Sunday, February 26, 2012

Say No to Cake

This weekend was chock-full of cake and, PLEASE, no more cake! It's true you can OD on the stuff...

So last Tuesday, the pigging out continued as Kathy treated me to lunch at Kim's Kitchen in Glendale. Then at night I worked out with Christina and spent the rest of the night chatting and wedding planning. On Wednesday I went to the dentist and got a small cavity filled. Ugh when will my teeth problems end :( Then on Thursday I went to a panel at work regarding a charity campaign that ** started. Those were the highlights of the week... and then we got to this weekend. Yesterday started off with a wedding dress appointment for Christina at David's Bridal. We found a great Vera Wang dress for her but we're going to keep on dress shopping just in case there's an even better one out there. Then started the series of cake tastings... Our first mistake was starting off at Porto's. They gave us eight different slices to taste. And THEN we got lunch there! What were we thinking?! We were so naiive...

Then we drove over to Brenthood to get to our cake tasting at SusieCakes. We had a wonderful experience there, but we still had several more to go! So then on to Rosebud Cakes in Beverly Hills. Which was a complete disappointment, especially in contrast to SusieCakes! Then we ended our day with a cake tasting at Susina Bakery. By that time we were almost comatose from all the sweet cakes, but the coordinator that we met with was so understanding. She gave us a complimentary cup of tomato basil soup since we were craving something salty from all the sweets we had consumed! That was delicious. And then she gave us two huge slices of cake and we almost died -_- The cake was good, but we still felt that we liked SusieCakes the best. We had one more cake tasting to go, but I couldn't find time on Saturday so it was scheduled for the next day.

{Love that they even gave us milk!}

So today Christina picked me up after church and we headed to NancyKay's Confections in LA. She is by-appointment only and it seems like they just rent out an office space on Sundays for consultations. She gave us 10 slices (wow!). She was great and the cakes tasted good, but it was just too pricey for Christina. So SusieCakes it is! Then, as if we hadn't been fatty enough this weekend, we went to The Hat for lunch. I got the pastrami dip and we shared chili cheese fries. OMG way too much food... but thanks Christina for treating! Then we went dress shopping but didn't find anything good. I came home afterwards and watched the red carpet and opening act of the Oscars before Joyce and Richard came over so I can try on some more bridesmaids dresses... may have found the one that we're going with from Kohl's! And now, like most nights, I will end this night by watching TV. And I am not going to eat cake for a very long time... just thinking about cake makes me feel sick now -_-

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day

Yay for not having to work today! Hope the rest of you are just as lucky :)

Last Monday I went over to Judy & Daniel's after work to celebrate Annabel's birthday with the fam. Had a delicious dinner and dessert with them. On Tuesday (Valentine's Day!) I went over to Christina's house to return her DSLR. We were supposed to workout as well but we ended up wedding planning instead. Then on Wednesday I treated Grace Y. to dinner at Souplantation since her birthday was the day before. It was nice to hang out with her and catch up. And then on Thursday my former boss treated me to lunch at Smoke House. It was my first time there and boy is their garlic cheese bread delicious! Then Joyce came over after work to have me try on some potential bridesmaids dresses... they didn't work out so we will try again another time! And then on Friday... guess where I went back to? For the Record: Baz Lurhmann!!! I went with Gardy for my third and final time (for this current show), and of course I made sure that my favourite Von Smith was performing! And I recorded a few performances this time (with Gardy's help), which you can see on my YouTube page (I also embedded my favourite below).

Yesterday I got some Carnitas while I was at church and then my mum and I went to the shopping mall to get me an outfit for an Yelp Elite event the same day. Met up with Abby and off we were to A Golden Elite Affair at the Capital Grille! We had a really great time there and then we went to Loehmann's afterwards. Today I am proud to say that I didn't get out of bed until after noon :P Went back to the mall to do some more shopping, ran errands, and now I'm planning to spend the rest of my day off watching TV.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

#1 Crush

I said in my last post that I would be going back to see For the Record: Baz Luhrmann again and I wasn't kidding. I went back last night. SO GOOD. (FYI, "#1 Crush" is one of the songs they sing for Romeo & Juliet.) But let me get to that later...

So last Monday and Tuesday I was pretty busy at work since I was facilitating a workshop. Attended a WOW panel on Tuesday on social media, that was pretty interesting. On Wednesday I had lunch at Raffi's Place with the team since it was Dan's last week with us. Thursday I had training on purchasing cards and reconciling (so fun -_-). But on Friday my boss took us out for drinks at El Torito so that was nice. Last Saturday I ran errands with my mum and then went to church at night for Vision Night. On Sunday we went to Koreatown after church for lunch and groceries and then I met up with Gardy and we went to CMC to do location scouting for Joyce & Richard's engagement photoshoot (will mention again later). Afterwards we had dinner with Keri and Katie at Dog Haus Biergarten. Yum!

{We made Katie pose with the logo}

Then I was sick on Monday, probably because I spent a lot of time with Gardy on Sunday and she was sick. But that didn't stop me from attending a Yelp Elite event on Tuesday! It was in Monrovia so that was really convenient and I carpooled with Abby. Fun times! On Wednesday Gardy and I worked on props for the upcoming engagement shoot and on Thursday Jinwon came over to ** (with In-N-Out!) so that we could attend the employee screening of The Artist. It was really good, but for some reason it made me really want to watch Singin' in the Rain. I was still sick though so I ended up taking off Friday morning from work because I couldn't handle it and then I came in for the latter half of the day. But no sickness was going to keep me from celebrating Crystal's birthday! We had dinner at The Park and there was 11 of us total.

{Happy Birthday Crystal! ♥}

Yesterday I went with Lorraine to do the vintage/craft fair in Silver Lake. I brought three bags of stuff to sell but alas we did not have a good crowd. I managed to sell a couple of earrings and that was it :/ But then in the evening Jinwon and I went to go see FTR: Baz Luhrmann! I was sad to see that my favourite cast members from last time weren't performing, but this cast was good too! And Dionne Gipson was in the cast and she was AMAZING. She blew both of us completely away with her voice! I must come back again~ Then today after church I met up with Gardy, Joyce, and Richard for lunch at Euro Cafe. And then it was time for their engagement photoshoot! We went to different spots at the Claremont Colleges but unfortunately there was no sun so the lighting was horrible. That and I completely suck at photography :( Hopefully we can Photoshop these pictures to look better! (Big thanks to Christina btw for letting me use her dslr!) The goal is to use these pictures for their save-the-date... so keep tuned to see if that happens!