Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Evening with Psych

{With James Roday.. or Shawn Spencer?}


I went to the Paley Center tonight to spend "An Evening with Psych." I came close to not being able to go, since tickets had sold out, but luckily for me one ticket-holder was unable to go and posted about it on the Psych forums. Tasha forwarded it to me and I contacted her and managed to buy her ticket. Yay!

Our host for the evening was the lovely Jimmi Simpson. He started off by letting Steve Franks have the podium. Steve introduced us to a gag reel and then we got to see "A Very Juliet Episode." I was really happy about this because, to be honest, I had not seen that episode before. So that was great for me :)

Then the cast and crew came out!

{The cast and crew, minus Jimmi Simpson (not pictured here)}

James Roday, "Shawn Spencer"
Dulé Hill, "Burton 'Gus' Guster"
Maggie Lawson, "Juliet O’Hara"
Timothy Omundson, "Carlton Lassiter"
Kirsten Nelson, "Karen Vick"
Steve Franks, Executive Producer/Writer
Chris Henze, Executive Producer
Kelly Kulchak, Executive Producer

Jimmi had a very laid-back approach to the Q&A and it was nice to see him interacting with the entire cast and crew. We learned more about the future for our beloved characters, how strongly Shawn feels for Gus, and how the actors played their characters. It was quite informative. Afterwards was a Q&A with the audience. And at the end? A mad rush of fans to the front to try to meet their celebrity crushes.

I was lucky enough to get pictures with almost everyone! Only Chris and Kelly escaped me. But don't worry, there will always be a next time! ;)

I'm ending with my picture with Kirsten Nelson because she is such a total sweetheart.

{I love Chief Vick}

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Chapter

{Celebrating my birthday with Annabel}

Ignore the pudge and layers of fat you can see in the picture above. Focus instead of Annabel. Look at how cute she is. Look at how I managed to fobbinise her, even if only for a moment. Look at the birthday cake and cupcakes that Judy made. That's right. I am loved.

I love my birthday. I love it because it's the one time every year that I get an outpouring of love from everyone in my life. I feel special. And I get a lot of free food. And gifts. What's there not to love? The number doesn't really bother me. I don't feel like I've suddenly gotten older. I mean, c'mon, even my own mother says I'm 80 years old inside. It's a lost cause there.

Anyway, my 25th birthday was spent in style. I had to go to work, but I went to work wearing my Hello Kitty tiara headband. Damn straight. And my coworkers got me Panda Express for lunch! With my favourite orange chicken. It's so delicious when it's fresh :D After work I met up with my mum and we opened up a life insurance account for me. Should I be worried about this since she'd benefit from it if I died? o.O She then treated me to dinner at Jin (can't find it on Yelp, strange). It was disappointing. Don't go there (SW corner of 6th and Kenmore in ktown).

{Posing with the Panda Express}

On Tuesday, I met up with Joyce after work and she treated me to dinner at The Golden State. I got their burger with sweet potato wedges, delicious. And ended the meal with two scoops of their brown bread gelato. I am a fan! We walked around a bit afterwards and then hung out at her apartment. Good times. Thanks Joycie! And on Thursday I went out with the AP team to Souplantation for lunch and Maricela treated me! Thanks chica :)


Friday was when I had dinner with P.Dan and his family. Annabel was so sweet--she made me a bunch of stuff for my birthday! And, of course, Judy was so sweet in baking all the yummies! We were actually celebrating two birthdays: it had been Priscilla's 10 month "birthday" the day before.

Yesterday was quite the eventful day. JoeMac treated me to a day at Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con! And he got me a birthday present on top of that. And bought me a present at the con (he paid for half of Absolute Watchmen). It was pretty nice--we got to see quite a few celebrities while we were there and there were a lot of cool things for us to look at (great comic artwork, cool movie cars, etc). (You can see pictures HERE). We then walked over to Downtown Disney for lunch and ate at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen (I chose this place because I had just watched The Princess and the Frog). It was pretty good! He treated me to a shot of mixed vodka (sweet and yum), shared mixed appetizer, and their Shrimp BLT Po-Boy. Delicious. Then we went back to the convention for one last look and saw this:

{Batman Flies}

So it was a pretty awesome day (thank you so much Joe!). I then read the entire Absolute Watchmen when I got home. Although there were a lot of extras, so I finished those today. LOVE WATCHMEN.

All in all, I'd say this new chapter of my life is off to a great start.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The End of a Quarter Century

{At LA Gun Club}

Tomorrow I will be turning 25. The end of a quarter century of the life of Esther Kim. Well, it's definitely ending on a happy note.

On Thursday, I went to Longo Toyota after work for their "new car owner" event. It was okay. My mum and I got free dinner. And they talked to us about good maintenance of our new Toyota vehicles. Not a bad night. On Friday my boss told me that I have approximately 2-4 weeks left before my assignment ends. It looks like I'm ending more than one chapter of my life soon! The company hosted a "Chats" in the afternoon and provided tacos and margaritas. Gotta love free food at work :) I came home and crashed, probably because I knew I had a busy weekend ahead!

On Saturday, I met Joy the Baker! That was a great morning. Afterwards my mum and I walked around Surfas--that place is awesome. The specialty food items are way too expensive for me, but I love that place anyway. My mum and I then ran errands in ktown and went to Curry Hyang for lunch since she read about them in the paper.

Today, Grace was so nice and brought me a tray of pastries for my birthday! It's my fault because I guilt tripped her about getting Jae a tray for her birthday ;P

Birthday Cakes 1
{Birthday Cakes!}

After service Grace, Jae, Debra, and Willi treated me to lunch at T.O.T. Thanks ladies! Jinwon showed up after lunch was over so I made her treat me to LA Gun Club. I am nothing if not a queen of guilt trips, kekeke. We then went to Genki Living afterwards for crepes. I got a crepe with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and bananas. And Jinwon treated again! She is so nice to me :) After that we came home and watched The Princess and the Frog together. Ummm, I love Disney and I am so glad they returned to handdrawn animation, but... this is not like our childhood movies. Voodoo is creepy. And the soundtrack was very disappointing. I want Alan Menken!!!

Nevertheless, I had a great weekend and am looking forward to a new chapter in my life!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Happy Easter

Peepshi 2
{I made Peepshi}

Today we had our Easter potluck at work. I made Peepshi. Jeanine's brother made fish ceviche, which was a huge hit. Fluffball brought tostada chips for it along with tabasco sauce. Duvien bought bruschetta bread and dip from Bristol Farms while Tim bought potato salad. Bristol Farms actually provided a lot of the food: HS bought salad, RT bought chicken, and CG bought apple pie. Meanwhile, Jonas made pasta and PA made Filipino friend rice. MR made corn, rice, and beef; AS brought sparkling cider; and KC brought cookies. And Ha brought cute dessert plates and homemade vanilla and strawberry cupcakes!

{My dessert plate}

Last Sunday I went with Gardy to another baking class at Williams-Sonoma: Pies & Tarts. Then I was off to church, where I went in MY NEW CAR! It was nervewracking driving on the 110S. Hate that freeway now. Anyway, so I helped out with the rest of 2nd service and attended 3rd service. Afterwards I had lunch at Curry House with Jinwon, Grace, and Rim. Good times :) That night my mum had her monthly church meeting, but she forgot to bring the birthday cake that she had bought from J.J. Bakery! So I brought it to work with me on Monday *^^* Last week was great since we got Friday off for Good Friday. So on Thursday Fluffball ordered us pizza and wings from Pizza Hut for lunch and sent us home at 5PM. And on Easter Sunday, my mum and I went to Corner Place for lunch after church. Yum!

I also watched a lot of TV this week. But I am still so behind! I also watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (again, no special features, ugh) and New York, I Love You. And I watched the miniseries that launched Battlestar Galactica! That's right, I'm finally starting that series. It must have a devoted cult following for a reason, and it has Jamie Bamber and Michael Trucco! Well, it has Michael Trucco starting season 2. How can I resist?