Monday, April 28, 2008


The good feelings have all gone away. Now I'm just left with moody, fat, bloated me. Feh.

I seriously need to get rid of my period. I got so moody that I cried myself to sleep on Friday. ARGH!

Thankfully, I have sweet friends that make me feel better. Saturday was our "EAP reunion" lunch and we actually had a decent showing! Ariana, Lina, Kevin, Miloni, and Mandy all came over to Arcadia to go to Din Tai Fung. Yummy times. Afterwards Ariana came over and we hung out for the rest of the day. No gym, but lots of TV watching! And we also watched Lars and the Real Girl. That is a really cute and sweet movie! *^^*

Of course my mum ruined the night by commenting on how fat I got because I ate all day. I had my hand on my stomach and she said it looked like I was holding something under my shirt because that is how fat I am. And then she told me not to wear that shirt again (at least until I lose my baby). Sigh. TT_TT

Sunday was church and then the first class of bible study. I talked Jinwon into going with me, which was nice of her. But I don't know if it is the moodiness but I didn't really enjoy it. Afterwards Jinwon and I went to Islands for lunch and then just hung out until dinnertime at Starbucks. It was really nice chatting with her ^^ I then went home to eat my leftovers for dinner, and of course did not go to the gym. I also watched Beowulf last night. It was okay, but not great. I didn't really like the animation so much and I didn't like what they did to the story either. I'm going to watch the special features tonight and hopefully that will raise my opinion of the whole thing a bit more.

Today was the Woodland Hills job fair put on by It was, to say the least, a very big disappointment. Not that many companies, and most of the jobs there were for sales. Or for insurance "financial advisers." So I was there for around an hour (20 min of that being just waiting to get into the damn thing), and ended up paying a little over $4 for parking. The whole thing was a waste of time, gas, and money. Hopefully the L.A. one will be better. But yeah, I came home in a crappy mood.

I don't think I'm going to go to the gym today. I will attempt to make myself do the stepper thingy at home later for 30 min. That's it. I feel like shit. I know I need to go to the gym and exercise now more than ever, but I can't really bring myself to. I just want to.. crawl up into a ball and sleep. Until I'm skinny. And employed. Do you think that would work?

Friday, April 25, 2008


That is seriously how I feel right now. Well, kind of. The cramp that I have is, well, cramping my mood a bit at the moment. How I hate this time of month. Argh! Anyway, focusing on the good feelings! :D

I apologise for not blogging all week, again. I've been feeling really lethargic lately, and moody, and well, I guess PMS-y. No surprise there. How does one go about getting birth control pills? Or the patch? Who am I supposed to meet? I know nothing of these matters. Can you shed some light?

Hmmm, weekly update first or good news first? I will save the good news for last. Hahahaha. Don't skim my updates though! They are the product of hard work. And pain.

To make up for last Thursday, I went to the gym on Saturday. Did my 32 min on the elliptical as I was watching the game between the Suns and the Spurs and did 2.75 miles, burning 312 calories. Since at the end they went into overtime and I needed to stay near that certain TV set, I went on the bicycle thingamabobber. 15 minutes on that yielded a whopping 2.34 miles but only 70 calories. Sadness! At the end of that they went into double overtime so I went upstairs to stretch. Still playing when I came back so I went back on the cycling thing and did around 0.8 miles with 23 calories burned. And the Spurs finally won. Although I wanted the Suns to win, by that point I was just happy that the game was finally over so I could go home. So the total was 5.89 miles and 405 calories.

Saturday night was the AHS potluck! And this time, we had boys! *gasp* I know! We have branched out *^^* It was Crystal + her family friend Justin (the only non-AHS-er), Abby, Elaine, Christina, and Gavin (also a Bruin). Good food: lavender and rosemary shortbread cookies, coffee cake, mango pudding, pasta, duck, and--a birthday gift from my London/Paris soulmate--banoffee pie! Yes, Christina made me banoffee pie, a la Paula Dean. So yes, it accounted for over half the calories of the night's meal TT_TT But it was still yummy! Though not the same as EAT. Of course. And afterwards we played Taboo, which Crystal brought. We went through the entire set of cards (one side, of course). Wow. Good times.

Monday I did my exercise outside of the gym. In the morning my mum and I went to Descanso Gardens on a "photo shoot" (although I actually didn't take many pictures) and walked around. I assuaged my guilt of not going to the gym by spending 30 minutes on the stepper machine I have at home. I think that's the first time I have used that thing in years. Yes, plural. Poor thing is so neglected. Well, Abby uses it when she comes over for a couple minutes at a time. Haha.

Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the gym with Elaine, who is also a member! Tuesday was cardio only and Wednesday was cardio + weights. Tuesday I spent 35 minutes on the elliptical, with 3.09 miles and 353 calories, and just 10 on the treadmill, with 0.67 miles and 75 calories. Total is 3.76 miles and 428 calories. Wednesday was 10 min warmup on the elliptical, with 0.83 miles and 107 calories, with a 30 min workout after the weights, with 2.53 miles and 277 calories. Total is 3.36 miles and 384 calories. I'm just so exhausted after resistance training that I have to take it easy afterwards.

Yesterday I skipped the gym because I had a full day. Went to Culver City for my second round interview (yay!) and then met Ariana for lunch afterwards. That was a crazy lunch, the most memorable being the delish sweet potato fries. Yum! Afterwards I helped my mum out all day at Kumon, so I couldn't go to the gym until today. Today, I had a phone interview in the afternoon and then met with my personal trainer for our last session (for now, I hope) at 5pm.

In my 7.5-ish min warmup on the elliptical, I did 0.75 miles with 88 calories. After the resistance training (which was quite painful, she always makes it harder!), I did 32 min on the elliptical with 2.63 miles and 303 calories. That makes for a total of 3.38 miles and 391 calories.

Okay, now for the good news. I was pretty depressed when I met with my personal trainer because it has been over 3 weeks since I started but weight-wise, I have yet to see results. I actually weigh more now than I did at the beginning. So even though measurements usually happen every three weeks, we did it today to make me feel better ^^ So this is a bit detailed, so bear with me.

The last time I got measured was April 7th. I weighed 156 pounds, with 34.8% body fat (refer to Movies Galore to refresh memory). So that means that I had 54.288lbs of fat and 101.712lbs of lean body mass (aka muscle and organs and such). I had previously blogged that people lose at least 0.5% body fat a week on this program, and my personal trainer told me today that at the point I am currently at, most people have lost an average of 2% of body fat. Well, guess what? I measured in today at 29.1% body fat, which means I am now "acceptable" and have lost 5.7%!!! Isn't that amazing?! She said that was a really fast loss for me. Yay!!! So I now have 45.9lbs of fat and 112.1lbs of lean body mass, which means that I lost 8.3 pounds of fat, but the reason why I weigh more (I weighed in at 158lbs today) is because I gained 10.3 pounds of muscle. Go me! I gained so much muscle because I've never done resistance training before so my body really responded to it. She says the upper ceiling for muscle mass in girls is 120lbs, so I should concentrate more on losing fat now than building muscle. But she was very proud of me. And the good news continues! So she measured my inches. Previously, I measured 9.75" at upper arm, 36.25" at chest, 32" at waist, 39" at hip, and 14.5" at calf (there are more, but those weren't affected this time). And today, I measured 9.5" at upper arm, 35.5" at chest, 31.5" at waist, 38.25" at hip, and 14.25" at calf. So I lost a total of 2.5 inches on my body! Yay! The only sad thing is that most of it is at my "chest," which means my upper back, instead of at my stomach, but even if I have yet to lose my baby, at least the baby is getting smaller! YAY!!! :D :D :D

I was so happy to find all this out today. VERY happy. Now if only I could fix my eating. THEN I could really see results. Wednesday night I went to the fitness seminar at the gym, and I learned a lot. I felt very edumacated at the end. I really need to fix my eating habits. And yet I don't. Haha. So sad. I really hope my improvement continues. As I learned, I must not plateau!

Tomorrow we're having an "EAP reunion" at Din Tai Fung. Yum! And then I will have to go to the gym to make up for yesterday. And next week is quite a busy week for me. Monday I have a Woodland Hills job fair (courtesy of and a phone interview in the afternoon. Tuesday morning I babysit for Annabel and then have a interview in the late afternoon. Wednesday is the LA job fair (again courtesy of And Thursday and Friday I take over Kumon because my mum will be away for a 3-day church retreat. Employment wise, I feel my future is brighter than the last time I blogged. Hopefully this will change from a feeling into reality.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Wow, I haven't blogged all week! Oops. My bad.

Monday was D's birthday. I may be over him, but that doesn't mean I'm going to forget his birthday is two days after mine. Gym-wise, did the typical 32 minutes on the elliptical and 15 on the treadmill. I did 2.84 miles on the elliptical, burning 326 calories, and 0.90 miles on the treadmill, burning 95 calories. That makes for a total of 3.74 miles and 421 calories.

Tuesday was weights with the personal trainer, and she made it harder! It was quite difficult and it made the cardio afterwards very exhausting. For warm-up, which was about 7.5 min on the elliptical, I did 0.68 miles and 79.2 calories. Afterwards, my 32 min on the elliptical resulted in 2.66 miles and 298 calories, while my 15 on the treadmill did 0.82 miles and 85 calories. That results in 4.16 miles and 462.2 calories, which doesn't count however many I burned on the weights. At night, I finally watched the Korean movie Hwang Jin Yi with Song Hye Gyo. It wasn't bad at all.

Wednesday morning was my low point weight-wise in the morning. 156.4lbs. So sad how that is my "low weight" of the week. Typical routine. Did 2.81 miles on the elliptical, burning 321 calories, and 0.88 miles on the treadmill, burning 92 calories. That makes for a total of 3.69 miles and 413 calories. That night I also finally watched Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. I had expected something different, more like Corpse Bride, but this is 3D animation and I also need to keep in mind it's a 1993 movie so the standards are different. So it was a pretty good movie.

Yesterday I skipped the gym (don't worry, I'm going tomorrow to make up for it) because I didn't have time. At noon I had an interview in Sylmar (a place I had never heard of before this week) and then I headed to UCLA. Jane treated me to lunch at Hedrick, which was pretty nice. I hung out with her until I headed to the iCareers panel for Advertising, Marketing, and PR at 5pm. It was a good experience, but I kept on yo-yoing from being encouraged to being discouraged. By the end of the panel (around 6:45ish), I was depressed. Sometimes I really disappoint myself TT_TT Movie-wise, I watched Double Jeopardy on TV last night. Another older movie that I had missed out on.

Today I weigh 0.2 pounds less than when I last blogged on Sunday. 157.4 pounds. So depressing. SIGH. Why is losing weight so hard?! My personal trainer had to cancel on me today, so I did weights on my own. I skipped one of the machines though, because I was so traumatised from it on Tuesday. My arms hurt so much on Wednesday, so I decided I wouldn't do it today ^^# Anyway, my 10 min warmup on the elliptical beforehand yielded 0.89 miles and 101 calories. After the weights, I was so tired that I only did the 32 min on the elliptical and cut out the treadmill altogether. I also accidentally forgot about using the stretching machine TT_TT Anyway, I did 2.47 miles on the elliptical, burning 268 calories. Yes, I took it easy. It was tiring! So I did 3.36 miles and burned 369 calories, again not counting the weights.

The gym was a couple hours ago, but I'm still so tired. And jobhunting is so tiring (I jobhunted after I got back). I'm so sick of everything. Going to the gym. Taking the icky pills. Jobhunting. Being stressed and tired and.. irritated. I feel PMSy without actually being PMSy. I think it's because I can't see an end to it. I don't see myself losing weight. I've been going to the gym for three weeks now and I've only gained weight. Stupid food! I've been unemployed for almost SEVEN MONTHS now, and I don't see it ending. Job prospects are.. nonexistent. Everything is just.. RAWR.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Two + Three

I am now twenty three years old. Although I'm always tempted to answer that I'm 24 for some reason. I don't know why. I'm 24 in Korea. Does that count for anything? I don't think I feel any older though. But I don't feel young either. People my age say, "OMG you're so old." Since when is 23 old?! Other older friends and ex-work colleages say, "OMG you're so young." But I feel so old. Maybe it's because, as Gardy said, I'm actually closer to 70. I am already going senile. Haha.

But I am trying to work on my body. But since I've last blogged, I've been bad. I gained quite a bit of weight.

Wednesday, I drove down to Irvine to have lunch with Christina and Tasha. Tasha talked me into staying for the rest of the day and I agreed. But I still have to go to the gym! So Tasha loaned me clothes and shoes and a face towel and I went to the gym near UCI. I spent 32 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the treadmill. I did 2.78 miles on the elliptical, burning 326 calories. I did 0.87 miles on the treadmill, burning 91 calories. That makes for a total of 3.65 miles and 417 calories.

Sounds good, right? Except I had eaten a lot at lunch (Indian buffet) and then I stuffed myself at dinner at Chakra. I weighed 155lbs that morning, and 157.8lbs the following morning. SUCH A TRAVESTY. So I went to the gym and tried to make it all go away. Spent 32 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the treadmill, the usual. So I got 2.87 miles on the elliptical, burning 347 calories, and 0.90 miles on the treadmill, burning 95 calories. That makes for a total of 3.77 miles and 442 calories. I came back home and weighed myself in at 156.8lbs. One pound less!

Unfortunately, I went to an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ buffet that night in Garden Grove with Christina and her friends. So when I weighed myself Friday morning, I now weighed 159.2 pounds. OH MY GOODNESS. I wanted to cry. I again went to the gym, determined to make it all go away. But I also had a meeting with my personal trainer. She told me to warm up for 5 minutes cardio before I met her for my weight training, so I did. I did 0.48 miles on the elliptical and burned 55.5 calories. I then met her for weight training and we worked on all of my different muscle groups. It was hard, but not too bad. I then did my usual routine. I got 2.66 miles on the elliptical, burning 314 calories, and 0.58 miles on the treadmill, burning 61 calories. That makes for a total of 3.72 miles and 430.5 calories. But since I had spent two hours of the gym (and all those weights!), I came back to find myself at 157.2 calories. Two pounds less!

Of course, yesterday being my birthday day, it was also food day. I started off the day eating a Dots red velvet cupcake that Crystal had kindly dropped off on Thursday. I should have eaten it then, so it would have been at its best, but I wanted to save it for my birthday. I then had lunch with Gardenia and Keri at Domenico's Italian Restaurant in Pasadena and then we went to Patticakes for dessert afterwards. For dinner, I met Joycie at Mama's Kitchen in San Gabriel. It was a good food day, and it was nice hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in a while. Today I got treated to lunch at Bar Celona by Jinwon, Diana, Annie, and Grace. It wasn't as great as I had remembered, but it was pretty yummy nonetheless. And for dinner, I was invited over to P.Dan and Judy's for their homemade lasagna. Yum!

In between lunch and dinner today, however, I went to the gym to work on more weights. In my warmup on the elliptical, which was 10 minutes, I did 0.96 miles and 111 calories. And then more weights, which really did not help with my soreness (I could barely move on Saturday). Something I learned: my shoulders are really bad. Seriously horrible. Sigh.

I don't know how much I weigh now, but this morning I weighed 157.6lbs. Hopefully tomorrow morning it will be lower, if only by slightly.

Hopefully I hit everything I needed to blog about. Jobhunting's still going, although there is this one place I'm really hoping I get called back for a second interview for. Pray for me! Any more details on my life, you can ask me--in person (recommended), on the phone, or online (Facebook or email). Remember, you are always welcome to come over and watch my Netflix movies with me!

OH, and I almost forgot to mention, but Jinwon gave me my one and only birthday gift this year (so far, I hope *hint hint*). She got me Casino Royale and The Holiday. Quality movies. Thanks Jinwon!!! *^^*

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Movies Galore

I meant to blog sooner, but my laziness got in the way. Big surprise.

Anyway, eventful weekend! I hung out with Annabel on Saturday morning and had lunch with them at Noodle World. That was quite yum. And then I picked up Gardenia and we went to the Japanese Cherry Blossom festival in Little Tokyo. That, like Tofu Festival, was disappointing.. but I did get a Spicy Brown shirt out of it. And I also did some grocery shopping at Marukai. Afterwards, Gardeenie and I went to the mall and hung out at Borders for a few hours reading. Reading is good. I miss reading. And then we ate dinner at CPK. I had the mango tandoori chicken pizza--it was quite yum!

Sunday morning was spent at the first service at church, and then I rushed back to the mall to meet up with Jinwon so we could movie hop! We quickly bought Wetzel's Pretzels and then rushed into the movie theatre during the last preview. Whew--perfect timing! The first movie we watched was The Bank Job. It was quite good and I loved the accents, of course. And I heart Jason Statham. Then we watched Stop-loss, a quality movie that had me crying by the end. It made me quite resentful of the US Army and the government. I hope everyone goes to watch it, just to see how the stop-loss policy affects soldiers and their families, and then signs the petition to stop it. SIGN THE PETITION HERE. Afterwards we watched Leatherheads, which I have to admit dragged for quite a bit in the beginning. But overall it wasn't bad. I do heart George Clooney as well. Afterwards Jinwon and I got food from the Great Steak & Potato Co.

So.. it is no surprised that I gained 2lbs this weekend. I had my first meeting with my personal trainer on Monday, and she weighed me at 156lbs. Heartbreaking. I also found out I have 34.3% body fat, which is NOT acceptable. "Acceptable" (according to the chart) is 25-31% body fat, 32%+ is "fat", and under 25% is "fit". Although my ultimate goal is to be fit, right now it is to hit 25%. Which means I need to lose 9% body fat.. which Adria calculates will happen in 4.5 months or under, since I will lose at least 0.5% a week if I follow her regimen. More on the regimen to follow. She also figured out, by watching me squat, that my body is in shit condition and that I really need to stretch to loosen my bloody tight muscles.

So I am currently doing 30 min of elliptical and 15 min of treadmill every day, because she told me that 45 min+ workout actually starts to burn muscle mass and not fat. And then afterwards I have to use the stretch machine, which she showed me how to do. I did it yesterday, but not today because something was wrong with it and I didn't know how to fix it, or even go about it, without risking looking like a complete idiot. And I have to take two multi-vitamins a day (I have a month's supply) and three "Fat Burn 1" pills a day (I bought a month's supply--on sale for $20 right now). So that's my regimen. I'm meeting with her again on Friday to learn about weights. But oh my goodness, those pills smell and taste absolutely revolting! It's horrible. I took one of each this morning with my "free" Jamba Juice smoothie (the 12oz is free but I paid 40c to get the 16oz), and then 2 fat burn and 1 multi-vitamin pills when I returned from the gym. After the gym today I weighed in at 154.8lbs, so I'm hopeful! ^^

So yesterday I spent 32 min on the elliptical and 15 min on the treadmill. I did 2.85 miles on the elliptical, burning 326 calories, and 0.86 miles on the treadmill, burning 90 calories. That makes for a total of 3.71 miles and 416 calories.

Today I again did 32 min on the elliptical and 15 min on the treadmill. I did 2.88 miles on the elliptical, burning 331 calories, and 0.92 miles on the treadmill, burning 97 calories. That makes for a total of 3.8 miles and 428 calories.

I really hope this regimen works. Especially since those pills are so gag-worthy.

Friday, April 04, 2008

One Week

It's the end of my first week. Five days at the gym. The first week is finally over. Thank goodness.

Yesterday I did 32 minutes on the elliptical and 32 minutes on the treadmill. I did 2.75 miles on the elliptical, burning 323 calories, and 1.76 miles on the treadmill, burning 181 calories. That makes for a total of 4.51 miles and 504 calories.

Today I again did 32 minutes on the elliptical and 32 minutes on the treadmill. I did 2.74 miles on the elliptical, burning 319 calories, and 1.85 miles on the treadmill, burning 193 calories. That makes for a total of 4.59 miles and 512 calories.

I've been taking it easy today and yesterday. So I no longer feel like dying afterwards. Although today was a bit more difficult. But still, altogether not bad. But the progress is slow. If you remember, I said that I'm doing a weight loss competition with a friend and we decided that we are both going to the gym every weekday for an hour. Well, while I have been eating popcorn and yummy tiramisu (thanks Crystal!), she has been limiting herself to 1500 calories a day and told me Thursday morning that she had lost four pounds. FOUR pounds! While at that point, I had only lost 0.4 pounds. TRAVESTY. Thankfully, at this point, I am at 154.0 pounds so I have lost 1.2 pounds this week. It's not much, but it's a start! ^^

So on Wednesday Crystal and I watched Sweeney Todd. I heart Johnny. And he has a great voice. And the movie is all around good. I gave it four stars on Netflix. But I have to admit, by the end of the movie, I was feeling nauseous from all the blood. I think it was because it was so fake looking, and it just kept on gurgling out, that I did not feel good about it. Ugh.

Today I watched Lust, Caution. Apart from one really long scene and another shorter one, there really wasn't that much sex. Most of the movie (about 2 hours of it) was pretty chaste. But you have to hand it to Ang Lee. It was quite beautifully shot. I have now added another Tony Leung movie to my queue because I want to see him not be so.. dark. In the special feature, they talked about how this is such a different character for him to play, since he usually does upright and romantic characters. But I can't see him like that after this, hence adding In the Mood for Love to my queue. I also want to see Infernal Affairs, especially since Tasha commented on how horrible The Departed (which I love) is to it, so if you have it and want to watch it with me, please tell me!

I'm finally going to go movie hopping this weekend. For the first time in ages! I can't even remember the last time I went movie hopping. I'm quite excited *^^*

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Progress. I'd like to think I'm making some. Except I feel like I'm dying every time I go to the gym. And it's only been three days now! Will it be like this for the rest of my life? How horrible! O.O

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and 32 minutes on the treadmill. I did 2.64 miles on the elliptical, burning 312 calories, and 1.8 miles on the treadmill, burning 186 calories. That makes for a total of 4.44 miles and 498 calories.

Today I spent 32 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the treadmill. I did 2.81 miles on the elliptical, burning 332 calories, and 1.77 miles on the treadmill, burning 183 calories. That makes for a total of 4.58 miles and 515 calories.

Wow, no wonder I feel like I'm dying. I push myself harder every day! Aiigoo. I don't think I can do this anymore. Tomorrow, we are toning this down. I also don't think it helped that I skipped lunch today. Not a smart move.

Of course, this doesn't mean I'm losing a lot of weight. Why? Because yesterday I came back home and gobbled down the bucket of popcorn I have at home. Hahahahaha. Healthy eating is not for me. Sigh. But I've been weighing myself everyday, and it looks like I've lost around 0.6 pounds. That could just be a fluke or a lucky weighing, but I like to think of it as my suicidal hour every day paying off. But man do I miss those drugs I got in Korea. I lost like 4kg in the first week! Oh how I wish that would happen again~

In happier news, Crystal is coming over in like 10 minutes to have dinner with me and then we're going to watch Sweeney Todd! It came in the mail yesterday from Netflix. I am looking very forward to seeing my Johnny again! *^^*