Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SDCC 2011

I have survived Comic-Con! Well, barely... for the first time, I fell victim to the "Comic-Con Sickness" and got sick after I came back. Probably because I was on the exhibit floor a lot more this year, which meant I spent a lot more time and energy fighting people, and I came back to work immediately after several days with little sleep. Lovely... and now I can't breathe because I'm so congested. But nothing will keep me from blogging!

So last Wednesday, I finished packing and worked for a few hours before meeting up with Gardy and heading down to San Diego. Of course, before I did that, I had Gardy take a group picture of me with my family. They'll be going back to Korea while I'm in SD so it was a sad goodbye. But down we went to San Diego, picked up our badges, and then met the guy who's condo we would be crashing out. It was a pretty nice bachelor pad. We then spent the rest of the night figuring out our plan of attack for the Con.

Thursday started off at Ballroom 20 for the Burn Notice panel. I put up a quick recap with notes on my blog afterwards. Then it was time for Covert Affairs, followed by my beloved Psych. I also put up a post about the Psych panel with notes for you to enjoy. Then was the Ringer panel; I combined my notes on Covert Affairs and Ringer for one post. After the panel we went to the fulfillment room (got tickets from Psych and Ringer) and then walked around the exhibit floor, which was pretty cool. I even got a picture with James Frain!

Friday was an early morning and started off in Hall H for The Adventures of Tin-Tin panel with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. That was really cool, especially since Andy Serkis made a surprise appearance! After that, since the Bones panel was cancelled, we headed to Room 6BCF for the Green Lantern panel, which had surprise guest Conan O'Brien. He was so funny and entertaining. That was followed by the Falling Skies panel and the Marvel TV Presents: Anime on G4 panel (where we saw a preview of X-Men and Blade as well as watched an episode of Wolverine, voiced by Milo Ventimiglia) before it was finally time for my beloved Spartacus: Vengeance panel! Afterwards we went to the fulfillment room, and guess who we ran into on our way back?! Jon Huertas! He was super nice and took a picture with me ^^ I also managed to get a picture with Grant Bowler. Yay for pictures with celebrities! We checked out Crunch Time afterwards, which unfortunately did not meet our expectations.

Saturday was also an early morning and started off in Ballroom 20 for Chuck's farewell panel. I meant to post about this panel but never got around to it. All those notes... for nothing. It was such a good panel though. We got to see Jeffster's music video for "Eye of the Tiger" as well as Joshua Gomez' "flash face" and learn more about the show's final season. TVLine did a more detailed recap that you can read here. Then I went to wait in line for the Community panel, only to find out 2+ hours later that it was to no avail. So I went to go wait in the Hall H line... only to find that there was no line and I could just stroll into the current panel. I guess there's a first for everything! Which meant I saw about half of the Immortals panel before it was the Knights of Badassdom panel. While I didn't get into the Community panel, I still got to see Danny Pudi, which was cool. And my beloved Ryan Kwanten and Peter Dinklage. It was a fun panel and I really look forward to seeing that movie when it is released. Then after checking out the exhibit floor for a bit, I went to Room 6A for the Grimm panel. While the show looks good, I am somewhat traumatised from watching that pilot in a pitch-black room and don't think I'll be watching the show -_- After some more time on the exhibit floor, I met up with Gardy and we went back to the condo. Then we went to the Marriott Tiki Bar for a TOKYOPOP reunion, which was nice. On the way back we passed by the SyFy party and saw Manu Bennett giving interviews outside.

For our last day at SDCC, Gardy and I started off the morning finishing off our packing. Then we went to the Castle panel in Room 6BCF. This was another panel that I meant to blog about, but basically we got a lot of juicy tidbits for the upcoming season and got to see a lot of cuteness between the cast members. Then we walked the floor for a bit, where I was lucky enough to run into and get a picture with Joss Whedon! Then we headed to Hall H for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which was basically a warm-up for my beloved Sons of Anarchy panel! I was very happy to see that Charlie Hunnam cut his hair, and it's because his character went to prison and he wanted to be authentic. That was our last panel of the day, so after a quick goodbye to the exhibit floor we headed back to the condo, packed up our things, and gave the keys back to the owner. It was quite a successful Comic-Con, although I think Gardy might have become permanently traumatised :P For dinner we went to Hash House A Go Go, where we had a delicious meal after a very long wait, and then we drove back home.

Yesterday I went back to work, which was good because I had so much to catch up on, but bad because now I'm sick. Boo hiss. Oh well, I'm very happy with this year's Comic-Con and celebrity pictures! ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SDCC 2011: Covert Affairs + Ringer Panels

Since I didn't take too many notes on either panel, I've combined my notes on the Covert Affairs and Ringer panels into one post.

Ballroom 20, 11:15-12:15 Covert Affairs
For the first time, TV's sexiest spy show, USA Network's
Covert Affairs, comes to Comic-Con! Spend some time with stars Piper Perabo (Annie Walker), Christopher Gorham (Auggie Anderson), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Jai Wilcox), Kari Matchett (Joan Campbell), Anne Dudek (Danielle), and Peter Gallagher (Arthur Campbell). Executive producers Doug Liman, Chris Ord, Matt Corman, and Dave Bartis also join the panel, moderated by the one-and-only Oded Fehr. Fans will get an insider's look into the action-packed world of Covert Affairs. Besides having questions answered about the exciting current season, fans will view exclusive video content featuring a sneak peek at upcoming episodes. There will also be surprise giveaways for audience members!

Moderated by: Oded Fehr
Panel (from right to left): Chris Ord, Matt Corman, Doug Liman, Piper Perabo, Chris Gorham, Anne Dudek, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Kari Matchett, Peter Gallagher

I missed the video at the beginning to stand in the uber-long line for the loo, but I came back into the panel just after the cast introductions so I was there for the actual panel part.

-- Auggie is partially based on a friend of Matt Corman's
-- Santiago Cabrera (Heroes) will be in the next episode that they are about to shoot
-- Memorable Quote: "You know what I'm proud of? That they used my eyebrows on the Comic-Con poster." --Peter Gallagher
-- They had us search for a "spy" among the attendees. The person sitting to the left and right of her received a free iPad.
-- Oded kept on making comments throughout the panel about Chris Gorham (his six-pack, his body, etc). Such love ;)

Ballroom 20, 1:45-2:45 Ringer
Sarah Michelle Gellar makes her highly anticipated television return in the gripping new thriller
Ringer, as a woman who, after witnessing a murder, goes on the run, hiding out by assuming the life of her wealthy identical twin--only to learn that her sister's seemingly idyllic life is just as complicated and dangerous as the one she's trying to leave behind. Be the first to see an exclusive sneak peek at the new series about family secrets and stolen identities, followed by a panel discussion with series stars Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four), Nestor Carbonell (Lost, The Dark Knight), Kristoffer Polaha (Life Unexpected), executive producer Pam Veasey (CSI:NY), and co-executive producers Nicole Snyder (Supernatural) and Eric Charmelo (Supernatural).

Moderated by: Kristen Baldwin from EW.com
Panel (from left to right): Pam Veasey, Ioan Gruffudd, Nestor Carbonell, Sarah Michelle Geller, Kristoffer Polaha, Nicole Snyder, Eric Charmelo

-- Ioan (37 years old) had never heard of the CW before this
-- Ioan is excited to be wearing modern clothes and play a present-day character
-- Kristoffer actually met Sarah Michelle Geller over a decade ago, when he auditioned for the part of Riley in BtVS. That was his very first professional "gig." The part was down to either Marc Blucas or him, and they went with Marc Blucas. (Can you imagine what it would have been like if they chose Kristoffer?)

Watch with Kristin also did a recap of the panel if you would like more info:
Ringer Scoop From Comic-Con! Sarah Michelle Gellar Comes Home

SDCC 2011: USA Network Panels: Psych


Ballroom 20, 12:30-1:30 Psych
Calling all Psych-o's! USA Network's
Psych is back at Comic-Con with another hilarious panel featuring the stars and producers behind one of cable's most popular shows. Moderated by Psych's resident morgue-dweller and fan favorite, Woody the Coroner (acclaimed actor Kurt Fuller), the one-hour panel will be full of surprises and face-time with series stars James Roday (Shawn Spencer), Dulé Hill (Burton "Gus" Guster), Maggie Lawson (Juliet O'Hara), Tim Omundson (Carlton Lassiter), Kirsten Nelson (Chief Karen Vick), and Corbin Bernsen (Henry Spencer). Joining the cast are Steve Franks (creator and executive producer), Kelly Kulchak(executive producer) and Chris Henze (executive producer). The cast and creative team will share secrets and stories from the set as well as answer questions about the show. Expect exclusive videos, surprise giveaways, live performances, and an extended preview of Season 6 episodes screened only for Comic-Con fans!

{Dule Hill, James Roday, and Steve Franks}

Moderator: Kurt Fuller
Panel (from left to right): Timothy Omundson, Kirsten Nelson, Corbin Bernsen, Maggie Lawson, Dulé Hill, James Roday, Steve Franks, Kelly Kulchak, Chris Henze

Their Awesome Intro Video: {embedded below}
Comic-Con 2011: William Shatner Surprises 'Psych' Fans With Special Message (Exclusive Video)

They then showed us a preview of Season 6. One scene that everyone loved starred Danny Glover, with his famous "I'm too old for this sh*t" line. They also showed a scene afterwards from the upcoming season, with Shawn taking a lie detector test with Lassie. It's sweet because he blurts out that he loves Juliet. But then Lassie asks the key question: "Are you psychic?" As Shawn looks at everyone in the room (Lassie, Gus, Henry, and Juliet), Gus takes off his SBPD consultant ID and replaces it with his Central Coast Pharmaceuticals ID. As Shawn continues to debate what to do, Henry tells him that "you have to answer this one." But before he does, the clip ends.

{Corbin Bernsen, Maggie Lawson, and Dulé Hill}


-- Lassie hates Shawn, and yet has an odd affection for him. He knows that Shawn has a very good "batting record" for solving cases.
-- Juliet has always believed that Shawn is psychic.
-- The musical episode will be the Season 7 premiere. Dulé will tap dance in it.
-- At one point during the fan Q&A, Dulé was so busy tweeting that he didn't hear the question and made the fan repeat it.
-- The cast is always trying to crack up whoever is on camera at the moment. Dulé is definitely the biggest prankster. Henry always tries to block Dulé's entrance into scenes.
-- There will be no serial killer this season. However, something creepy and shocking will happen at the end of the season.
-- They would like to bring Freddie Prinze Jr. back if his schedule works out.
-- When asked about joining Twitter, James said that it would happen "when the time is right and the planets align and there is a lunar and solar eclipse."
-- Dulé is really excited about Twitter. On seeing Dulé's excitement, Maggie noted, "You have problems, Dulé." He replied, "This I know."
-- Henry's testing of Shawn stopped after his divorce and Shawn moves out.
-- James' favourite scene was when Shawn was Chad.
-- Steve's wife was in the panel audience, as was his mum (who was attending Comic-Con for the very first time)
-- Dulé said that the psych-outs started when he and James made a song during the pilot episode. He and James then sang "Stuck on You"
-- Kirsten was asked what her dream case would be if she was on CSI Miami. After jokingly saying that CSI Miami isn't the "real CSI," Kirsten proceeded to tell a very detailed beginning to a case, only to back out in the end and say she had no idea.
-- They joked that we would see Chief Vick's husband this season, and it would be Pitbull.
-- During the Q&A, Kirsten kept on saying inappropriate words and was called out for using such language around children :P

{Timothy Omundson, Kirsten Nelson, and Corbin Bernsen}

Memorable Quotes

-- "The first time Corbin and I worked together, we still had hair." --Kurt Fuller
-- "The Mentalist may have more fans, but we have the best fans." --James Roday
-- "Shawn and Gus complete each other." --Steve Franks

(They gave everyone who asked a question a free DVD. I got in line to ask a question, but I was too late and was turned away.)

Q: What does Gus find most annoying about Shawn?
A: Shawn stealing his credit card.

Q: How has Juliet's relationship with Lassie changed now that she's dating Shawn?
A: Juliet has Shawn as #1 in her life, but Lassie remains #1 at work.

Q: If there is one Psych episode that you can put in a time capsule and blast into space, what would it be?
A: Timothy: "This Episode Sucks" (upcoming vampire episode)
Kirsten: "Game, Set... Muuurder?"
Corbin: the upcoming Hangover episode
Maggie: "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast"
Dulé: "American Duos"
James: "Dual Spires"
Steve: "Indiana Shawn & the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger" (which they will start shooting on Monday, featuring the return of Despereaux)
Kelly: "Pilot"
Chris: tie between "Pilot" and "Dual Spires"
Kurt: the upcoming Hangover episode

Q: What is your favorite Gus alias?
A: Dulé: Silly Pants Jackson
Timothy: Gee Buttersnaps
Kelly: Nick Nack

Q: What happened to the two Easter eggs that Henry hid six feet under? Will Shawn ever find them?
A: Corbin doesn't remember anything about this. Steve mentioned that they were under corrugated steel, and that was the hint, but then they questioned whether Henry actually hid Easter eggs or just said that he did.

Q: Who is Steve's favourite character to write for?
A: While Lassie is his favourite character to write for, Shawn is definitely the easiest.

At the very end of the panel they showed a music video promo for the next season: Exclusive: Watch the New Psych Music Video for "Don't You (Forget About Me)"

SDCC 2011: USA Network Panels: Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe

Ballroom 20, 10:00-11:00 Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe
For fans of USA's hit series Burn Notice who've always wanted to know what happened before Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) teamed up with Michael Weston and Fiona, Comic-Con attendees are invited inside the USA made-for-TV movie
Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, debuting on DVD exclusively at Comic-Con! The Burn Notice prequel chronicles what turned out to be the last military mission of former U.S. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Axe and the expedition that took him from the jungles of Colombia to sunny Miami Beach. Go one-on-one with Bruce Campbell, star of Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, and Burn Notice creator, writer, and executive producer, Matt Nix.

-- Shot in Columbia because Fox TV Productions had a relationship with a Columbian studio (from previous projects)
-- This is the largest production that a Columbia crew has done there in their history
-- They were unable to import gunpowder so they had to use propane
-- Bruce had a police escort everywhere, even when he went into a tanning salon :P
-- Bruce was in a t-shirt for the entire shoot, even though it was freezing, so Matt said that they used to say "el gringo es macho" about him in Columbia
-- Matt watched a lot of EVIL DEAD movies in his youth
-- Matt now hears Bruce's voice in his head
-- Jeffrey won't be able to attend SDCC until Matt writes him out of an episode of Burn Notice
-- In Guadalajara, Bruce was pulled over for a ticket and offered the police officer his fine and asked the police officer to pass it to the judge for him--aka "extortion." It happened twice. But his Spanish is still not very good.
-- They want to explore Fiona's backstory at some point. It will happen a bit within the TV show, but they would love to do it through a movie (like Sam). However, this is up to Fox TV Studios.

Matt Nix: Sam is the "best older brother there ever was"
-- Sam is very sincere, straight-forward, and cares for everyone
-- VS. Michael Weston, who is more conflicted and struggles with his dark side

Bogota is at a very high altitude, which led to a tragic story, which they filmed a documentary for: THE FALL OF JEFFREY DONOVAN
-- They showed us clips from the documentary (or should I say "mockumentary"), which is included in the DVD

Bruce reenacted the time when Jeffrey Donovan brought up his interest in directing the movie (including a hilarious reenactment of Jeffrey's "death stare") in addition to an example of Jeffrey directing.

Bruce passed out (well, tossed into the crowd) t-shirts (as well as the Burn Notice tote bag that it came in) along with DVDs.


Q: Did Bruce Campbell talk to Navy Seals to prep for his role?
A: "I did two things to prepare for the role of Sam Axe: jack and shit." --Bruce Campbell
(Matt clarified that he and the writers did consult with Navy Seals for the show)

Q: How did Matt come up with the premise for Burn Notice?
A: Matt has always been interested in espionage. Not so much seeing spies running around the world, but "spies as people."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It has been so nice to spend time with my family these past few weeks. So two Wednesdays ago I met up with Jinwon after work and we had dinner at Carmine's in Arcadia. I like the Arcadia one so much more than the South Pasadena one and we had a very delicious dinner with wonderful sweet wine. On Thursday I went shopping at Nordstrom Rack after work and on Friday our team went to McCormicks for lunch for our intern's birthday. When I got home, I finished packing and then my mum, my aunt, and I drove to Capistrano Beach for a mini one night vacation! We checked out Dana Point on Saturday and then had lunch at the House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer. Afterwards we checked out Wyland Galleries and I bought a pretty dolphin ring. Then after checking out the beach and going to Fashion Island, we headed on home. On Sunday I took my aunt to lunch at Pho 87 and then for dinner our entire family went to Carmine's to celebrate my cousin's 15th wedding anniversary. Monday and Tuesday were spent working and watching TV, and on Wednesday I met up with Keri, Gardy, and Gardy's sister after work to celebrate Keri's birthday with dinner at Mike & Anne's.

{Happy Birthday Keri!}

On Thursday I met up with Judy after work for dinner at Corner Bakery and then we watched Something Borrowed at Regency Theatres. On Friday I was pleasantly surprised at work by BANOFFEE PIE! My boss felt bad that he didn't bring me back any from his UK business trip so he had his friend bring me some--yay! SO GOOD. And after work my cousin bought strawberry pie from Marie Callendar's and it was delicious. On Saturday I ran errands with the family and we had lunch at Costco before going shopping. And on Sunday I had lunch at Young King with my mum and aunt after church before we did even more shopping. We ended the night with dinner at my cousin's apartment. Yesterday Christina and Ron came over after work so that she could try some of EAT's delicious banoffee pie. She was hooked ;) And today I had lunch with a couple ladies from WOW (a women's group at **) since I will be the new co-director of communications. Now it's time to pack since I'm heading down to SD for Comic-Con tomorrow!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Will Follow

Our praise team introduced this song last week. I love this song. I pray that these lyrics will be true of my life...

Chris Tomlin, "I Will Follow"

Where you go, I'll go
Where you stay, I'll stay
When you move, I'll move
I will follow...

All your ways are good
All your ways are sure
I will trust in you alone
Higher than my sight
High above my life
I will trust in you alone

Where you go, I'll go
Where you stay, I'll stay
When you move, I'll move
I will follow you
Who you love, I'll love
How you serve, I'll serve
If this life I lose, I will follow you
I will follow you

Light unto the world
Light unto my life
I will live for you alone
You're the one I seek
Knowing I will find
All I need in you alone, in you alone

Where you go, I'll go
Where you stay, I'll stay
When you move, I'll move
I will follow you
Who you love, I'll love
How you serve, I'll serve
If this life I lose, I will follow you
I will follow you

In you there's life everlasting
In you there's freedom for my soul
In you there's joy, unending joy
and I will follow

Where you go, I'll go
Where you stay, I'll stay
When you move, I'll move
I will follow you
Who you love, I'll love
How you serve, I'll serve
If this life I lose, I will follow you
I will follow you

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Can you believe it's already July?

So two Tuesdays ago I went back to work, and my bosses were back! They didn't get me banoffee pie, but I did get some nice UK gifts nonetheless. After work my family went to Din Tai Fung to celebrate my aunt's 69th birthday! We continued the celebrations at home with cake from JJ Bakery and wine from Trader Joe's :) On Wednesday I met up with Christina after work and we went to a Yelp Elite event. There was a lot of fun and Yelp swag, we took fun photobooth pictures, and got to hang out with Jennifer and Patrick again. A very fun night! A recap can be found on the Yelp blog here. Thursday was a quiet day and on Friday I met up with Gardy and Keri after work and we went to 38 Degrees Ale House for dinner. Good times :)

{Happy Birthday Auntie!}

On Saturday I took my car in to Longo for oil change and maintenance, and then I had lunch with my mum, aunt, and my aunt's friend at Noda Sushi. Then I took advantage of my insurance and went to Italee for new glasses; unfortunately, they're still expensive even with insurance -_- Later on in the day I met up with Crystal and we went to Carmela's for some delicious strawberry buttermilk and brown sugar vanilla bean ice cream. On Sunday the whole family went to Corner Place for lunch and then we had BBQ for dinner. Monday started off with a breakfast potluck at work so I brought in doughnuts from Winchells. After work I met up with Dena and we had dinner at Corkbar. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent working and watching TV, and on Thursday our team went out to lunch at McCormick's and Schmicks. And then in the afternoon we had our departmental quarterly birthday celebration, so my name was also on the cake! ^^

Friday was a short day because of the holiday weekend, so I stopped by Porto's after work and grabbed a bunch of delicious pastries for me and the fam. We had another BBQ at my cousin's apartment in the evening, which was really nice. On Saturday I had a downtown fun day with my mum and aunt. We went to Pershing Square, checked out California Plaza, walked through Grand Central Market, and checked out the Bradbury Building. After all that fun, we picked up my new glasses and had lunch at Tonkatsu House before running some errands on our way home. Yesterday I had my last Pathways class after church and then we went to IKEA for lunch. Today I slept in and then we had In-N-Out for lunch. I love holidays :)