Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Be Scared. I Bite.

My mum told me a story about my childhood the other day.

When I was in preschool, I hung out with this other girl a lot. I remember nothing about her except for the fact that she was African-American and had curly black hair. And I only remember this because of our preschool class picture. So, I guess I don't really "remember" it remember it. I think she was also shorter than me, puahaha.

Anyway, my mum said she wasn't very nice to me. We were friends, but apparently she liked making fun of me? (Sounds like my friends now *cough*Gardy*cough*) My mum said she would always feel bad for me because this girl would always be mean to me but I would never be able to do anything. (1) I was not very good at expressing myself. I'm thinking at this point I'm not very good at the English language either (all I spoke was Korean until I entered school), and I've actually never been good at expressing myself. Even now. (2) I can't stand up for myself. Even now. I know, pathetic. (3) I don't fight back. What am I supposed to do? Kick her ass? I'm no Jason Statham!

Well, one day, our class all went on a field trip (with our parents) to some swimming pool place. My mum was unable to remember anything else about the location. Thanks mum. So we're all at this mysterious swimming pool and I'm hanging out with my "friend." My mum apparently isn't paying much attention to me when out of nowhere (supposedly) my friend screams. Why? Because I bit her. On the shoulder.

Later investigation would reveal that she was being really mean to me at the time. And I--being unable to do anything about it--got so frustrated that finally I had no way to retaliate except to bite her on the shoulder. My mum said she felt so bad for me when she thinks about how frustrated I must have been to reach that point since I was such a shy, non-aggressive, timid child. But unfortunately, even though she was the one to piss me off to that point, since I bit her, my mum had to apologise to her mum about the incident. Poor mum. Evil girl. Oddly enough, I think we still remained "friends" after this and kept hanging out. I have a vague memory of dressing up at Halloween with her.

But man, listening to this story, I was cracking up so much. My mum did not understand why I enjoyed the story so much, hahahaha. But I thought it was hilarious. I mean, I bite people now. I do, really. A soft joke of a bite, but a bite nonetheless. Although, ever since I left Tokyopop, I've stopped. No one to bite anymore. Hahahaha. But I never imagined that I did it as a child. And that I was serious about it. I must have been seriously pissed off to bite her. I feel bad for little Esther. The poor girl.

The saying goes, "Don't be scared, I don't bite." But Esther bites. So be scared. Don't piss Esther off.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thrilling Darkness

This past weekend was another thrilling weekend.

I went to the dentist on Saturday.. again. My teeth are still sensitive to cold and sometimes hurt randomly throughout the day, so I figured I should go check it out since it's never been this way after treatment before. Yeah, they told me to wait two months and then come back if it still hurts TT_TT

But then I went to the theatres with Jinwon and Williana! The first movie we watched was Death Race. It was a good action movie--very fast paced, with lots of action and violence. It deserves its R rating. There was one particular scene that will stay with me for a long time, and not in a good way. Disturbing. Ouch. And then there is another scene that will also stay with me for a long time, but in a good way. Jason Statham. Shirtless. Doing pull ups. Oh my goodness. It was shot from his back, and looking at his rippling back muscles.. MMMMM. Yum! He is so sexy ;) Anyway, it was an enjoyable movie. Didn't really care for Tyrese, or some of the other actors, but I liked it overall. How can I not like a Jason Statham movie, right?

One of the trailers they showed before that was for Fast and Furious. As it started, I became suspicious. Gas truck heist? Suspiciously similar to the electronic truck heists in the first The Fast and the Furious. And then they showed Vin Diesel. And I was like OMFG you have got to be kidding me. Nope! Vin Diesal, Michelle Rodriguez, the icky Paul Walker, and Jordana Brewster have all reunited to do.. FAST AND FURIOUS.. the original minus the two "the"s. Will it never end?! I looked it up on IMDb and Sung Kang is also going to be in it, playing Han. Yay Sung! The IMDb synopsis says, "As he is released from prison, Brian O'Conner teams up with Dominic Toretto work with the feds to bring down a heroin importer by infiltrating his operation." I don't remember the second movie very well, so I can't tell if this is supposed to be between the first and second, or between the second and third. Either way, it's definitely before the third movie, because there is no way Han is coming back from the dead.

Anyway, what was our second movie that we watched? The Dark Knight! I had repeatedly said that I wanted to go back to see it, and I did! Neither Williana nor Jinwon had watched it before, so it was the perfect opportunity! Jinwon went in with low expectations and became a fan, while Williana (who doesn't like superhero movies anyway, that freak) went in with high expectations and hated it. I don't understand how anyone can not like the movie, but whatever. I was so happy I teared up! And I was smiling like an idiot throughout some scenes of the movie. I was just so happy! When it ended.. I was sad. I wanted to go watch it AGAIN! So yeah, if anyone is up for it, I would like to go watch it again :D

So that was Saturday. Sunday was church.. and then lunch with Gardeenie! We had yummy In-N-Out and I subjected her to watching Lord of the Rings on TV. Hahahaha. It was fun hanging out, I feel like the two of us haven't hung out in quite the while. After that.. the final LIVE concert! This week was jazz. I'm okay with jazz, but not a huge fan, so I actually didn't really pay attention to the band at all. It was fun though, just hanging out with the people in the booth and other volunteers, so overall it was a fun night.

And I went home only to find out I had missed pretty much everything Olympic related. NBC finished wrapping up the Olympic coverage at 11pm, and I made it home around 10:40pm. Great timing. Hahahaha. Oh well. I'm already looking forward to London! I plan to BE there for the Olympics, hopefully :D

But now I feel like I'm going to die. Waking up was so difficult this morning! And then I was yawning and nodding off the entire way to work. SIGH. This is going to be a long week..

Monday, August 18, 2008


Michael Phelps is a winner. Now hailed as the greatest Olympic athlete in all history, he has won 16 Olympic medals in his lifetime so far--14 gold medals, and eight of them at the current 2008 Beijing Olympics. His story, his body, everything about him just boggles the mind. I am SO proud of him! I was about to cry when I watched the medal ceremony Saturday night. I am proud to call myself his fangirl *^^*

But guess what? He's not the only winner! I am a winner too!

So this was a pretty eventful weekend. Saturday morning I had my fourth dentist visit in 5 weeks. Yeah, it's fun times, really *rolls eyes* So I got my permanent crown and then my other two cavities filled. I now do not have to go back until February 21st, when I will go back to get my teeth cleaned after pigging out in sorrow over Valentine's Day. Except.. the teeth that he worked on are still sensitive, which makes drinking and consuming anything colder than room temperature a pain. SIGH. If this doesn't get better soon, it looks like I have another dentist visit in the near future TT_TT

The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful. I took a nap. A seriously long nap. The story of which is kind of funny because it shows how pathetic I am when I am really tired. Hahahaha. But I woke up and watched the Olympics and saw Michael Phelps make history. But not really, because despite what some people believe, what NBC showed was NOT live. That little "live" sign in the corner is a lie. How do I know? Because I had already known he won that gold hours earlier by going to the official website. So he had already made history. But I still got emotional nonetheless. I ♥ Michael Phelps.

Yesterday I served at church. Then I went to Tea Rose Garden (Yelp, Website) to meet up with Jessica, Jinwon, Diana, and Williana to bid Jessica goodbye (she left for Stanford today). The place is so cute! You can read my review on Yelp :) Then I hung out with Jinwon at my house for a bit before rushing off to church to help out with the LIVE concert. Yesterday: HIP HOP.

This time our emcee was Danny Cho. He is a fellow UCLA alumni who I saw perform at Kollaboration and also a pretty famous comedian. The first performer was Verseatile, who had a girl performer with him. I asked a friend there (who came with Verseatile) who she was, and he said that she's some YouTube phenomenon that Verseatile found. Nice. After that was DJ Zoey and then came DB Tonik and Izreal. They were nice and all, but no Ken Oak Band. Hahahaha. What can I say, I'm a loyal fangirl. Finally Lyricks went up and performed. I liked him the best, especially the last song he performed, "Again." We had a few raffle prizes given out throughout the night, and guess who was called for the last one? "Esther Kim," I was like, Hey! That's me! They made fun of my email address. After they read it out, Danny paused and was like, Ooo, that's embarrassing, kimcheese. Hahaha. Thanks TT_TT But I went up and got my prize! I got CDs from Verseatile and Lyricks as well as two books: Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller and Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. I quickly went and got the two CDs autographed by their respective artists ^^ Yay! I am a winner!

So, if you guys remember, Far East Movement performed at my church last week and they were promoting their upcoming concert and telling everyone to go to If you go to the site, you will see that there is a concert coming up on September 7 at 4:30pm in San Gabriel. FM is performing, as well as Tatum Jones, Quest Dance Crew, etc. PK and Sung Kang are the guest presenters, and there will be "surprise secret guests." I have found out who a couple of those guests are supposed to be, and that has made me very excited to go! One of the interns for FM (or Wong Fu Productions?) came to the show yesterday with tickets.. we chatted and I ended up buying 2 tickets for him ($15 per) since I had told Jinwon about it earlier. So the two of us will be going, but the rest of you guys should check it out (if you like their music) and hopefully come as well! ^^

Anyway, after the concert ended and we cleaned up (10pm), I hurried over to Arcadia to meet up with Elaine! We wanted to go to the Ce Fiore next to Pavillions, but it was already closed TT_TT So we walked over to AU. We both got green tea and we shared the strawberry shaved ice. SO yum! Fun times~ Elaine is flying out to Amsterdam today to go study at the University of Amsterdam for a year, so I am sad and will miss her :( Have a safe flight Elaine!

So I didn't get home until midnight. And I didn't fall asleep until almost 1am. Busy (but good!) weekend. I am now very tired.

Monday, August 11, 2008

LIVE Rocks!

Yesterday was quite a busy day for Esther at church. Service at 11am and then bible study afterwards from 12:30-2pm. Then I went on some errands, hurried home to take a shower and grab a quick bite to eat, and then hurried back to church to arrive at 4:20 for LIVE concert volunteer orientation. I'm part of the host team, which means we are in charge of the Live Booth and we answer any/all questions about.. well, everything. Hahaha. At 6pm we ate before people arrived, and doors opened at 6:30pm to the public for our free dinner. And even though the concert was supposed to start at 7:30pm, being Asian, we started closer to 8pm, hahaha.

The entire event was awesome! We got Paul "PK" Kim to emcee. He's a pretty famous guy around these parts, since he's a well-known comedian (he used to perform at The Laugh Factory), he does everything Kollaboration related, etc. I was very happy that we had him. He is hilarious! You can find out more about him and what he does at his MySpace page and also on Prokreation's website.

The first band to perform was CRe8, which is actually a "mock band" put together by church people. They were awesome! The lead singer was Erna, who was my bible study leader before and who I think is amazing. They rocked out to songs from Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Haha, brought back memories of listening to employees play those two all day long as I was receptionist. Hahahaha.

The next artist was my beloved Ken Oak Band! I am such a fangirl ^^ They played a couple new songs (they are working on their third album right now) and then a couple oldies (but goodies!). You should visit their website, I wanted to take pictures with them after the event, but by the time cleanup ended, they were already walking away so I missed my chance TT_TT

Following them was Tatum Jones, who also performed at YNEM before at the Reah International Vision Concert (which was when I was a total KOB groupie and got autographs and picture). A couple of the songs that they performed are on their MySpace page (Who Is It, U Should Know). They take their inspiration from groups such as Boyz II Men; you can check them out at After the cleanup, they were fortunately still around, so a couple of my friends bought their CDs and my friend and I got a picture with them. They are very nice ^^

After that was the Far East Movement. They were very lively and got the audience very pumped up. They are apparently hooked up with Power 106 and their song LOWRIDIN plays on the radio. I didn't get a chance to talk to them afterwards, although I did see them walk to their car as I was leaving. But it would be weird (and scary) if I jumped out of my car and was like, Hey! Take a picture with me! so I left them alone. Hahahaha. You can check out their website,, as well as their MySpace page, where you can find some of the songs that they performed last night (You Got A Friend--FM Lil Rob Baby Bash, LOWRIDIN).

And that was that. After cleanup and everything, I left church around 11:10.. almost 7 hours after I initially arrived. That means I spent a total of 10.5 hours at church yesterday. Went home, watched a little of the Olympics, got ready for bed, used the computer for a bit, and went to bed exhausted and sore around 12:30am. And I was so tired this morning, I was nodding off on the way to work and had to take a quick 10 minute nap in the parking lot (yes, I came early, so I was able to).

To wrap up this post, even though this Sunday was supposed to be ROCK, it was more like the R concert--rock, r&b, and rap. The concert rocked.. literally. Once again, you can find out more about the LIVE concert series at our MySpace page as well as on our church webpage. This upcoming Sunday will be HIP HOP (with artists such as Lyricks, DB Tonik and Izreal, and Verseatile). The following Sunday will be JAZZ (with the Gregg Bissonette Quintet). It's only $5 cover charge but you get free food and there are amazing raffle prizes, so come out! ^^

Thursday, August 07, 2008

True Royalty

Yesterday I managed to catch a rerun of the first day of X Games on ESPN, which I had initially missed. Oh my goodness. It was so worth it. It was AMAZING.

So the first event was Skateboard Big Air Finals. Jake Brown (who had a really bad slam last year) came back with a sweet run (made bronze). That was pretty crazy to watch! But then Danny Way just blew me away. BLEW ME AWAY. That slam was so cringe worthy. He looked so shocked just lying there. And then medics took him away. And then he CAME BACK. With a BROKEN FOOT. And he said everything else in his body pretty much felt broken. And then he did a CRAZY ASS run. It was amazing! But oh my goodness, when he landed, you could see him flinch, and I felt a little bit of pain just watching that! He had a broken foot! WTF?! How do you come back from that? And then he did ANOTHER crazy run at the end to land in second place. He would have gotten first place, but Bob Burnquist was ridiculous as well. His stunt was.. wow. Highest Indy 360 ever or something like that. But in my mind, Danny Way deserved the win. He didn't just deserve it. He WON. It just amazes me what he pulled off. I remember that whoever was announcing (I want to say Sal Masekela, but I could be wrong) was like.. if you're ever experiencing any hardships, just think about this and how Danny Way powered through. This was seriously so astounding. I could go on forever about how amazing it was, but I will shut up. I love the story on ESPN about this: Danny Way Can Still Bite You. What he did was just.. there are no words for it. I actually started crying as I was watching it on TV. There's a video on ESPN that you can watch (embedded below), where Dana Jacobson calls him the King of Big Air, "showing us what royalty is all about." He really is true royalty.

After that I watched the Moto X Big Air Finals. That was pretty crazy too. All three medal winners seriously laid it down, but Kyle Loza (gold) was.. amazing (I seriously need more vocabulary words). His trick was AWESOME AS! He pulled the 75' Electric Doom, and it was so amazing to watch. It was.. WOW. It just doesn't get old. So crazy. I have included the video for this here as well.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Revived Passion

Last time I blogged about my "dormant passion" for the X Games. I actually managed to catch some of it this time around, and I thoroughly enjoyed what I saw. I also went online and looked up the results, read the stories, and watched some of the videos. Thankfully, I didn't go into uber obsessive mode. Although, I did get pretty emotional when I was watching it and talking to Gardy at the same time. I was seriously getting teary-eyed.. and I don't know why. X Games just brings something out in me.

So this was a pretty eventful weekend. Friday after work I drove to The Counter in Santa Monica for dinner with Emily and Ariana (whose birthday was Saturday). Lina joined us pretty late and we had dessert together. Saturday morning I had another dentist appointment and then I went to get my oil changed, my front tires replaced, and my car realigned.

Saturday evening was a dual event. First we had our annual family BBQ since they were leaving that night (at midnight) for Korea. So there was my cousin, her husband, and their daughter (Claire). And there was also my cousin's best friend and her daughter (Yoojin). Five people.. plus my mum and me. And as that was wrapping up, the AHS potluck took place. Abby, Christina, Crystal, Candace, Elaine, Helen, and Tiffany came over and we had lots of yummy food ^^ Before the food events happened, however, I was watching the X Games and I was very happy to catch what I did. The BMX Freestyle Vert was crazy~

Sunday I went to the 9:30AM service for church. We have now officially become Young Nak Celebration Church :D We'll be having CONCERTS for the next three Sundays, so let me know if you want to go! ^^

Afterwards, I went to K's baby shower. Gardy's and my presents stood out because we were the only ones that didn't have baby-themed wrapping. I had put my gifts in a big fobby bag that I had bought in a Korean store. It was orange, had pictures of oranges, but on the top it said: Watermelon. I didn't understand it. I still don't. It boggles the mind. But overall it was fun. I did well at some of the games so I won a lot of candy, but my mum took them away from me TT_TT But I also got notepads and a candle so that was cool :)

At night after dinner Christina dragged me to the AHS track and we walked five laps (1.25 miles!). I have to really appreciate her because she managed to make me exercise after a very long time. Yes, we didn't walk very much, but hey.. baby steps! She's apparently dragging me there again on Tuesday. SIGH. But as much as I whine about it, Christina, I am thankful that you're doing this for me~