Thursday, September 25, 2008


Guess who went to the gym last night? ME!

I rushed to the gym as soon as Bones was over to meet Gardy, but alas, the ellipticals were already pretty full! (Can I just say that I love Bones? Zack was awesome!) We couldn't spot any two free machines next to each other, so we decided to be bold and try this other elliptical-like machine. It's from Cybex, and based on their product list I want to say it was one of their cross trainers. It was hard! We only did a 10 minute workout since we were going to focus on resistance training, but I thought I was going to die. I was on Level 3 with Resistance 15 (I started on 20 but lowered it after 4-4.5 minutes), and I ended up walking 0.47 miles and burning 103 calories.

We then headed upstairs. I went and tried the lat pull-downs, only to realise that I had forgotten everything. Do I count when it's pulled down or when it's up? How long was I supposed to count for? I also neglected to read my notes that I was supposed to do sets of 12. I did sets of 10. But then I lost count. Hahahaha. We then went to do the machines, but the ones that I had used were all full. Then I saw that an exercise ball was free so I went over and did my ball crunches and push-ups with Gardy counting them. When a machine that Gardy wanted to use opened up, she went and did that while I did my ball squats (with really bad form, and without the weights). Afterwards we did the seated leg curl machine for a while and then we headed home (Lipstick Jungle!).

So yay for gym. But not only was I pathetic while I was there, but I am pathetic now. I am very sore. My arms, shoulders, legs.. all sore. How sad is that? Gardy said that shows that it's working. And I said no, it just shows that I am pathetic.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Esther did something amazing last night. She watched How I Met Your Mother.

Hahahaha, no. Well, I did, but that's not what is amazing (although I did love the episode--I ♥ Barney!). What was amazing is that Esther went to the gym.

I have not been to the gym since mid-May. That was about 4 months ago! You all remember my 3 week stint at the gym. Then I stopped. Then I returned a couple weeks later to go for a week. And then I stopped again. Until last night.

How did this happen? The ball started rolling back when Christina talked me into walking on the AHS track with her at night. That lasted a few times, but then our schedules started to get busier and so we stopped. I had tried to get Gardenia to join me on the track, but she refused. She was, however, willing to go to the gym with me, but I kept on putting it off. I was reluctant to go back. But I finally committed to it, so she joined this past weekend and yesterday we went to the gym together.

We got there around 9:15pm and left around an hour later. We spent 30 minutes (+5 min cooldown) on the elliptical, where I walked 2.96 miles and burned 334 calories. We then went on the treadmill, where I ended up spending 16 minutes walking, which totalled 0.78 miles and burned 78 calories. That makes for a grand total of 3.74 miles and 412 calories. Not bad for a comeback 4 months later, right? Afterwards I also went upstairs to use the stretching machine, and wow--my body has tensed a lot since I last went to the gym. Sigh.

I don't remember if I had mentioned it before but when I initially started going to the gym in the spring, a friend and I held a "competition" over who would lose a certain amount of weight first in an attempt to motivate ourselves. She kicked my arse. Mainly because while I gave up after 3 weeks and didn't change my eating habits, she changed her eating habits altogether and went much healthier. Damn her! Well, this time, Jinwon is attempting to motivate me by saying we should both lose 10 pounds by the end of the year. SIGH. Hopefully this time it'll happen.

Anyway, this should become a regular thing (or else Gardy will kill me for making her pay gym membership). We have decided to do full sessions on Mondays, quick 30 minute sessions on Wednesdays (I have TV from 8-9 and 10-11), and we might do Fridays depending on how I feel. I feel like Fridays are sacred. Work is over. It's weekend time. NO GYM on the weekend damnit! But maybe my determination to lose weight will trump over that, haha. So look forward to more gym progress updates!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stray ♥s Esther

I ♥ Stray. It is a well known fact. I wear their shirt with pride and some nostalgia.

If, by some strange freak of nature, you have no idea what I'm talking about, Stray is the bus company that I travelled with in New Zealand. New Zealand has three major bus companies, and I am not biased when I say that Stray is the best. Seriously. I made this decision before I even travelled with them, so you know I am right ^^

So when you travel with Stray, you can sign up to be a Stray Mate (this is assuming that you love Stray and they love you back). And since I became a huge fan, I did. Stray Mates basically talk about Stray to anyone and they get a discount code. If anyone uses this discount code, s/he will save 25-50$NZ off whatever package they purchase from Stray (I purchased the Stray Everywhere package) and the Stray Mate will get 50$NZ too!

It used to be that Stray would wait until you had $200 in rewards to give it to you (I forgot the method they would use), but around the end of July they changed it to vouchers so you can get your rewards instantly. I haven't really been very good at spreading the word (did I even blog about it? I think I only mentioned it on my dA journal), so I didn't think much of it.

But to my delight and surprise, this weekend I got an email from telling me that I have a gift card as a present from Stray! A very nice girl signed up for Stray using my discount code so they sent me a $35 (stupid currency conversion) Amazon gift card. Yay! *^^*

So if you ever go to New Zealand, use my discount code: EK1323.

I'm so happy! Stray loves me! I have $35 on Amazon! *^^* Now the question is.. what to buy with that money? I don't know, I don't know..