Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your November has been treating you well. I am very thankful for my family, friends, and colleagues.

So four Wednesdays ago I found out about a change that will be happening at work. My male boss is transferring to a different department (same division though) and will be taking me with him. So that will be interesting! Our team went out to lunch that day as well at the Cafeteria, and we checked out the annual Animation Sale in the courtyard afterwards. And lo and behold, who do I see? Tim Matheson! My work week ended with my working a couple hours OT, but my mum and I had a nice day on Saturday running errands, which included having lunch at IKEA. I was not able to find what I wanted at the Burbank IKEA, however, so on Sunday my mum and I went to the one in Covina. I got a filing cabinet there, which we spent the rest of the day assembling. On Monday I met up with Gardy after work at Cloverleaf, which unfortunately was not a positive experience thanks to their nutty pastries. I started off Tuesday at the dentist, and ended the day with Christina and Lois at Urth Caffe for Wedding Planning Session #1. That was thankfully a much more positive dining experience. And afterwards we went to Ahmanson to watch Bring It On: The Musical! That was a lot more fun than I had expected it to be and we had a great time :)

On Wednesday I met up with Williana and Grace after work for a delicious dinner at Carmine's. And afterwards we got dessert at Phoenix. On Thursday I went to the employee screening of J. Edgar after work, and on Friday I received some bad news about my aunt at work. Thank goodness my bosses weren't in the office... After work my spirits were lifted though since I went over to P.Dan and Judy's place to celebrate Daniel's birthday. I love that family ♥ To end my week of constant eating out, I met up with Jinwon Saturday evening and we had dinner at Juicy Burger before going to see "Celebrity with James Roday" at iO West Theater. It was such a hilarious show and I spotted Brad Raider, Michael Westen, and TJ Thyne in the audience! Cool beans :) The celebrity sightings continued on Monday when I spotted Ian Wolterstorff on the lot during lunch. Unfortunately none of that mattered on Tuesday when I went to the dentist for a root canal. I went to work afterwards, which was a mistake, because the painkillers wore off and I wanted to die. Thankfully my boss was really nice and let me go home early. But that week confirmed for me that my body no longer likes codeine since I was nauseous the whole time. Sadness. Ended the work week with our EA Thanksgiving potluck. Yum! And after work I picked up Nancy from LAX and we had dinner with Adalon at Happy Garden.

{Happy Birthday Daniel!}

On Saturday we went to lunch with Crystal at King Taco while my car was being servied at Longo. Afterwards Crystal left and then Nancy and I went to 85C Bakery in Hacienda Heights where I tried their sea salt coffee for the first time. It's pretty good! Then we went to Class 302 in Rowland Heights and tried their mango mochi snow. DELICIOUS! Then we killed some time at the mall before meeting up with Adalon at his house. He brought us Phil's BBQ ribs from San Diego. Nice! On Sunday we met up with Joyce and Crystal after church for lunch at Young King. And then we went to Cafe Scent for dessert. Then the three of them went off for dinner while I came home (Nancy was staying with Joyce for the night). So on Monday I met up with Nancy and Joyce for dinner at Versailles. I took Tuesday off from work so I could play with Nancy all day. We went all around Pasadena and then had In-N-Out for lunch. And Nancy made galbi jjim for dinner! She is a better Korean than I am :P Afterwards we went to AMC to watch The Immortals since it had looked decent at the SDCC panel. Mistake! It was so bad and disturbing. Regret! Yesterday was a short day at work so Nancy and I went to Costco and Pavillions ‌in the afternoon to buy food for Thanksgiving dinner. Joyce came over for a little bit to hang out, and then Nancy and I met up with Adalon, Mark, and Crystal for dinner at Hong Yei. We spent the rest of the night at Adalon's house playing board games. Good times :)

Today I slept in, had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and am going to spend the rest of the evening watching Friends on TV. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!