Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sweet and Sour

Life has been full of the sweet and the sour. Well, life is always sweet and sour, but I decided that's the format I would go with for this blogging. Hahahaha.

Saturday, 10/11: Did you know that Mother's Cookies is to be no more? It breaks my heart! What is life going to be like without their oh-so-yummy animal cookies? So I went to Ralphs and bought their Halloween edition. I can't believe I won't be able to eat them any more after this..
Rating: Sour. (well, more like bittersweet)

In other news, I also watched Speed Racer at night. Not a bad movie. Bi's English made me cringe though. And seeing Joon for a total of, 5 seconds?, was just sad. I really hope he doesn't consider that his Hollywood debut. Hopefully he's better in Dragonball.

Sunday, 10/12: Met up with Gardy and Keri for lunch after church. That was fun. I hadn't seen Keri in a long time so it was good catching up :D We went to Fredo's Phillys for lunch and then to Fosselman's Ice Cream Co afterwards for dessert.
Rating: Sweet.

Monday, 10/13: Had our EAP reunion dinner! Mandy had made reservations for 9, but we ended up being a party of 3, haha. Just me, Mandy, and Ariana. But it was fun and cozy, so good times. We went to Fritto Misto, yummy Italian food.
Rating: Sweet.

Friday, 10/17
Part 1:
Contacted the HR lady that I met with for the interview at Hound VT, and they ended up choosing another candidate. REJECTED. I saw this one coming.
Rating: Sour. SIGH.

Part 2: So I was originally going to devote this to its own blogging, but I guess I will just have to stick it in here. So a while back I participated in Film.com's HIMYM Season 3 Giveaway and--tada!--I won! Which is so amazing because I never win anything. And then I won at the YNCC Live Concert, and now I won this! So on Friday, the DVD finally came in the mail! And it was waiting for me when I came home. YAY!!!

Saturday, 10/18:
Part 1:
Went to Planned Parenthood to get my annual exam. Most of it was fine, until the end. I told Gardy about it, and she understands when I say it was TRAUMATISING. Permanently traumatised for life. That's all I will say.
Rating: Sour. Very sour.

Part 2: AHS potluck! You can read about that HERE. It might have been uber small, but it was nice catching up with Jenny ^^
Rating: Sweet.

Sunday, 10/19: Gave away the rest of the applesauce cupcakes at church. They were a hit ^^ After grabbing lunch with Williana and Diana at Glendale Galleria, I went home and finally watched one of my Netflix movies! Renaissance. Woot! I heart Daniel Craig, even if I only get to hear his voice.
Rating: Sweet.

Saturday, 10/25: Busy weekend. Went shopping at Brea Mall with my mum. Then got dragged to the gym by Christina. Came home and made apple pie cupcakes (read about that HERE). After a quick shower, headed off to Mark & Sylvia's Luigi's Mansion Boo's Bacchanal! Fun times were had. Christine, Lisa, and I joined forces to win the paranormal puzzle--yay! I also branched out in alcohol consumption. Had a bottle of Dos Equis and Red Stripe. Having lost the "acquired taste" of beer that New Zealand had managed to give me, I didn't really care for either of them. All beer tastes the same to me again. Sigh. I also had my Smirnoff Ice, both regular and Green Apple Bite. Not bad! I had a sip of Raspberry Burst, but as I do not like raspberry, I did not care for it. Anyway, fun times!
Rating: Very Sweet.

Sunday, 10/26: Didn't have bible study after service so I got to come home and eat lunch. That was nice. Also got to watch another Netflix movie! Dumbo! I hadn't watched it in so long that I wanted to watch it again. And it was very nice :D Man, I have yet to watch HIMYM Season 3 or the Sleeping Beauty DVD that I bought from Costco. SIGH. My second cousin from NY was in town over the weekend for a wedding, so we had dinner on Sunday night. That was nice. And then on the drive home she tried to give me life/career advice, which was just depressing.
But overall, Rating: Sweet.

Wow, I thought I would have had more sours. I guess the sour is just.. better integrated in my life in general. Like my always being tired and sad about my bleak job outlook. Anyway, those are the highlights from my life for the good part of this month.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Gym Progress Update

Wow I have not blogged about the gym in quite the while. My bad. Will try to summarise here.

Thursday, 10/9: Went to the gym after work and spent 15 minutes on the elliptical, doing 1.32 miles and burning 151 calories. So didn't make a dent in the amount of calories I probably consumed with just the white chocolate lemon cake slice that I had. Oh well. Went upstairs and did our resistance training for a bit.

Tuesday, 10/14: Had my EAP reunion dinner on Monday so we went to the gym on Tuesday. Spent 35 minutes on the elliptical, decided to go hardcore, and burned 354 calories with 3.09 miles. Then went on the treadmill for (I have no time noted! 15 minutes?) and burned 95 calories with 0.90 miles.

Thursday, 10/16: Went to the gym. Spent 11 minutes on the elliptical, burning 123 calories and doing 1.06 miles. The problem with blogging so much later is that I can't remember what my notes were about. I spent 7 minutes on something after this (treadmill?) to burn 67.7 calories and do 0.60 miles.

Monday, 10/20: Spent 35 minutes on the elliptical, doing 2.93 miles and burning 330 calories.

Tuesday, 10/21: I felt a need to go to the gym more since I'm a fat pig, so we came again on Tuesday. Spent 13 minutes on the elliptical, burning 131 calories and doing 1.15 miles. We then went upstairs for resistance training.

Thursday, 10/23: Spent 32 minutes on the elliptical, doing 2.57 miles and burning 284 calories. Yes, I took it easy. I am weaksauce. And because I was tired, I decided we needed to do the bicycle so I could sit down. Hahahaha. The bicycle is not very efficient. In 17 minutes, I did 2.62 miles, but I only burned 77 calories.

Saturday, 10/25: Stupid Christina talked me into going to the gym on Saturday. Went on the elliptical for 13 minutes waiting for her, doing 1.13 miles and burning 129 calories. Then she dragged me upstairs and made me do things that her personal trainer showed her. Then we came back down and I went on the elliptical for 17 minutes, burning 163 calories and doing 1.45 miles. Christina is scary. In a little under 20 minutes she had done like 240 calories and 2 miles. Hardcore! And as a result of whatever she made me do upstairs, I could barely move on Sunday. I'm still sore now. GAH. I am so weaksauce!

And I'm going to the gym again tonight. But I'm going to keep it short and light because I'm exhausted and I need to go home and take a nap. Natasha says I act like I'm in my 80s. So sad, I used to be 70-ish and now I have aged a decade more. SIGH.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Year Ago.. Part One

A year ago, I was sitting on a plane. I was heading to Korea. The motherland. To my family. To Mangchi and Cherry. To a beautiful land free of worries.

And now, I am sitting in a cubicle. At a job that inspires no positive emotion within me. Where the only time there is a hint of a sparkle in my eye is when Gardy tells me she also has no work and so can finally play games online with me.

What happened? Where did I go wrong?

A year ago, my future was bright. I had nothing waiting for me in New Zealand, but I had hope. Faith. Confidence in myself. And now, all of that is gone. There is no hope. I have no confidence in myself. I have been rejected too many times. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Most just reject me straight out. Others try to be kind and offer a grain of hope with an interview. And then they crush me afterwards with their rejection.

It amazes me how things can change so much in a year. Ah, to be on that plane again..

Thursday, October 09, 2008


A week has passed since I last blogged. Has any progress been made? I think not.

So after dinner and froyo last Thursday, I met Gardy at the gym around 10:15pm. I was on the ellipticals for 10.5 minutes, which resulted in 0.85 miles and 95.2 calories being burned. We then went upstairs and did resistance training. Fun times. I think we laugh too much for our own good. Hahahahaha. Anyway, as to be expected, I was sore for several days after that. Ah me and my pathetic body.

The weekend passed by much too quickly and soon it was Monday again. Time to go to the gym. Except Gardy couldn't go. So I decided to go by myself. Luckily, Crystal was there! Chatting with a friend definitely makes the time go by faster. We both just did 30 minutes on the elliptical since we had TV shows to go back to. So with my 30 minutes (+ 2 min cooldown), I did 2.69 miles and burned 303 calories. Yay.

Since we didn't exercise together on Monday, Gardy and I went to the gym on Tuesday. We spent 35 minutes on the ellipticals (including cooldown), which resulted in 2.85 miles and 318 calories being burned. The treadmills were all full (there are so many people at this time!) so we went upstairs and used the machines for a little bit. Pretty hilarious times. I think Gardy and I spend most of our times upstairs just laughing. Hahahaha.

So you think with all this gym-going and exercising happening, Esther would see results. No. Esther is not losing weight or getting skinnier. And to make things worse, today we went to Sweet Lady Jane Bakery for lunch to celebrate a coworker's birthday. And since it was my first time, I had to get a slice of cake to go. What did I get? White chocolate lemon cake. Oh my goodness. It is so rich and heavy. And yet so delicious. This slice feels like it's more than enough calories for an entire day. And I can't stop eating it! GAH. I am overcome with guilt. And yet I can't be hardcore at the gym--it's too tiring! SIGH. I am horrible.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


So today I had an interview with, hmmm, Hound VT? I haven't used my "code names" in so long I have forgotten what they all were. So I'm not sure how well the actual interview went, since I unfortunately acted more like a rabid fangirl rather than a serious committed job applicant. Now that I think about it, it was really embarrassing. There was one point when I had a high-pitched squealy voice as I quoted from HIMYM. What's that? EMBARRASSING.

But it's okay. Even if they never want to see me again (although I hope they do), today will always be an awesome day. Why, you ask? Two reasons.

Reason Number One: Bones
If you watch the show, you know that a lot of scenes take place in a diner, Royal Diner. Apparently it is a real place, with several locations. I'm not sure. It's besides the point. The point is, that I saw it. On the Hound Lot. I was walking with the HR lady at this point, and I pointed it out to her (she doesn't watch Bones) and told her I was about to cry. I really was. I got so emotional seeing it. It's the Royal Diner! From Bones! *fangirl squeal* I downplayed the fangirl when I was with her, but when I was walking back to the parking garage on my own later, I quickly stopped by and took a quick shot with my cameraphone. Unfortunately there were people around (there's even one in the picture, damn him), so I couldn't be more fangirly. Oh well. I saw the Royal Diner!

Reason Number Two: How I Met Your Mother
I am just going to assume that you are a fan of HIMYM, because it is awesome and legend--wait for it!--dary. There is no reason for you to not be a fan. Now with that out of the way, you will obviously know about The Bro Code. Barney loves to quote from this book. And soon it will be shared with the rest of the world. If you lived under a rock up until this point, update yourself by reading what The Watcher from Chicago Tribune said about it HERE, by reading what the TV Squad said about it HERE, and by checking out Barney's Blog. Now that you remember how awesome this Bro Code is, let me tell you what happened today. After my interviewer saw that I was an obsessed HIMYM fangirl, he--in all his kindness--gave me a gift. What was it, you ask? THE BRO CODE. That's right! He gave me THE BRO CODE!!! I was about to cry right then and there from sheer happiness. It was overwhelming. I just held it, in awe, with love. IT IS AWESOME.

And for those of you who want your own copy (and who wouldn't?), you can find it on Amazon HERE.

(And yes, in case you were wondering, HIMYM is produced by Hound, even though it is aired on CBS. Hmm, do I need a code name for that? I guess we'll find out.)

So there you have it. Today is AWESOME. As for tonight, it should be dee--wait for it!--lightful as well. I'm meeting up with Jamie and Crystal for dinner, followed by froyo with Joycie, and then I will go join Gardy at the gym to burn away my guilt XD

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I realised last night that I had not yet blogged about going to the gym on Monday! The horror. Hahaha. As more shows have been starting, I have had to rearrange the gym schedule a bit.

So on Monday, instead of going after HIMYM, we went before. I got home around 7:05-7:10pm (I know, isn't that amazing! I was in shock and awe) and I met up with Gardy at 7:30pm. We went on the ellipticals for 35 minutes (30min + 5min cooldown), and I went at it full throttle, resulting in my walking 3.05 miles and burning 348 calories. The treadmills were all full afterwards, so we decided to just go upstairs and have me do my stretching (since we were on a time limit). Afterwards I rushed home just in time to make HIMYM.

I had previously resisted against going to the gym right after work because (1) I need to eat dinner and (2) I have TV at 8pm! But thanks to HIMYM, I have to download Chuck and Gossip Girl anyway, so that eliminated #2. And on Monday I scarfed down a third of a big bag of Cheetos near the end of work (in addition to all the food I normally consume), so that eliminated #1. And also made me feel more guilty at the gym. Hahaha.

Tuesdays have become a maybe in our gym schedule, mainly because it depends on how early I make it home from work and finish dinner, since there is that 30 min digestion time to take into consideration. I don't have TV until 9pm (The Mentalist), so theoretically if I finish dinner really early we can go to the gym. Yesterday was one of those days. I got home super early (again, shock and awe) and finished dinner in a timely manner. BUT my body wasn't having a good day so the gym was a no go.

Wednesdays were supposed to be our short gym days, but TV has conflicted. As of tonight I will have a full 8-11pm schedule, so no gym. Which is good because I am sadly STILL sore from Monday. It's unbelievable. My legs still hurt every time I get up. I was even slightly limping last night. I am SO weaksauce TT_TT

So tomorrow we will go to the gym. My only Thursday TV show is Grey's Anatomy (9pm), which means we are going to do what we did on Monday and just go after I get home from work. Except this week, GA isn't even showing, so we can take our time ^^

As for Fridays, TV shows + sacred weekend = no gym. So that's the updated gym schedule. Mondays, maybe Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Be proud. I'm actually going to the gym regularly and making myself suffer. GAH I'm so embarrassed that I'm still sore. What makes it worse is that Gardy is barely sore. Which just shows how pathetic I am. SIGH.