Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting Back to Normal

Last night was the March AHS Potluck. It was a slightly smaller gathering than usual, but still fun as always. And I made not one, but two dishes!

{Our entrées}

Our entrées consisted of my sour cream noodle bake and Elaine's pork fried rice and edamame. Helen bought split pea and ham soup from Fresh & Easy, but we all know I'm not a fan of anything involving peas. Although I did eat them in Elaine's fried rice. With ketchup! :P For dessert I made guava lemon cream cheese muffins. Helen brought strawberries, which complimented them nicely. Elaine also made pistachio pudding, but I obviously did not partake of it. Ew.

My ankle has definitely been getting better, but it's still pretty uncomfortable. For the most part it's okay if I'm just sitting, but today it gave me some grief even then. I'm so tired to limping around. It makes my other leg hurt -_- But I bought Bengay cream last Sunday and have been applying it twice a day, so hopefully my ankle will be back to normal soon.

Last Saturday I went to McD's with my mum to use one of our coupons. I got their crispy chicken club sandwich and I must say, it is not bad! I might get it again sometime. Impressive, McDonald's, impressive! I spent the rest of the day catching up on videos and articles that I was unable to watch/read while I was at "work." And then I napped because I was so tired. In addition to watching six TV episodes, I also napped on Sunday as well. I love taking naps.

Monday was exciting because I had a meeting with a HR recruiter and did some testing. She seemed pretty impressed with the results and promised to submit me to several different job openings. I am so grateful for her (she's already lined up two interviews for me this upcoming week)! Ran errands afterwards, which included paying my auto insurance. OUCH. In case it's not obvious to you, DON'T GET INTO AN ACCIDENT. You will pay for it for the next three years. Literally. And it's not fun. I watched He's Just Not That Into You that night. Guess what? I'm just not that into that movie. End of story.

And I baked on Tuesday! It was so exciting because 1. I was baking, 2. I was baking a cake and I've never baked a cake before, and 3. I was using my new springform pan! I made THIS. Crystal picked up a couple slices that night and I gave a couple slices to Duvien the next day. We went to Elite Restaurant for dimsum with Ha. It was my first time going to a dimsum place where they didn't have the carts going around. I liked it! It was much easier to just look through their menu (which thankfully had pictures) and check off the list which items we wanted. It was a bit pricier but I enjoyed it.

Apart from baking on three different occasions this past week (loved it!), this week was a lot of organisation. Going through my files. Organising my room. And oh my goodness, I finally filed my taxes! I went to Income Tax Express on Friday and it is finally done and over. I paid more than I expected to pay this year, but that's my fault since I procrastinated so much. But they were really nice and helpful and I'm getting more monies back than last year so I can't complain. And for the first time ever it was e-filed so I'm getting monies direct deposited! I am so excited for that. Is that really lame of me?

Yesterday I had lunch at McDonald's to use up our last coupon. Good times. And today, in addition to blogging, I also updated my food blog's look! So go over and check it out~ :)

{Group picture!}

Friday, March 18, 2011

Say No to Boredom

I'm free!

Today was the last day of my temp assignment. The company and people were great, but it just wasn't for me. It could be because this past week was apparently really slow for them, but I was bored out of my mind and couldn't handle it. But the past week or so hasn't been bad at all.

So last Friday was my first day there. I got the tour and introduction, bought a pesto chicken caprese sandwich for lunch, and drove back home after work and went to bed early.

Saturday was my mum's birthday! Happy birthday mama! We unfortunately had to start the morning off at Wells Fargo because I got more letters regarding my credit and home loan application. What is going on?! The lady I spoke with promised to look into it and contact me later. It turns out it had to do with this home buyer class that my mum attended. Oh mother.. *shakes head* Afterwards we went to my mum's friend's house to check out her renovations. And then I took my mum to Maria's Italian Kitchen for dinner. It was an interesting experience. Was a bit disappointed with them. But my mum enjoyed her food and that's what is important.

Did you remember to turn your clocks forward on Sunday? A lot of people missed first service because they forgot. But not me! :P

Monday was day #2 of my temp assignment. After work I went to Target, bought milk for dinner, and headed over to Christina's. We watched House with Ron as we all ate cereal for dinner. And on Tuesday we watched Glee and Raising Hope together. And we shared the bed at night. Thanks wifey for sharing your bed with me ;)

On Wednesday I went to Target to buy supplies/beverages/snacks for the office. It was great getting out of the office. And they cut me my check just a couple hours later! Awesome. I also finished reading the manhwa Archlord. So temping was good for something. I rushed home afterwards to have dinner with Gardy and Keri. We got In-N-Out and hung out at my house. And had Keri's coffee creme brulee for dessert. Yum! Thanks Keri!

Yesterday was St. Patty's Day! Did you know that the original colour for St. Patrick is blue? So I celebrated wearing my blue sweater. After work I picked up Christina and Melody and we went to Overland Café for dinner. I got their grilled portobello mushroom sandwich, except I had the mushroom replaced with chicken. On paper, it sounded great. In reality, not so much. The sweet potato fries that I ordered were also a bit disappointing. Soggy and not very flavourful. But it was still a good meal nonetheless. And Christina treated me to a glass of White Zinfandel. Which actually isn't white. But pretty! Thanks again wifey :) After dinner we walked to Scoops. I got one scoop brown-brown bread and one scoop green white chocolate. Delicious! Very good night :)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
{Grilled Chicken Sandwich}

Today was great since it was my last day of temping and now I'm back at home! Today was not great because I twisted my ankle this morning and have been in pain for most of the day. Strangely enough, my ankle was fine for about three hours. It didn't start hurting until around noon. So I iced it while I was at work and now I have a Bengay patch on it. Hopefully this gets better soon...

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Coffee Jelly
{Coffee Jelly}

I used my Le Arbre Groupon today with Jinwon. I loved their Coffee Jelly when I went there the first time, but now.. not so much. Everything there has gone downhill in terms of taste and quality. I blame it on the fact that Elaine is no longer there. She was the magical touch ;) So long Le Arbre. It was nice knowing you.

Afterwards I went over to play with Annabel! I brought Cilla these tiny hair pins and she looked so adorable with them :) I also brought (Korean) Micky Mouse puzzles for Annabel and we spent the rest of the day doing them together. And for dinner Judy made us Vietnamese spring rolls. Healthy and delicious~ So today was a very good day.

The past week has seen a lot happen. On Saturday, I went to Wells Fargo because I received a letter with my credit score and a note "for the home loan applicant." I never applied for a home loan. WTF? It said it was prepared for Wells Fargo, so I asked them about it. They said they don't know anything about it and there's nothing in my account about a home loan. They opened up a fraud investigation for me and so I left. I had breakfast at McDonald's with my mum before we headed to Koreatown Plaza for their semiannual sale.

Kiehl's hadn't been working out for me so I went to Amore to see if they had any options for me. Turns out that there are several lines within the Laniege line so I bought the skin care regimen that followed the one that I had been previously using. Hopefully this one works out. The new bakery also opened up on the first floor and they sell the popsicles that my aunt used to buy me in Korea! I was feeling nolstagic (and thirsty) so I bought one for me and my mum. Yum! We also won a couple things later: my mum won a $5 gift certificate to the bookstore and I won a package of microwaveable rice. Later we went to the mall and I found this cute chick salt & pepper set at Hallmark. So my mum bought it :)

Sunday was Young Nak Presbyterian Church's 38th anniversary so we got free food! Afterwards I went to the Borders in Pasadena since I knew they would be closing. Wow, it was MAYHEM there. The whole store was 25-50% off and everything was a mess. Shelves were empty, most books were not in the right section, a lot of the books were damaged since no one was taking care of them, etc. I ended up buying a cookbook and a CD and left after a couple of hours. I wanted to buy a couple more books, but it turned out that even after the applied discount they were still cheaper on Amazon. Listening to the CD made me nolstagic so I watched Lady and the Tramp that night. Love my childhood Disney movies~

Monday was just gym and errands. On Tuesday I met up with Duvien, Rene and Ha at our mall's food court. I got Hot Dog on a Stick, of course. It was great hanging out with them and catching up. Good times. And at night I watched The International. Meh.

Yesterday was crazy. I had an interview scheduled in the morning, but that's also when hotel reservations were opening through SDCC! So my mum drove me to my interview while I tried to reserve a hotel over the phone. FAIL. I ended up submitting a form through my BB, but later I found out I submitted a blank form. Oops. Thank goodness Gardy was able to successfully do it on her end. After the interview, my mum treated me to lunch at Chosun Galbee. Meh. We then went to the dentist for my cleaning. Success! In and out in under 20 minutes and no pain or complaints. WHEWT. Now I only need to go every 6 months. So happy! I also finally got my front teeth whitened. Dude, laser whitening is so expensive. But my mum couldn't stand looking at my stained teeth any more. It's definitely gotten a lot better so yay :) Apparently it's going to continue to whiten for a week so hopefully my teeth will look even better next week. And now I'm paranoid about staining them so I'm brushing my teeth after every meal.

Tomorrow I start a temp assignment through Ultimate Staffing. We shall see how that goes...

Friday, March 04, 2011

Searching for God Knows What

I finished reading Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller today.

BRILLIANT BOOK. I love Donald Miller's mind. The way he sees things, interprets things, analyses things.. it's amazing. I know I haven't shared any passages from this book before, but it's hard to really lift any of them out of the context of the rest of the book. For example, below is one passage that I wanted to share while I was reading:

"And then I started thinking about my own life, how I need people to love me and like me and how, if they don't, I feel miserable and sad and how I am tempted to believe what they are saying about me is true. It is as though the voice God used to have has been taken up by less credible voices. And when I think about this I know that Genesis 3 is true; I know without a doubt I am a person who is wired so that something outside myself tells me who I am. I am not trying to say I have some kind of terrible dysfunction or anything, it's just that other people's opinions, after the Fall, have become very important, and if everybody says that Saab cars are cool, then I want a Saab car, and if people say that a certain kind of music is cool, then I am more likely to listen to that kind of music. And all this made me realize that the alien was right, and that Adam and Eve had it a great deal better before they ate the fruit." (pg. 95)

Isn't it a great passage? It is so true. But why does he mention an alien? Well, you'll find out when you read the book. He shows us a couple different, yet similar, ways in which to interpret humanity/life/the world and it's really eye-opening. It's all been right here in front of us the entire time, but I never really thought about things this way. Near the end of the book he presents Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in a way that was mind-blowing to me. Maybe not to everyone else, but to me it was whoa. The whole book is like that. He takes everyday life and reveals the truth behind it, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I highly recommend it.

I'm tempted to continue on my Donald Miller reading journey, but I think it's time to also give some other books I have a chance. So the next time I go to the gym, I will be bringing The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning with me.

Quite a Productive Week

I have done a lot this week. I saved money on car insurance (but not with Geico), cooked meals, read a book, used Amazon's VOD for the first time, visited Tasha, watched a movie, went to the gym, and watched a decent amount of TV.

Since it's been almost a year since I bought my new car (can you believe it?!), it's time to renew my auto insurance. I received the documents in the mail and wow, it was still pretty high! I mean, it's less than half what I paid last year, but c'mon. Two accidents are now off my record so.. I had issues with the amount I was being charged. So I headed over to the local AAA office on Monday with my mum and met with an insurance agent. Who was SO unhelpful. And told us to go to the claims department. They were a bit frustrating at first but finally became helpful. But we had to go back down to the insurance department. Thankfully the agent we met with this time was so much nicer than the first one. It turns out that AAA put down my accident last year as 2 points when it should have been 1. My 100% trust in AAA has been slightly shattered. I still love them, but.. now I will always question prices. So they fixed it so it's 1 point, which saved me some buckaroos. Then I told them that I was laid off my major commute job, so my annual mileage will be a lot lower. The guy said I would need to bring in my car so they can verify mileage so I said I would and we parted ways.

So on Tuesday I brought my car in. He took a picture of my odometer and I thought that would be it. But no, apparently they needed a service receipt that showed previous mileage. So we had to call Longo Toyota and have them fax over my latest receipt. Which brought me down to one bracket lower in mileage. So combined with yesterday, I saved almost $300. Which is a lot!!! Thank goodness I questioned the amount. This goes to show you should always verify that you are being charged the correct amount. I am also going to bring my car back in 30 days so that my annual mileage will be even lower and I can save more monies, yay.

On Monday I also attempted to make pasta rosa. I *love* pasta rosa whenever I get it in restaurants and I figured I could just recreate it at home. But.. it wasn't great. I think part of the reason why is because my mum forced me to use old spaghetti noodles she found in a cupboard somewhere. I don't like spaghetti noodles so.. yeah. Next time I will use penne and hopefully that works better. I did try to liven it up with chicken and sundried tomatoes. It's okay. I eat it for lunch every day with pickles. Not bad. Monday was also when I received The Twits in the mail (through The Twits is my favourite Roald Dahl book so I immediately started and finished it in one reading (it's short). Good times. I also realised that my $5 credit for Amazon's Video-on-Demand would expire that night so I used it to buy three Psych episodes. Thanks Tasha for your help in which episodes I should buy :)

{Dinner at Tasha's}

On Tuesday, after saving monies at AAA, I headed down to Irvine to visit Tasha. Her mum had visited her the previous week and made food for me! She made aloo tamatar and muli paratha and we ate that for dinner along with cabbage (bongobi)/apple side that Tasha made. Delicious! And we watched Prince of Persia. Jake was only shirtless in one scene so that was disappointing. But because we went in with such low expectations, we both thought the movie was not bad. Low expectations are great. The next day I ate cinnamon muffins that Tasha's mum made for breakfast. Delicious! A great cook and and awesome baker. I wish to be like Tasha's mum. We had lunch at Corner Bakery and then I came back home.

I went to the gym three times this week. I am getting frustrated with my progress because I'm consistently going to the gym 2-3x/week and I try to burn around 400 calories per visit, but nothing seems to be happening. I have been stuck at the same weight this entire time! I am grateful that I'm not gaining weight, but seeing as I'm eating less at home and going to the gym, I feel like I should be losing weight. But I am stuck. It's very frustrating.