Sunday, March 25, 2012


A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks. Read on to find out what...

So the Monday before last, 3/12/12, was my mum's birthday! She decided that she wanted to try out Claim Jumper since we had a gift card and we've never been. And it always has long lines outside, so it must be good, right? No. You can read my Yelp review to find out why but we're never going back. Then on Tuesday I went to HH at El Torito after work to celebrate Barbara's birthday. We were joined by Suzanne, Scott, and Ray (first time meeting him) and since it was karaoke night, of course Barb sang for us! Good times :) On Thursday I helped out with one of our department's "brown bag lunch series" meetings and this month's topic was UltraViolet. Pretty interesting and I learned a lot. And then I went to lunch on Friday with Barb and Thora at Avon Grill on the lot which was nice. And in the evening I met up with Gardy and Keri at Starbucks after dinner to chat and catch up. Always nice to hang out with friends.

{Me, Barb, Ray, and Suzanne}

On Saturday (St. Patty's Day!) I was supposed to go to WonderCon but I decided not to when I woke up to rain. You know how I feel about driving in the rain -_- So I ended up just staying home and organising some stuff and watching TV. And later that day Joyce came over and we finally decided on the bridesmaid dress! On Sunday I went to church and finished reading Me Talk Pretty One Day while waiting for my mum. Then we had lunch at Panda Express and ran some errands before coming home. I finally baked and made Mint Oreo Cheesecakes which was fun. And this past Monday I passed them out at work! They were a hit :) On Tuesday I went over to Christina's in the evening to exercise and we tried out some yoga video. Meh. And then on Wednesday I went to RadioShack and finally switched carriers and phones! My mum and I are now on Virgin Mobile, which uses the Sprint network. It's not a great network, but it's pre-paid and therefore a lot cheaper. It took a while for our numbers to port over, but my mum now has a (ghetto) "dumb" phone and I now have a LG Optimus Slider. Which was a lot more exciting then but now it's kind of not so great :/ On Friday I worked out at home by myself but took it easy since Christina wasn't there to push me :P But to make up for it I went to the gym on Friday!

Yesterday I took my car to Longo to get an oil change but then it turned out I needed to change my brake fluid, my fuel injector fluid, and my brakes. Lovely. But it was a good day because my mum took me to 85C Bakery in Hacienda Heights and... I CUT MY HAIR!!! Yep, that's right, I cut my hair for the first time in YEARS. Cut over over an entire foot, actually, since I'm going to be donating my hair (will mail it in tomorrow). I went to J's Studio per Christina's recommendation and chopped off over 12 inches! To be donated to Locks of Love :) Then we ran more errands and Jinwon came over in the evening to watch a movie... which we never ended up doing since we were so busy talking and catching up on each other's lives. Today I had church and Krystal treated me to kimbab and ddukbokgi, yum. Took a nap afterwards since I was so tired... I can't believe Sunday is almost over now!

{Before and After}

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy DST!

Hope you all remembered to set your clocks forward last night!

Last Monday I went out for Old Town Pasadena's Happy Hour Week with Abby and Elaine. We tried out Equator and it was pretty cool; they have HH until close on Mondays through Thursdays! On Tuesday I met up with Elaine again to go to some seminar thingy for her work, it was boring but a little interesting I guess to see what she is currently doing. On Thursday I got to go on a tour of DC Entertainment during lunch thanks to some really cool people there so that was awesome. Their office is really nice! And then in the evening I met up with Elaine (again!) and Christina to go to a Yelp Elite event at Pantages Theatre. A lot of food, drinks, freebies, and photoboothing! Pretty awesome :)

Friday was Suzanne's birthday so there was a party at her house. I got to attend and it was great eating yummy food and meeting her cool friends and family. Happy Birthday Suzanne!

Yesterday my mum and I ran errands in Koreatown before I came home and made Avocado, Cream cheese, and Salsa-stuffed Puff Pastries. Then it was time for our March Potluck! The theme was Mexican/Latin-American. For entrees we had: Cumin Rice/Veggies (CHRON), Mexican-style Chopped Salad (Abby), Mexican Lasagna/Quesadillas (Crystal), Chips/Pico de Gallo (Candace), Quesadillas (Marvin), Enchiladas (Elaine), Pork/Chicken/Rice/Plantains (Derek), and Peruvian Chicken (Helen). Rachel provided the drinks with tequila and two kinds of sangria. And for dessert we had: Horchata Cupcakes (Tiffany), Flan (CHRON), Kahlua Cake (Crystal), and Banana Marscapone Cake (Candace). Delicious! Today at church Krystal and I ate Carnitas' fries with everything. I am such a piggie :P Read some of Me Talk Pretty One Day and now it's time to watch TV.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Celebrity Stalker FAIL

So I learned today that I suck at stalking celebrities. My Spidey sense has left me and I am also out of practice. Boo hiss. But what a week it has been!

On Monday my boss brought me a bunch of goodies from his business trip and then I got to go to lunch with my former boss and her current EA at Smoke House. I tried to be healthier this time and ordered salad :P On Tuesday Gardy and I went to Joy the Baker's book signing at Vroman's in Pasadena. I bought one of the last copies of her cookbook that they had, listened to Joy speak for a bit and do a Q&A, and then I got in line for her book signing. She was really nice and even took a picture with me, although because my camera is ghetto it turned out really blurry. Afterwards we tried out The Habit for dinner. It was pretty decent but too expensive for us to visit again. I will stay loyal to In-N-Out! Wednesday was leap day; pretty cool so I went out to HH to celebrate with Suzanne and Barb (they will really take any excuse to go to HH). We went to The Red Door for the first time, a pretty cool venue but I didn't have the best experience so probably won't go back.

And now it's March! Christina and I checked out Marylinn's Couture Bridal in Pasadena for a final round of dress shopping. And what do you know--she ended up finding her dream dress here! Yay Christina! :) On Friday I met up with Gardy and Keri at Starbucks after dinner so we could chat and catch up. Then yesterday morning was uber stressful because it was registration for SDCC!!! But it was actually a lot better than previous years; a little over an hour after it started and I had four 1-day passes (they were sold out of the 4-day by the time I got in but it's basically the same time) for both myself and Gardy. Woot woot! After running errands with my mum, I was on FB when I saw that Selina had a ticket to PaleyFest's Once Upon A Time panel to give away for free! I immediately snatched it up of course :D And then it was off to Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park with Abby, Christina, Ron, Tiffany, Derek, and Jessica. It was cheesy but a lot of fun and I'm glad we went.

And then today, after church, where did I go? PALEYFEST 2012: ONCE UPON A TIME PANEL!!! Thanks to Selina I had a free ticket so paying $10 hurt a lot less than usual. I didn't get there as early as I would have liked since I had church in the morning, but I still got a pretty decent seat. We got to watch episode 14 and the first part of the following episode before the cast and crew came out for the moderated panel and audience Q&A. Matt Mitovich from was the moderator and the panel consisted of (from left to right from the audience perspective): Jennifer Morrison (Emma), Josh Dallas (David/Charming), Ginnifer Goodwin (Mary Margaret/Snow White), Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (creators and exec producers), Steve Pearlman (exec producer), Lana Parrilla (Regina/Evil Queen), Robert Carlyle (Gold/Rumplestiltskin), and Raphael Sbarge (Archie/Jiminy). I didn't take notes this time on the panel, but TVLine has a quick summary of it here. After the panel was over, of course there was a mad rush to the stage! Historically I've managed to get everyone's autographs, but this time I missed getting them from Steve Pearlman and Robert Carlyle. Not so upset about Steve but I am sad about missing out on Gold. I love him! I did manage to get a picture with Jennifer, but I really wanted to get one with Josh and I was just not able with all these people pushing against me! I went outside to see if I could find out where they would exit, but I couldn't figure it out so I gave up and called Gardy heartbroken. And then when I was leaving, I found out that the exit was on the other side of the street! And everyone who knew was able to get pictures and autographs with Jennifer, Ginnifer, Josh, and Robert! I had just missed them. CELEBRITY STALKER FAIL!!! Depressed, I came home and took a nap. I feel better now.. while I now suck at getting autographs and pictures, I am grateful for the ones that I did end up getting and I am also very grateful that I got the chance to go to this. Thanks again Selina!