Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Did you guys dress up today? I did not :P

So four Saturdays ago my mum and I managed to snag a free toilet thanks to the Upper SGV Municipal Water District. We waited for two hours in line to get that toilet, but we probably would not have even gotten one if it wasn't for Keri's mum who let us join her in line. Thanks Keri's mum! Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with lunch at Costco and then I napped at home. In the evening I met up with Jessica, Diana, and Annie at Cobras & Matadors for Jessica's birthday dinner. The dinner was pretty good, but what made me really excited was that James Murray was also having dinner there! I exercised a lot of self control in order to not disturb his dinner :P Afterwards we went to Cafe Scent for dessert and drinks. On Sunday our church was having their annual Share Fest so we all got food from that. After a quick nap at home I picked up Judy from LAX and we had dinner at BCD.

The following week was pretty quiet except for a workshop that we held at work. And on Friday I was able to go on a post-production sound stage tour courtesy of BE. That was really cool :D And after work my mum and I got In-N-Out for dinner. Yay! On Saturday I got to move back into my room and I had internet again, yay! To celebrate I had Starbucks and McDonald's for lunch (and dinner). Yum! On Sunday my mum and I went to ktown and we had lunch at Corner Place before running errands. And on Tuesday the contractors completely finished with the house. YAY!!! To celebrate, my mum and I had dinner at Acapulco. On Wednesday I went to the dentist, on Thursday I attended an informational seminar on our health benefits, and on Friday I went to a Yelp Elite event in Atwater Village with Christina. It was cool because we got subs from Giamela's, drinks, crepes from Revo Cafe, and free Yelp sunglasses. We even did a tarot card reading--my first one! AND Christina asked me to be her maid of honour :D On Saturday my mum and I ran on errands for house stuff and on Sunday I took the first shower of my life in my new bathroom! SO EXCITING.

Last week was pretty quiet apart from the fact that Christina got engaged! (Yes, she asked me to be her MOH before she had a ring on her finger :P) I also attended my first WOW panel on Thursday. And on Friday we had another EA Luncheon with free cheesecakes provided by the Pacific Cheesecake Company. Delicious! On Saturday I treated my mum to lunch at Young King before we ran errands in ktown. And in the evening was our AHS potluck! This time it was at Christina's house so we all got to check out her new bling ;) I made Devilish Eggs and brought them over. Our other dishes were: Mummy Dogs + Pumpkin Ale (Rachel), Bloody Meatloaf (Christina F), Crisp Tomato, Zucchini, and Eggplant Bread Gratin with Garlic + Bread/Guacamole (Jessica), Slashed Potatoes + Monster Turkey Legs (Christina C), and Pumpkin Soup (Abby). And for dessert we had: Chocolate Red Wine Cake with Whipped Cream (Crystal), Ghost Cupcakes (Abby), and Autumn Apple Cheesecake + Milk Pie (Tiffany). So much delicious food! Yesterday I got my flu shot at church and then ran more errands with my mum before taking a nap at home. Today several people brought in food to work so that was great, and my boss even gave me a pumpkin-scented candle as a Halloween gift o.O

Friday, October 07, 2011

Yelp Elite Events!

Since I last blogged, I have attended two separate Yelp Elite events. It is good to be Elite! ;)

So four Sundays ago, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we had a special sermon at church and I brought a bunch of Porto's for church staff/volunteers. After some errands I met up with Joyce and Richard at Bun Bun Tea House, where she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I am so honoured Joycie! The week was pretty quiet but on Friday I had lunch with several EAs at Studio Plaza which was nice. On Saturday I ran some more errands with my mum before attending a cool Alien-themed Yelp Elite event in Sherman Oaks. I couldn't be bothered to write a review for it (I'm such a horrible Elite) so you can read the official recap here if you want. I was there with Christina, Ron, and Melody and we had a lot of fun and good drinks. And this event was special since it was my first time meeting my Community Manager Katie B! And afterwards Melody and I had dinner at Yong Dong Soondubu. Good times :)

On Sunday Krystal kindly treated me to ddukbokgi and kimbab. Love our church food! And on Monday I went to the screening on lot during lunch for our upcoming TV season. We had an all-hands meeting on Tuesday and I ended up staying late scheduling meetings. Thursday was cool because we had a Health & Wellness Fair at work with free food. You know I love anything free ;) AND Mario Lopez was there to speak to us! Does that count as a celebrity sighting? :P On Friday someone brought Krispy Kreme doughnuts into work so of course I had one. And then Rene stopped by to say hi and hang out which was really nice :) Saturday was sleeping in, errands, and watching TV... and more of the same on Sunday. Last week was pretty quiet, until Friday when we had our EA Luncheon. I spent most of Saturday prepping for our upcoming house renovation and then met Crystal and Joyce for dinner at Savoy Kitchen. T'was delicious! And for dessert we went to Phoenix down the street. On Sunday I went over to Judy's after church and played with the kiddies. They are so cute!

Our house renovation started on Monday, which meant no more internet. Sadness! But Crystal made me feel better by taking me to Mother Moo Creamery. And on Tuesday I met up with Jinwon after work and got dinner at Chipotle. Then we watched Captain America at Regency Theatres. And guess what I did after work yesterday? That's right--went to a Yelp Elite event! This one was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood and I went with Christina, Melody, Abby, and Jessica. And surprise surprise, I didn't write a review for it -_- Afterwards we went to McDonald's for some more food before calling it a night. And today we had fun at work because the EAs and I had a little colouring party! It's important to encourage your inner child ;)