Monday, August 02, 2010

X Games 16

Even when I *know* when the Summer X Games is happening and is aware of it both before and during, I still miss out on it. Why was I so busy this weekend?! Ridiculous.

So I must console myself with looking at (some of) the highlights and reading articles about what happened. Lovely. Someday.. someday.. someday I will watch it live.

Brown wins second Skate Big Air gold
Pastrana wins seventh X Freestyle gold
-- Travis is just awesome. Awesome.
Cam Sinclair FMX Best Trick Gold
-- This is just amazing to watch because Cam almost died when he was practicing this trick. He ended up in a coma for a full week and had to relearn how to walk. And yet here he is, pulling this trick off!
Bestwick earns first BMX Vert four-peat
PLG makes it three
Daniel Dhers BMX Park Gold Medal Run
Sheckler wins third X Games gold
Pedro Barros wins Skateboard Park gold
-- He is only 15 years old! The youngest competitor there...
Reynolds goes three for three
-- Sweet run. Check it out.
Chad Kagy wins BMX Big Air Final
Tanner takes two
-- This was a bit sad to watch because Brian ended up getting disqualified when he makes a wrong turn :(
Pastrana wins X16 Speed & Style
-- Have I mentioned how much I love Travis? This was awesome. Especially the bit at the end with Nate *^^* You should definitely check it out :D