Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Oops it's been over a month since my last blogging! What can I say... the holidays are a hectic time! Be prepared for a long post...

So let me rewind to Black Friday... I did all my shopping online on Amazon, and then had lunch with Nancy at Orochon Ramen. After exploring Little Tokyo, we went to Koreatown and then the Getty Center. Afterwards we met up with Joyce for a lovely dinner at Furaibo before I dropped Nancy off at LAX. Saturday was a day of catching up on TV and then on Sunday my mum and I had lunch at Ichima Sushi before going to the mall to buy some stuff. On Monday I had a WOW lunch meeting and on Tuesday I met up with Gardy after work for dinner at Carmine's. How I love that place... On the last day of November, I was so tired that I went to bed before 8PM. And then was rudely awakened at 1:30PM by the cold! Why? Because our power was out thanks to the windpocalypse! All of Arcadia and the surrounding cities lost their power. Craziness. Burbank seemed okay for the most part though, but I still took Friday off as a floating holiday (not because of the power outage :P). Thankfully our power came back around 9:30AM on Friday--we were one of the lucky ones. I have friends who were without power for a full week. Anyway, I drove down to Irvine to hang out with Natasha! We had lunch at Sharky's and then had dinner with Sara at BJ's.

{Miss you Nancy!}

On Saturday we had lunch at Mozambique, which serves South African cuisine, and it was quite delicious. Afterwards we did some karaoke before checking out 85C Bakery. Then we went to South Coast Plaza to have dinner with several of Tasha's friends at Nello Cucina. I had pumpkin ravioli, which sadly turned out to be quite bland and disappointing. Headed back up to LA on Sunday so that I could go to church, and Krystal treated me to nachos from Carnitas, yum! On Monday I went into work early because I had to stop by the DMV first; it turns out I lost my driver's license at some point in the past week and needed a replacement! On Tuesday I had lunch with Suzanne and Barbara at the Cafeteria and we checked out IMPACT's dessert event--they had candy, mini cupcakes, and shaved ice :) And on Wednesday I met up with Christina after work to attend Yelp's holiday party. It was a disappointing one, but Christina was wonderful company and we still managed to have some fun.

On Friday our team got a special department screening of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. That was a lot of fun. And after work I met up with Gardy and Keri for dinner and drinks at Lucky Baldwin's. It was a pretty disappointing experience. But Saturday was a lot of fun because our church host team went bowling. I did pretty decently the first two games but then completely died in the third game :P And in the afternoon I met up with Jinwon and we tried out for the "Wicked" lottery at Pantages. We didn't win, but we did get deeply discounted tickets so that still counts, right? ;) Before we went to go see the musical (for my third time!), we had dinner at Juicy Burger again. On Sunday I met up with Christina, Abby, and Lois after church for another wedding planning session, this time at Four Leaf. Afterwards I went over to P.Dan and Judy's place to play with the kids since Judy was out and Daniel was sick. On Tuesday we had our All-BRG Holiday Party after work at Ramsey's at the Club, which was really nice. Unfortunately I started to feel sick by Wednesday, but that didn't stop me from attending my soon-to-be-department's Christmas lunch party with my boss. It was also his birthday so I got him a cake from Ralphs... but he also got me presents from his trip to Paris! Yay for presents :)

Two Saturdays ago was our AHS Potluck! This time we had it at Crystal's house, and my mum provided my dish: babyback ribs. Yum! Our other food was: Onion Tart (Crystal), Tomato/Roasted Pepper Bisque with Rustic Bread (Rachel), Mini "Christmas" Pizzas (Christina F), Cornbread (Tiffany), and Meatloaf with Egg + Cheesy Sausage Balls (Christina C). Our desserts were: Tiramisu Ladyfinder Sandwiches (Abby), Apple Buttermilk Custard Pie (Tiffany), Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Jason), and Strawberry Cardamom Cake (Christina C). Yum! By Sunday, however, I had completely lost my voice... but I still went to church and then ktown with my mum afterwards. I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off as sick days to try to recover, but it was hard to get any rest when I couldn't stop coughing -_- Went into work on Wednesday since that would be my final day of work for the year! I got so many presents from my coworkers; I felt so loved *^^*

On Thursday my mum took me to LAX bright and early, where I flew United to SFO. I boarded my plane for Korea... but then things started to go wrong. Boarded at 10:30AM for a flight that was suppsoed to depart at 11AM. We were told there was something wrong with the pilot oxygen levels and left on the plane until 2PM, when they said they legally couldn't keep us on the plane anymore. But then by this point they also couldn't legally keep the flight crew. So we were stuck at SFO with a broken plane and no flight crew, but they kept on telling us to wait 30-60 minutes for... something. A decision? Another flight? In the end, we were stuck at the airport until we were finally able to depart at 8:30PM, a full 9.5 hours after we were supposed to. To make matters worse, they published the wrong arrival time on their website, so my cousin was still at home when I arrived in Korea (around 2AM). But he finally picked me up at 3:40AM and I was in bed by 5AM. What a long day! (And this, ladies and gentleman, is why I hate United.) But Saturday was a lovely day; I got to hang out with my cousin and his family and their lovely doggies all day until we went to my older aunt's house for dinner, where I got to meet up with another cousin and her family. Yay for mini family reunions! And on Christmas Sunday, I got to hang out with my cousin-in-law's family and then we went out for Christmas dinner. Happy Christmas! :D

By Monday morning my mum had arrived in Korea as well so we met up with her at my older aunt's house. And then Seonah Unni picked us up and took us to the hospital to see my younger aunt. That was a tearful traumatic visit... Anyway, afterwards my mum and I went shopping, both for myself and for my bosses. Then I met up with Andy Oppa and Geumae Unni for dinner at Seven Springs, which was like a really fancy version of Souplantation. On Tuesday I again went to my older aunt's house (where my mum was staying) and Seonah Unni took us to the hospital again. Afterwards, my mum got to see my younger aunt's apartment and then Andy Oppa's house before we had dinner at my older aunt's house again. After getting all our luggage together on Wednesday morning, we went to the hospital for our final visit with my younger aunt. I know I speak of it pretty lightly here, but all three visits were really painful and it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to her. I can't even think about it too long or else I'll start crying again... After having lunch at Lotte Plaza, my mum and I went to the airport to come back to LA. What a trip...

{My last day in Korea, and the only picture I have from my trip}

On Thursday I met up with Joyce and Nancy (yep, she's back!) for lunch at King Taco before we hung out at the mall. And yesterday was my potluck with my Young Nak friends. I made my signature broccoli cheese casserole, of course, along with mashed potatoes, and my mum also provided us with kimbab and inarisushi. We also had: Blueberries/Brie/Crackers (Annie), Homemade Short Ribs (Diana), Cooked Cauliflower + Chips/Guacamole (Jessica), and Raspberry White Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, courtesy of Jinwon. After a delicious dinner, we had a lovely gift exchange and a nail polish session before everyone left around 1-2AM. Thankfully I was able to sleep in today, but tonight will be busy again since it's NYE! Keri and Gardy are coming over for dinner and NYE celebrating so that should be fun and delicious ;) Hope you all have a lovely NYE! Happy 2012!