Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Brother

I was reminded today of how real Big Brother is. And no, not the TV show. Which is why I went back through my last few bloggings and took out the names and put in code names. The main ones are LT and Hound. One that is in my last blogging is Hound VT5. They may not make sense to you, but they all make sense to me, at least for now. I will probably forget what they mean in a few weeks. Hahaha. But if you are curious, let me know and I will inform you.

Yes, you may call me paranoid. But there are consequences for not using code names! Granted, I may have kind of brought it on myself. I am technically to blame. But I still feel victimised. And I don't think I will ever feel completely safe here anymore. Damn you Big Brother! *shakes fist*

Okay. No one except Gardy probably understood this blogging. Sorry! ^^#

Esther the Temp

I am temping once again. And, obviously, bored. Which is why I am blogging. Hahahaha.

So I obviously survived Friday at YourPlace. I actually was notified in the late afternoon that I would not be needed on Tuesday because M would be back (she ended up not going to NY, I don't know why). Joycie told me I should be happy that I didn't have to go through another painful day, so I was happy. And then I went to get Tasha and we had dinner at Palomino with her friend Angela (Ariana was dying so she was a no-show). Wow, the food was delish. Expensive, but very good. And then I took Tasha home! Unfortunately, by that time we were so tired all we could do was watch my DVDrip of The Tattooist (with the uber sexy Jason Behr) and then go to sleep.

Saturday was busy busy busy. Tasha and I headed down to The Block at Orange (we accidentally drove for a lot longer than we had to ^^#) and we ate our yummy crepes! And then we watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I forgot to prepare myself by reading, so I didn't know the story at all. But I love Ben Barnes! Hotness. I liked this movie better than the first one--I think they definitely upped their game. Everything was better. Except for Peter. Hahaha. But Edmund made up for him~ And then we watched Iron Man. Wow. I wanted to not like it so I could tell everyone they were wrong for loving it, but I too loved it. I am back to being a fan of Robert Downey, Jr. And the movie itself was quite awesome. Loved it. So moviehopping was a great experience. And then we went to Ralphs for Tasha, and then I raced home after dropping her off. The AHS potluck was at 7pm at my house, and I arrived home at 6:50pm. Yes, I cut it close. So instead of debuting my hand mixer, I made instant mashed potatoes (with garlic salt!) a la Betty Crocker.

The potluck was a blast. It was our biggest gathering yet, I think. Abby (my one punctual friend!) came bearing marinated mushrooms, which were a hit despite my refusing to eat them (I don't do mushrooms XP). Joyce came bearing "made from scratch aka food court" chow mein, and Elaine came with mashed potatoes (but a la Idaho) and steak strips. Tiffany, bless her, came with THREE desserts! She had blueberry cheesecake, mochi with strawberry wrapped in red bean, and red bean cream puffs. She is beautiful and amazing ^^ Crystal came with spinach dip and chips and also chocolate chip cookies, while Candace brought risotto and steak and chicken kabobs with her own avocado dip. Very love filled. And then Christina came with her flatbread and her cucumber-something dip, very yum. All in all, lots of good food and definitely good times. Tiffany was amazing and put pictures up on FaceBook quite promptly! *^^*

Sunday I served at two services (11am and 12:30pm) because I'm ditching two Sundays this month. And wow, surprise surprise! J showed up at the 11am service! I was in shock. I didn't know he was back in LA! I fail as a stalker TT_TT He didn't look as nice as before, but he still looked nice. SIGH. Anyway, after church I met up with Gardy and Keri for a late lunch at Golden Deli. And then Gardy and I went on our first official photo trip! We went to Malibu to take pictures, but (1) I suck at being a photographer, even an amateur one, and (2) my camera batteries died while we were there. Thankfully, Gardy had brought her P&S and let me use it for the rest of the night. We were in Malibu from about 6-8:30, and then we headed to Ktown to eat at the McD's I used to go to every now and again when I lived in the area. And then we headed to downtown to take "street photos," except we didn't really know where to go. But we found this nice 2-block area so we were there until my mum called. Then home I went.

Yesterday and Monday were pretty chill. Monday was basically spent at home because it seemed like everyone was closed and there wasn't really much to do. And then yesterday my mum and I went on errands and then I helped out at Kumon for the afternoon. I have been really behind on my Netflix watching, so I finally watched two movies last night. An old 1938 Robin Hood and then Hot Fuzz. I love Hot Fuzz and Simon Pegg. Love them! I have added the movie to my wishlist ^^

This morning I got a call from LT because another receptionist called in sick. So I am currently temping at Hound VT5 on Santa Monica Blvd as their receptionist for the day. Only today. It's slow here, but not painful. I'm actually surviving. Thank goodness. And I see more people here so I like it. Some of whom are kind of cute ;)

Friday I'm back at YourPlace, except I will be the receptionist on the third floor instead of the second. I'm temping Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then Monday. Five and a half days, because the first Friday I'm only there from 9-1pm. Hopefully this will be less painful than my 1.5 day gig as the second floor receptionist, or I will die or go crazy. And then on that Wednesday (June 11th) I have my playdate with Judy and Annabel! I can't believe I had to schedule two weeks in advance. Crazy.

Tomorrow afternoon my mum's cousin is coming to visit (just for a couple of days, on her way back to Korea from NY where her daughter lives), so we're putting off our San Diego trip until Saturday morning. And then, since I'm temping on Monday, we're cutting our trip short so we're coming back Sunday night. So San Diego is just the one night. SADNESS! But what can I do? I need my income.

I feel like I'm leaving something out, but I can't remember what. Esther is helpless without her laptop. Anyway, Top Chef is tonight! Exciting! Lisa better get kicked off. I would say Spike is okay to get kicked off too, but then that leaves just Richard as the sole guy and that is just mean. So Lisa. Since Antonia is unfortunately a strong chef. Or at least stronger than Lisa. Hahahahaha.

Friday, May 23, 2008


How quickly the weather changes. The last I blogged, it had seemed like summer. Especially when I went to Palm Springs. And now it's been pouring rain for the past day. Crazy. My body aches. I really am old. But I'm not sure if I'm feeling the rain "in my bones." I just.. ache.

I didn't realise it had been so long since I last blogged. I had been mourning over Andrew's loss on Top Chef, and now I mourn for Dale. Anyway, a lot has happened since I last blogged! Well, kinda sorta ^^

As I mentioned before, Friday was Nancy play day! She came over in the late morning and we headed over to Sinbala, where we met up with Crystal. We had two orders of yummy shaved ice and the two of them also shared some weird pancake-y thing. Crystal had to go back to work, but Nancy and I headed over to Koreatown to do some shopping. Good times. We made it back to Arcadia just in time for Nancy to meet her parents and then I went home. After my mum and I had a quick dinner, off to Palm Springs we went!

Palm Springs was.. hot. Saturday was 108 degrees. Sunday was.. 106 I think. The place we stayed in was nice, and it had a kitchen so we brought food. Had rice and side dishes for dinner on Saturday. We went out during the day, but we didn't even last 2 hours because of the heat. We are weak sauce. Hahaha. There is a reason why Palm Springs is dead during the day and thriving at night. But at night I am in front of the TV. The weekend was painful because there was no free wireless. Hence, no internet for moi. Hence, pain. Hahahaha. On Sunday we went to Cabazon. I am not a good shopper. But I did get a t-shirt and my mum got two. And I bought a hand mixer!!! I think I'm going to make a pumpkin cheesecake with it for our monthly AHS potluck (this Saturday), but we'll see.

Monday is a vague memory. I think I just stayed at home. Or ran errands with me mum. Can't remember. But I did get a call from LT with my first temping assignment! The receptionist at YourPlace (haha, I am not creative in this code name thing) is gone Friday-Tuesday because she'll be in NY, so they needed someone to fill in. Training would be on Thursday from 9-1pm. But on Tuesday, I got a call to come in because she was really sick, so I got in at 1pm and got trained for about an hour and then she went home. Poor dear really wasn't feeling well. So that was my Tuesday.

Wednesday was more errands with the mum. And then we went to the shopping mall and I got a polo shirt and jeans from Eddie Bauer. First serious shopping purchases in quite the while. I am currently wearing the jeans and wow, they are killing me. I really need to lose the baby because these cut into my skin quite painfully. Meh. And Thursday I finally went to the gym. My one day this week. Hahaha. I did 32 minutes on the elliptical, doing 2.83 miles and burning 324 calories. Then 16 minutes on the treadmill so I could get 0.95 miles and 101 calories burned. That makes for a total of 3.78 miles and 425 calories! If only I could do that every day..

And now I'm in the office. Bored out of my mind. Thank goodness for Gmail and the kind people that are on it and talk to me. Or else I might kill myself. And then I have to do this again on Tuesday! Gahhhhhh. I wish I had work to do. Never thought I would think that. But I do. I seriously want work. I need to work! How can I be at work and not have work?! And I'm sitting at the reception desk on my own, so there's no one to talk to, no one to help, no one to ask questions. Gahhhh. But it's okay. Income is good. Temping is good. Must not complain. Must hang on until 6pm.

And then, exciting times! It was Tasha's birthday yesterday, but the celebrating (with the kimchi at least) begins today! After work I'm going to go pick her up from her brother's apartment and then we're going to head over to Palomino for dinner with her friend and maybe Ariana if she's not dead. Then Tasha's going to sleep over at my place tonight and tomorrow morning we will head down to The Block @ Orange for some yummy crepes at Eurostation. Then we're watching Prince Caspian and Iron Man at the AMC there. And tomorrow night is, of course, the AHS potluck! And Joycie will be joining us so I'm uber excited! Especially since I have my hand mixer! Although.. we'll see if it makes its debut or not. Hahahaha.

Anyway, just 20 more minutes until I take my lunch. After lunch, I have no idea how I will survive. OH! I forgot to mention. Yesterday I babysat Annabel in the afternoon and then had dinner with them. It was so much fun! And I think we're going to try to make it a weekly thing (the hanging out, not the babysitting). I'm so happy! As much as I am anti-children, I do love Annabel. And her parents. I heart them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tee Vee

So the fall TV schedules are out. There will be some new shows that look pretty interesting--hopefully they live up to the hype! And then there are the new shows that look absolutely retarded. Sigh.

It looks like NBC is the home to most of the continuing shows that I watch. No surprise there. Chuck, Law & Order, SVU, Life, Lipstick Jungle (yes, it's a guilty pleasure of mine), and The Office have all been renewed! Thankfully they didn't cancel any of my loves, and some of their new shows look quite promising.

ABC renewed Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice. While I will continue to follow these shows, I am seriously just waiting for Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy to END. Especially the former. I am sick of the show. But it hasn't pissed me off enough to make me stop watching. Which is why I need ABC to pull the plug. Big Shots was cancelled, but I knew that already, as well as Miss Guided, which I had figured as much. Meh. ABC surprisingly only has four new shows coming out, one of which I might check out.

With the CW, all I watch is Gossip Girl, which was obviously renewed. No surprise there. CW also only has three new shows, and I doubt I will watch any of them.

CBS renewed How I Met Your Mother (yay!), Numb3rs, and Without A Trace. Unfortunately, they cancelled Moonlight. Sadness! I actually liked that show. I'm sad there will be no more Mick.. or Josef. I love Jason Dohring :( Thankfully, they do have a couple new shows that look like they may be okay.

And with Fox, they renewed Bones and House. Because of Tasha's obsession, I might tune into So You Think You Can Dance.. but am wavering on that. And as much as I do enjoy the Simpsons, I don't actually watch it regularly. What upsets me most about Fox is that they cancelled New Amsterdam! How could they?! I loved that show! I was upset so I kept on voting on until the "Please don't go" part was 52% (it was formerly 29%; who are these people who voted 'good riddance' for the show?!). I will miss John Amsterdam, played by the actor with the unpronounceable name: Nikolaj Coster Waldau. So sad!!! The only consolation are the couple of maybe okay new shows that they have, but that is not good consolation. Nothing will replace New Amsterdam! I am in mourning (and I'm already upset over Andrew's leaving Top Chef last night!).

Speaking of such things, I had an interview this morning with LT, a temp company that has a branch that does only 'Hound'.* I did the interview, got accepted, and filled out all the necessary forms and paperwork, so I am now an employee of LT. The problem is that they said it can take a while to get that first assignment since I've never worked for Hound before and so they would obviously prefer people that they've worked with previously over, well, me. But hopefully things work out and I get an assignment soon that will be temp-to-hire if I'm lucky! I'm still waiting for Montgomery Creative, which I really want to work for, but I haven't heard from them in over a month TT_TT I'm still going to be looking for permanent jobs, but at least this way I'll be getting some work (and pay!) in the meantime.

After the interview I came back and worked for my mum, so like I predicted I did not go to the gym. And I will not be going to the gym tomorrow because tomorrow is play-with-Nancy day! Nancy is back in SoCal (just for a moment in time), so we are playing tomorrow! Yay! *^^*

And then this weekend is.. Palm Springs! Exciting times lay ahead for Esther Kim~ I will blog about them after I get back! :D

*Big Brother has made its move and so Esther has turned paranoid and is now using code names (LT, Hound). Ask if you want to know what certain things stand for.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I wiped myself out at the gym today. I was not smart. Sigh.

Friday I went to the gym again. Did my 10 minute warmup on the elliptical, doing 0.95 miles and burning 111 calories. Then did my resistance training, although I took some things out because I was taking it easy. Haha. Then I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical, but I again took it easy because I was tired so I did 2.57 miles and 283 calories. Total comes out to 3.52 miles and 394 calories.

Saturday was a fun day. I met up with Jessica, Jinwon, Diana, and Annie for lunch in the Silver Lake area at this cute cafe place. Good food! Then we all went to the Americana in Glendale. Wow, parking was such a pain! It took us an hour TT_TT We were there for a while (and said hi to Mr. Chang at his Wetzel's Pretzels!). After everyone else took off Jinwon and I hung out at the Barnes & Nobles. We were looking at wedding books, and wow--I started planning out my own wedding! I seriously have come down with nesting instinct--now if only I had a man. Jinwon and I then went to the Pantages for a spur-of-the-moment Wicked lottery.. and we didn't get it. Sadness. We consoled ourselves by watching P.S. I Love You. Wow, Gerry is SO cute! I love him so much! I wish I had a husband like him.. only alive, of course. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan was pretty cute himself. I have added that movie to my wishlist ^^

Sunday I had lunch with Grace after service and then I went orchid hunting for my mum. Finally found this cute mini dark violet orchid for her. She likes it ^^ I watched my first Korean drama in what seems like ages that night. Episode One of Saranghae (I Love You) with Ahn Jae Wook and Hwan Hee. I don't know about this drama. I don't really care for it, but it's not too horrible. And it does have two people I love (although Hwan Hee has lost a lot of love from me since his plastic surgery. Ugh!). I'm still conflicted about it. I also watched the movie Johnny Was with Vinnie Jones. Not a good movie.

Monday I was back at the gym! Go me! I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, doing 3.21 miles and burning 371 calories. I then did 10 minutes on the treadmill, doing 0.62 miles and burning 71 calories. That makes for a grand total of 3.83 miles and 442 calories. Tuesday was again gym. Did my 10 minute elliptical warmup with 0.93 miles and 108 calories burned. After the resistance training, I was so tired that I did about 22 minutes with 1.77 miles and 201 calories burned and then called it quits. Tuesday's totals are 2.70 miles and 309 calories.

But last night was spectacular. Jinwon and I had speculated that Tuesday would have the smallest crowd, so we agreed to try the lottery again on Tuesday. I got to Pantages around 5:07pm, and I met two other church people! Leo and Nina~ We all waited in line, and Jinwon got there at 5:59pm! She just made it in time for the lottery. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone thought like we did.. because around 70 people showed up for the lottery! And none of the four of us made it TT_TT So we bought the $90 tickets half-price at $45 (their consolation prize for the lottery non-winners) and we all got really good seats! Jinwon and I were in the second row mezzanine and Leo and Nina were in the third row for the mezzanine. I was impressed with the view (The seats last time were better, but hey--those were VIP seats so duh).

Wicked was sweet as, of course! The lady playing GAlinda (Megan Hilty) is going to be leaving after this Sunday when her contract ends, which is why Jinwon and I had to go see it! We LOVE her as Glinda! She is so cute and her voice and acting is amazing! Our Elphie, unfortunately, left a couple weeks ago, but the new one (Teal Wicks) is really good too! She doesn't project her voice as strongly though. But I still really like her! The two that I had issues with were Fiyero and Madame Morrible, both which are different from when I saw it last. Madame Morrible (Jo Anne Worley? Or is that the former one?) had the wrong voice--it was too deep I think. And she "talked" a lot of her lines instead of singing them, and her delivery was just all wrong. I did not like her at all. Fiyero (Derrick Williams) has a good voice, but it does not fit the part at all. He managed to kill Dancing Through Life--one of my favourite songs! I only liked it after the chorus joined in because then you couldn't really hear his voice and it sounded like the soundtrack again. Nina was confused because she hadn't seen the musical before (but has read the book) and she was like, Fiyero is black?!?! We explained that the previous Fiyero wasn't.. and I don't understand why they changed it. I think black people have amazing voices (just listen to May It Be in Across the Universe), but it just doesn't fit here! And then during As Long As You're Mine, Fiyero's voice wasn't just wrong--it totally overpowered Elphie's voice so you couldn't hear her at all! Very upsetting. It made me wonder if they had never performed together before! And then Jinwon told me that it was Derrick's first performance--my beloved Kristoffer Cusick had just ended his contract on Sunday. OH, if only we had been able to watch it on Saturday! THE TRAVESTY. Anyway, Wicked is apparently running in Pantages until mid-January, so I plan to go try the lottery again before then. Not before late fall, probably. I'm really hoping they replace Madame Morrible and Fiyero, but with less than a year left, I doubt their contracts will end before it's over. Oh well. I still loved it anyway. I cried a lot last night. I cried during the first song just because I was so happy to be watching it again! And then I would cry at every slightly emotional song, and then fell apart at For Good. That song gets to me every time. Oh how I love Wicked.

Today was running errands with my mum in Koreatown. And then gym. Where, to make up for yesterday and because I didn't want to do treadmill, I decided to do the 45 minutes all on the elliptical. That was not a good idea. Wiped me out. But the results are nice: 4.08 miles and 470 calories. Whew! I don't think I'll be able to go to the gym tomorrow though, because I have an interview and then have to go help my mum out at Kumon. Sigh. I seriously need to get employed soon.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I finally went to the gym today. After 1.5 weeks of not doing anything. Not even the stepper machine thingy at home. I am a horrible person, yes, I know.

So I did 32 minutes on the elliptical, doing 2.75 miles and burning 323 calories. Then 15 minutes on the treadmill, doing 0.92 miles and burning 100 calories. That makes it a total of 3.67 miles and 423 calories burned. I didn't do the stretching machine because someone was on it.

Last Monday I finally got my car oil changed. My mum and I go to this place run by this guy that she knows from church, and his son was helping him out when I was there. I did a double take when I saw him because he looks pretty much exactly like T did.. maybe four years ago. I hadn't thought about T in a long while until then. He has a girlfriend now, and rumours are that he's even engaged. Anyway, I took over Kumon on Thursday and Friday because my mum was away on a church retreat. And on Tuesday and Saturday I babysat Annabel. She is so cute! She's constantly telling me she loves me *^^* Ah, and on Thursday Crystal and I went for a froyo run. I heart Ce Fiore.

Movie-wise for last week, I saw Stardust (thanks Gardy!), Sideways, and Steel Toes. Stardust was a lot better than I expected. Ben Barnes--Prince Caspian--is in it! And Andrew Walker from Steel Toes is so hot! I cared about looking at him more than I did watching the movie, but the movie was good too.

On Sunday I hung out with Jinwon and Williana before heading off to Buca di Beppo for the Women's Ministry Retreat Planning Committee Appreciation Dinner. Wow, long name. Hahaha. Good food. Parking pissed me off though. I parked in the 90-min-free structure and stayed 1:02 over.. and had to pay $4. Sadness. Monday I went to Culver City for an interview and had a lovely lunch with Ariana and Lina in Ariana's office. We ate healthy food! On Tuesday (Danny's birthday!), Crystal came over for a movie night. I made (yes, I actually made it!) ramen spaghetti ^^ We then watched Across the Universe since she had never seen it and she fell in love! I was so proud *^^* And then we watched The Golden Compass. It wasn't bad! It has absolutely no closure, but I guess that's to ensure that people watch the sequel. The Blockbuster guy told me they start filming in September. I was too lazy to look it up on IMDb.

Yesterday was UCLA's Career Fair. They actually have another one today, but I liked yesterday's companies better and decided to just do that one day. It was pretty nice. It is seriously so much better than In this aspect, I love UCLA. Even though most of the people didn't have anything in marketing. I gave my resume to a few places anyway, although I doubt it will do me much good. But, of course, I got free things! I think my favourite item, although I don't really need it, is the USB hub I got from T-Mobile. It could prove to be very useful. It was sad though, since I had to explain to everyone that I wasn't a student and that I had actually graduated almost a year ago. One of the ladies was like, You need to apply everywhere. Not just two or three places. Hundreds. Give your resume to everyone. I wanted to be like, WHAT DO YOU THINK I'VE BEEN DOING?!?! But I thought that might show how pathetic I am, applying so much and yet still not getting a job, so I didn't. And today when I looked at CareerBuilder, what do I get but this following blurb: "Did you know that most job seekers apply to at least 3 jobs? Keep your options open by applying to several jobs you're interested in. It costs you nothing and gives you a better chance of finding that perfect job." THREE JOBS?! That's the average?! THREE FUCKING JOBS?! I've applied to like 150-200!!! I just want to strangle CareerBuilder.

Another little sad thing was when I was leaving UCLA I ran into someone who I worked with at EAP. She looked at me confused and asked, Didn't you graduate already? I sheepishly said Yeah.. but I came for the.. career fair. She gave me one of those looks and then smiled and we parted ways. SIGH. Embarrassing. I am such a failure.

And yet, you know, even if I knew all this would happen, I don't think I would have given up New Zealand. By George, it's New Zealand! I might, however, have decided to go to Wellington instead. Although that would have totally changed my time in New Zealand.. and I am happy to have met most of the people that I met there.

Anyway, I went to Borders today and bought the deluxe edition of the Across the Universe soundtrack. I'm very sad that they gave me a damaged CD cover (there's a deep scratch) and the sticker thingy didn't like me and left some sticky residue on the CD cover as well. Heartbreaking. But I'm listening to the soundtrack and determined not to think about the CD cover or else I will drive myself crazy. I really love the songs. And Jim Sturgess' voice. Hotness.

Huh. They changed With a Little Help From My Friends and cut out all the laughing and the other people. Sadness. That's what made the song so cute! They also changed some other songs too, such as Dear Prudence. And they don't have I Want You. Gasp! Hurts me. They kept all the other songs.. why would they not put that one in? o.O And they put a couple other songs I don't care about in instead TT_TT Anyway, if any of you haven't seen the movie yet and would like to see it (or for those who have seen it, would like to see it again), I'm always up for another viewing so just tell me and come on over! :D

Sorry for the long blogging. Didn't realise I had so much to write. Haha. I will try to blog more often since I will also be trying to get back on track for the gym!