Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

The past two weeks have been full of great times spent with friends and family as well as plentiful eating of delicious food. Man I love my birthday! ;)

Two Sundays ago was Easter Sunday. Praise the Lord! I was lucky to get to spend some quality time with Williana that day before meeting up with Jinwon and going to Amalfi for my very first birthday dinner of 2012. On Monday I met up with Joyce after work for my birthday dinner at Simplethings Sandwich & Pie Shop. They have banoffee pie! It may not be the same as the one I fell in love with several years ago, but it was still pretty good. Tuesday was just a normal day at work, but on Wednesday I walked into the office to find balloons, flowers, and a lovely birthday card on my desk! Courtesy of the wonderful Kathy, who also treated me to lunch at Gala Thai. She's so good to me ^^ Then after work I met up with Keri, Gardy, and Jackie for dinner at Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock. It was interesting to find a fancy French restaurant in such a plain area of Eagle Rock. It was a wonderful birthday dinner :)

{Posing with my birthday crème brûlée at Cafe Beaujolais}

My actual birthday started off with a present from my mum, a beautiful silver necklace ♥ Per tradition, I wore my Hello Kitty tiara headband to work and was greeted by a desk full of alcohol and a birthday card from my boss. I felt so loved... until he brought out a chock-full-of-walnuts carrot cake. Sigh. No matter, at least he was thinking of me. Lorraine treated me to lunch at Bea Bea's where I got their Strawberry Banana Pancakes. And for dinner my mum made me a delicious Eel Avocado Roll. Yum! On Friday I had lunch with Suzanne, Barbara, and Siobhan--we got burgers from the lot. Unfortunately they completely messed up my burger, sadness. But after work I met up with Christina to watch Fellowship! The Musical Parody of The Fellowship of the Ring at the Steve Allen Theater and all was well with the world. And she brought me a delicious slice of red velvet cake from Alcove! Some of the cast members were new or moved into different roles, but it was still so great to watch Fellowship! I love this musical so much ♥

I wasn't feeling so hot on Saturday morning, but my mum and I still headed down to our timeshare in Capistrano Beach for a long weekend (I took Monday off from work). I love going down there. It's a nice escape from our normal lives without going too far. We checked out the stores in the area and just spent the afternoon/evening in the room. On Sunday we checked out the north shore of San Clemente City Beach and then to the Pier. We had lunch at La Galette Creperie, which was unfortunately quite disappointing. But it was really nice to walk along the Pier afterwards. Then we went back to the resort and I took a nap and watched some TV. We checked out Monday morning and then headed to Dana Point. Went to all our usual stops before going to Laguna Beach. As tradition now, we had lunch at the House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer. Then we came home, unpacked, and I spent the rest of the night watching TV. Such a nice relaxing weekend.

{At San Clemente Pier}

On Tuesday it was back to work! Went to lunch with the EAs from my old department, which was really nice, and Carol treated me for my birthday :) Then I met up with Ming for dinner at Kiyosuzu. It was really nice catching up with him since I hadn't talked to him in a long time, and he ended up treating me to the meal. I am surrounded by such nice people! On Wednesday I went to lunch at Gala Thai with Kathy and Matt and then saw the employee screening of The Lucky One after work. Not a bad movie if you go in with low expectations. On Thursday it was time for another birthday dinner! Met up with Annie, Diana, and Williana after work at India's Flavor. That meal was not the best, but then we headed over to Paradis for some delicious ice cream. Friday ended with yet another birthday dinner, this time with Crystal, Abby, and Elaine. We had a lovely meal at Black Hogg, followed by dessert at Diddy Riese. Joyce came out to hang out with us which was great. Unfortunately Elaine got a parking ticket (we didn't realise that meter hours extended to 11PM on Friday nights! Damn you Westwood!) so that was not so great :/

Yesterday I slept in and then ran errands with my mum. Then I went over to P.Dan's for the last of my birthday dinners this year. Daniel was not there since he was out of town, but Judy made me delicious pasta and cupcakes to celebrate and the girls both made me cute cards and gave me earrings. I love this family! Today my mum and I went to lunch at Pollo A La Brasa in ktown. It was a disappointing meal and we will not go back. Since my hand/arm has been acting up and I have a sore throat, I thought it best to take a nap when we got back. Unfortunately, now I also have a cough. Most likely my pathetic immune system is letting me down again, sigh. But let's hope not since tomorrow Gardy is going to a Yelp Elite event with me for the first time!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

It's April!

Last week was pretty chill. Monday and Tuesday I basically just worked and watched TV. Story of my life, no? My boss' parents came by on Wednesday (they're currently visiting from the UK) so our whole team went out for lunch on the lot. That was fun. On Thursday I was able to order lunch thanks to a lunch meeting so that was nice. And on Friday after work I went over to P.Dan's for dinner and got to play with the kiddies :) Saturday was quite productive: I did my tax return in the morning (yay for getting some monies back) and then went shopping afterwards. On Sunday we had a SMT fundraiser at church so I ended up buying a couple pastries from 85C. Yum! Then afterwards I met up with Christina, Abby, and Lois for lunch/wedding-planning-session at Cafe Surfas. My pressed sandwich was really good; the desserts were not. But it was a productive session so that was good.

{Our team with my boss' parents}

On Monday my life was changed when Kathy introduced me to Bea Bea's OMG French Toast. She brought half of it back for me to try and it was SO. GOOD. But I was also dying from needing milk since it was so rich :P Tuesday was just another normal day but on Wednesday I went out to lunch at Gala Thai with my boss, Kathy, and their friend Cindy (who used to work with them at ** a few years ago). And then I actually went to the gym after work! Be proud of me ^^ Thursday was an early day off of work so I came home and tried to be productive and clean the house. And then I spent the rest of the night watching TV. Yesterday I had the day off (for Good Friday) so I slept in, organised some more stuff around the house, went to the gym (again!), and watched TV. Today I had Panda Express for lunch and then went shopping at Cost Plus World Market and DSW. I'm excited for tomorrow since it's Easter Sunday, and also for the upcoming week since it's my birthday week. Yay!

{The photo does not do it justice. SO GOOD.}