DVDs is worth it.

So far I have watched quite a few movies. Good Luck Chuck, This is England, and Suburban Girl. Good Luck Chuck was an okay movie. Mindless entertainment really. This is England was a good movie. Not what I expected though. I didn't realise it would be so.. depressing. And I was frustrated that it did not offer subtitles. Yes, I know it's in English, but I always watch all of my movies with subtitles! Plus, this is British English, and not London either, so the accent's a bit thick. I understood most of it, but sometimes they used words that I never heard of before and consequently went, "Huh? o.O" while watching the movie. Suburban Girl I just watched today using the "Watch Instantly" feature so you can just watch it online. Convenient, but again I didn't have subtitles. I hate watching movies without subtitles! And it was blurry. Very frustrating. Thankfully it's not a movie I ever cared for so it didn't really matter, but still. The movie itself was mediocre. Better than what I was expecting, which was crap, but not that great. Also didn't have the ending I was hoping for. But it's all good.

I currently have Rent, Meet the Robinsons, and Paris, Je T'aime waiting on the TV table for me to watch. And I have about 60 movies on my queue. And I'm only going to add more ^^ If any of you are up to watching a particular movie, just say the word and we'll watch it together! As much as I love me my movies, don't make me watch all of them by myself~ ;)

I also have coupons for Blockbuster for the next five months. I fill out surveys online for redeemable "money," and I have redeemed some of the currency for 6 free Blockbuster rentals. The only catch is that it's one a month. So this past month I used it as a gift to my mum for her to watch an American movie. But I can't go to Blockbuster without renting anything for myself, so of course I rented Eastern Promises with my beloved Viggo. That was a good movie. I don't think I enjoyed it too much while watching it, but watching the special features made me appreciate it a lot more. The symbolism and lifestyle behind the different tattoos was quite interesting. And since the movie has Viggo, well, I'm an automatic fan. Haha.

Anyway, hopefully this will make you guys want to hang out with me more. It's lonely when all your friends are employed and don't care for you anymore TT_TT

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Haunting Past

I can't escape from the past. So it finally occurred to my mum the other day that I actually might not be insured for the Corolla anymore (it was quite a frustrating convo with her going back and forth on whether I was insured or not TT_TT) so we ended up going to AAA to make sure that I had insurance.

I didn't. Thanks, mother.

So we asked to add me to her policy. I explained that I was taken off because I had left the country last fall but now I'm back and so please, add me back. The lady asked me if I had been in any recent accidents or had any tickets since I had left. Obviously, I was in a different country, so no. I even asked about the parking ticket, and she said that didn't matter. So it was an additional $500-odd to add me. Why so expensive, we asked? Because I am, in her words, a "new driver."

A new driver?! I've had my license since I was 16 thank you very much. She quickly corrected herself to say that I am a young person, and that I would be considered such until I was 25. Fine. Charge us more money since I'm under 25 despite the fact that I've been driving for 6 years.

So that was that. So we thought. AAA called again today. Apparently I was supposed to have mentioned my accidents from last spring when adding myself back to the policy. She accused us of lying about the accident. But we didn't lie! First off, I do not consider last spring to be "recent." And secondly, the lady asked if anything happened since I had left. Those accidents happened when I was still in the country, DUH. Besides, she's the one in front of the computer. Shouldn't she have known these things?!

Anyway, those accidents have attached themselves to me and will apparently not let go for THREE YEARS. So my mum has to pay an extra two-odd grand because of me. BLOODY HELL.

So, does anyone have any recommendations for car insurance besides AAA? I know I can always Google other companies, but I want to know about their customer service and whatnot. Any feedback, positive and negative, on other companies would be appreciated. I do like AAA, but I don't think we can afford them anymore.. at least not for the next 2.5 years TT_TT

Monday, February 11, 2008

Blast from the Past

I went to Costco with my mum today. I haven't been there in ages. And who do I run into? MRS. GRUMM! She was my third grade teacher! She did not recognise me, but she did remember who I was once I told her my name is Esther Kim. We were quite a memorable class. Who else has ever taught a combination of third and sixth graders together? And I'm sure I was a memorable student. Why? Because I (1) got stung by a bee in her classroom, and then (2) got my leg broken that year and so was in a wheelchair and then later crutches. It was crazy seeing her again. She hasn't aged a day! She finally retired this year, but is still working part-time for the school district. Wow.. the memories. I remember she used to give out Gummy Bears, except she named them Grummy bears. Good times.

Yesterday I also ran into someone from the past. Sharon Lee! She was my bible study leader for two years in high school. And she also looks exactly the same. Amazing. It was so nice to see her again. Except we were both in a rush, so we didn't get to talk much.

It's weird seeing former teachers. Not that I mind. I hope to see Sharon again, for sure. And I do miss those Grummy bears.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I realise that I have totally fallen behind on this blog. I never put up those pictures I said I would (partially Picasa's fault it didn't work that time!), and I have yet to blog or do anything about my trip. And now I'm back home in Arcadia, and you'd think that would mean that I would do these things since I am unemployed and home most of the time. But no. Esther is too lazy for that. And gets too easily frustrated with her slow computer.

So, classic Esther move, I am putting this site temporarily on hiatus. Not like it wasn't before, seeing as the last post was last year, but now it's official. I'll post on estherkimchi if when I post here again. Sorry!!! Hopefully I'll become less lazy once I get a job? o.O


Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself. What am I saying?! I get frustrated with myself all the time.

This morning I had an interview for a Marketing Associate position. It was not very encouraging. Not that it didn't go well, per say, but they're looking for someone with more experience and the lady kept on asking questions that I didn't have answers to. Not the answers she was looking for anyway. And no, I don't lie in interviews. I may try to make myself look better by saying things that aren't 100% true, but I won't actually lie and make up scenarios. I don't think I even have the brain power to even make up false scenarios. I still hope they want me though. And I hope they offer more than my asking price. Because I realised that my asking price was really low. Another sign of my stupidity. SIGH.

After that was another interview, but I didn't care for it since it was a sales position and I ended up telling them that I didn't want the position. The interview did serve to kill time between my first interview and lunch, so it was useful I guess.

Then I went to TOKYOPOP to take my unni there out to a belated birthday lunch. The lunch went fine. We went to an average Thai restaurant and had okay food. I went to the office and say hi to people. All fine and dandy. Until I went down to my car and found a parking ticket. A PARKING TICKET. Why? Because it's Tuesday and they do street cleaning from 12-3pm on that side of the street. I parked there exactly at 12. In my defense, there were other cars! And I suffer from a strange strain of Alzheimer's. I know it's Tuesday. Despite the fact that I wrote 2/6/08 on all the forms at my first interview, I know it's Tuesday. And yet, when I saw that street cleaning sign, I told myself, It's fine. Since today is Wednesday. What is wrong with me?! I was thinking about it, and maybe it's because the last time I went to visit TOKYOPOP (and I parked in the exact same spot), it actually was Wednesday. And of course karma comes to bite me in the butt. Because that time I was supposed to get a parking ticket and I didn't. It was two hour parking, and my car had been there for three. I guess this is what I get for parking in the exact same spot again. ARGH. I think it's most frustrating since it's my very own stupidity that created this mess. I hate not being able to blame anyone but myself!!! *RAWR*

And so I have been deflowered of the parking ticket experience. I have now received my very first parking ticket. And I am not happy about it. Feh.

Totally besides the point, but I voted today. At Foothills Middle School! It was weird going back there. Haven't been back there since the end of 8th grade I don't think. The voting took place in Classroom 112, which was where I had Mr. Rose for Science. Ah, the memories. Anyway, I hope you guys all voted today! Now I'm going to go back to being frustrated..