Saturday, September 10, 2011


So I have done several Firsts these past two weeks. First of all, on a negative note, last Tuesday I found ants in my cubicle at work. How disgusting! So on Wednesday I brought my mum's laptop to work so I could work from a different cubicle. I think my work got the point since they exterminated the ants on Tuesday night, thank goodness. On Tuesday I had our monthly EA Luncheon and on Wednesday I went out to lunch with three of the department EAs to Choza Mama. It was a good meal. And since the upcoming Monday was Labor Day, we got to leave early on Friday! And to make things even better, Lorraine brought in cupcakes for everyone. Yay! On Saturday I ran errands with my mum all day and then met up with Christina, Ron, Derek, Abby, and Tiffany in the evening for dinner at Chapter One: the Modern Local. Afterwards we went and saw Into the Woods at the Mysterium.

On Sunday we got Carnitas at church and then my mum and I ran errands. At night I went over to P.Dan and Judy's place for dinner, which was really nice. Since I had Monday off of work, I refused to get out of bed until late morning. Spent the rest of the day relaxing at home and watching TV :D But then I had to go into work early on Tuesday, but I got yummy food from work the next day. Thursday morning was a bit frustrating because I went to my gynie... only to find out that they changed my appointment to the next day without telling me. Thanks a lot guys -_- So I went back yesterday morning; thankfully I loved my gynie so much that I gave her five stars on Yelp! For lunch our team went out to the Commissary for lunch to welcome a new colleague, which was nice. And after work, I met up with Vicky and we went to the LA County Fair--another first for me! It was fun, but not as fun as I thought it would be. I still want to check out the OC County Fair... that looks like more fun! :P But I am so glad that I got to try a fried Oreo because it is DELICIOUS. So good!

{Fried Oreos are the best thing ever}

Today my mum and I went to Koreatown Plaza for their semi-annual sale. Bought several items there and then hit up a couple other places before coming back home. And on the way home we stopped at Whole Foods where I bought my first pair of TOMS! Yay, I am prepared for SDCC next year ;) Earlier this evening I went over to Yousef's apartment for his housewarming party/BBQ with other former MS-ers. It was really good seeing everyone and eating good food :)