Monday, June 20, 2011

Joyous Weekend

{Doing the A-Clap}

This was a jam-packed weekend! But before I get to all the events from this weekend, let's go back and review the week...

On Tuesday, like I mentioned before, I had lunch with a few EAs at work. Then I had dinner with Judy and the girls since it was Priscilla's birthday. I can't believe she's two years old! She is so adorable. I completely forgot to bring Priscilla's birthday present so I went back on Wednesday and had dinner with them again. I love them so much ♥

{Happy Birthday Cilla!}

A colleague also treated us to lunch on Wednesday. We went to Gindi Thai, which is a Japanese/Thai fusion restaurant. Yum! Got treated to Starbucks afterwards as well. And then later at work we had a surprise bridal shower for Cynthia. With cake! So much food...

Roll Sweet California 2
{Sweet California Roll from Gindi Thai}

I ate at the ** Cafeteria again on Thursday with Alex, Andy, and Duvien. And then that evening--my family from Korea arrived! It was so good to see them again after two years. And my aunt looks pretty good, considering. It was quite a happy reunion. Filled with gifts, kekeke.

Friday was our first "EA Lunch". Not a lot of people showed up, but a decent number. It was nice hanging out with other EAs and getting to know them a little bit better.

Then came this weekend. My aunt's 70th birthday is tomorrow, so we celebrated with lunch on Saturday (since that was literally the only time I had) with my family and a couple of family friends at Shogun. I'm so glad that my aunt is here and that she is (relatively) healthy and in good condition :)

{Happy Birthday to my aunt!}

Later on Saturday was Cynthia's wedding! It was at our church and I hung out with Jae and Debra the entire time, as well as a few coworkers who also attended. The reception was downstairs, and Cynthia and Sam did a great job of making the place look really nice. It was a beautiful wedding and reception, albeit very quick. It started at 3PM (also technically it started around 3:30PM) and we were out by 6:30PM. So I went home and had dinner with my family. And my aunt gave me one of her birthday gifts since she knew I would like it :D

{With the beautiful bride, Cynthia}

Yesterday I drove to Emily's house where I met up with Mandy and Lina. Emily drove us all up to Newark, CA where she had booked us a hotel to stay at. Emily was quite the trooper--she drove the entire time. We stopped a couple times, once to eat lunch at Jack in the Box and once to get gas at Casa de Diesel. While we were getting ready, Maria joined us in our hotel room. It was great seeing her again. And then we all headed over to Ariana's wedding reception, where we met up with Tasha, her mum, and her cousin. The wedding reception was really nice! The venue was great, Ariana and Imad looked amazing in their outfits, and wow, Indonesian weddings are pretty spectacular. We had delicious appetisers as well as a great Indian buffet, and the wedding cake wasn't bad either.

{With the beautiful bride, Ariana}

Today we had complimentary breakfast at the hotel before we left. Mandy drove a bit and then Emily took over for the rest of the drive. We stopped by Casa de Fruta on the way and I had a complimentary wine tasting there ;) We then went to McD's for lunch. Man, the ride down was pretty hot! The car showed that it was 100+ degrees outside the entire ride down. I didn't even drive on the way down, but by the time I got home, I was exhausted! So I took a nap. So glad I took today off from work :D

This was some weekend. Congratulations to Cynthia&Samuel and Ariana&Imad on your marriages! I'm so happy for you ♥

Monday, June 13, 2011


I've been pigging out a lot lately. At work there's always some sort of free food, which I always take advantage of, and then at night I continue with the pigging out.

This past Tuesday I had dinner at Messob with Christina, Abby, Lois, and Tiffany Chin to celebrate! We each had something to celebrate: Christina and I both have new jobs, Abby graduated from law school, Tiffany just finished her second final exam, and Lois had her birthday (and a new job too). It was a great night--full of delicious food, yummy wine, great conversation, and many laughs. I love you ladies!

Honey Wine 1
{Honey Wine (with Tiffany in the bg}

Yesterday I went to ktown plaza with my mum and we had donkatsu in the food court. The serving size has always been big, but now it is GINORMOUS. We almost died trying to finish all the food.

In addition to pigging out, I've also been watching a lot of TV and movies. On Monday I watched Young@Heart. And in the past week I've watched 10 episodes of TV.

I've also been busy organising the house. And my room. Returning items to Lowe's and Home Depot since our house renovation is now on hold with my family coming from Korea soon. Our house looks a lot different now from the inside and I love it. Change can be good sometimes. Very refreshing :)

But sometimes it's good to return to something familiar. I've been feeling frustrated at work since I never get to see most of the people that I talk to and email with. I'm not used to working for a company with thousands and thousands of employees scattered across a huge studio lot and in various different buildings. Since both of my bosses are out of the country on a business trip, I don't need to be chained to my desk the entire work day. So I decided that I would bake a small token of appreciation for all the EAs that I work with and distribute them, giving me a chance to finally meet them face-to-face.

So yesterday I baked. Martha Stewart's Cookies & Cream Cheesecakes. (I must say, it felt so good to bake something again. I miss baking.) Something I've made on several occasions before, except this time with a slightly different flair. I garnished them with crushed Oreos and then added an arts&crafts twist. I cut out "circles" to put on toothpicks and I wrote each EA's name on one. I am not talented in anything arts-y or crafts-y so this took a long time last night. But I think it was worth it.

I braved the heat today and spent almost three hours going from building to building, getting lost down various hallways, to meet almost 2 dozen EAs. A few were out of the office and a couple weren't at their desk, so I plan to do this again someday in the future. But it was so nice to finally get to meet these people that I harrass on a daily basis and show them my appreciation for their cooperation and kindness.

{Personalised cheesecakes}

Everyone was really touched by my gesture. I'm going out with a couple of the EAs tomorrow for lunch, and on Friday we're going to have our first large EA gathering at lunch! Things are looking up :)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Life Changes

A lot has happened in the past week. I entered into my second month of employment at **. A colleague retired. A close friend had a bridal shower. The remodeling on my mum's bathroom was finally finished. Chapters closing, new chapters beginning.

Last Monday was a total coach potato day, except for the fact that I wasn't sitting on a coach. I watched 10 episodes of TV. I got my oval table back from Joyce. And I watched La Femme Nikita, finally.

On Tuesday I had lunch with my HR recruiter. I love her. Without her, I would have never gotten employed. THANK YOU. Lady#2 gave me a red velvet cupcake from Porto's. Yum. Then I spent the night pigging out on food and drinks with Christina. Such a great night. Thank you Yelp Elite! (Although, my glasses did break that night, so not everything was sunshine and roses. Sigh.)

Wednesday was my colleague's retirement party. She had been with ** for 10 years. That is so great--I hope I can stay with ** long enough to retire someday. And on Friday I drove down to Irvine after work to stay with Tasha. She gave me my birthday present: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog--the Book! Thank you Tasha! We went to Berkeley Dog for dinner. That was fun :)

Yesterday was Ariana's bridal shower! We had appetizers, games, Mad Libs, delicious food, and more. It was a great bridal shower with such a lovely and sexy bride ;)

{Sexy LibrAriana}

Tasha and I went to dinner at CPK afterwards and I found out that another friend of mine got engaged! CONGRATULATIONS JOYCE ♥

I drove back last night. And do you know what I did this morning? I took a shower in my mum's newly renovated bathroom! YAY :D

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Havana Nights at La Descarga LA Elite Event

{Christina and I enjoying our first Yelp Elite event}

Last night I attended my very first Yelp Elite event! I brought Christina as my date and we had a blast ;)

The night started off at her BF's apartment, where we loaned each other clothes to wear to the Cuban-themed event. She drove us to La Descarga where we stood in lines and got our names checked at the door. We walked in through their cool secret entrance and immediately ordered drinks. We had the Starr Daquiri first but later moved on to the Starr Stealers, which we preferred.

Starr Daquiri
{Our Starr Daquiris}

We also met several really nice Yelpers there, which I thought was so cool! Usually when you go out you just stick to your friends, but these Yelp events really bring people together. Christina and I met up with a couple of other Arcadians, and we actually continued the night with them after the event at Alcove Café & Bakery. There Christina and I both ordered Amore Tea (organic white tea with roses, lavender and mint) and shared the cinnamon apple bread pudding. Yum.

Cinnamon Apple Bread Pudding
{Our order at Alcove}

What a great night!

{Christina and I with Patrick and Jenn at Alcove}