Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sin City

I'm back from the city they call the Gambling Capital of the World, the Entertainment Capital of the World, and the Marriage Capital of the World. Are Americans a bit self-centered for thinking that their cities are xxx of the WORLD? Or is Vegas just full of itself? Nevertheless, I had a great time there and am so glad I got to spend this past weekend there with Gardy and Keri.

So the three of us headed to Enterprise on Saturday morning and got a silver Chevy HHR. On our way to Vegas, we stopped at Donut Man (of course!). Then we got gas and headed to the Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas. Didn't end up buying anything so we then went to Popcorn Girl. That store is pretty amazing and I ended up buying a few bags. Then we checked into my timeshare at Cancun Resort. I got the "penthouse" since I had a lot of points to use up and it was pretty nice. We immediately headed over to the Bellagio to pick up our Cirque tickets and then we walked to the Cosmopolitan to have dinner at Wicked Spoon. It ended up being a bit disappointing :/ Then we went back to the Bellagio to see O by Cirque du Soleil. Such an AMAZING show!!! I loved it so much :D Afterwards we stopped by Bellagio's Conservatory & Botanical Garden and then headed back to the timeshare.

Our Sunday morning started off at Excalibur, where Keri tried to teach me how to play roulette. But I gave up and tried the nickel and penny slots instead. Lost $2 :( Then we went to Caesar's Palace, walked through the Forum Shops, and had brunch at Max Brenner. It was such a delicious meal :) After a quick stop at H&M across the way, we went to Las Vegas Preium Outlets - North so Keri could buy some work clothes. Then we went to Mon Ami Gabi for a delicious dinner. After a quick stop back at the timeshare, we dropped Keri off at the airport so she could go to work on Monday morning. Gardy and I spent the rest of the evening just chatting and watching TV.

{Our sole group picture from the trip}

Yesterday morning Gardy and I packed, checked out, and then had Wendy's for breakfast. Then we went to M&M's World and the World of Coca-Cola to buy some gifts. And how can we leave Vegas without taking pictures with the famous sign?! Gardy then drove us back to Arcadia, but we made a pit stop at McDonald's on the way. Returned the rental to Enterprise and then it was time to unpack and relax.

Today I went back to work and then stopped by the gym afterwards. Now it's time to watch some TV :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

I did a 5K!

Before I get to my crowning achievement of the month, maybe even year, let me rewind to last Monday (5/7). I had lunch with my "old" team at Raffi's, which was great. And on Tuesday Kathy treated me to lunch at Frontier Wok Too. Then after work I went to the employee screening of Dark Shadows with Suzanne. Despite the great cast, the movie itself wasn't that great :/ Gardy and Keri came over after work on Wednesday so we could plan our upcoming Vegas trip and also play Taboo. Thursday and Friday were really chill and then Saturday came! Time for the 19th Annual EIF Revlon 5K Run/Walk for Women! What a day... we left at 6AM, drove to USC, parked, picked up our shirts and goodie bags, and then checked out the Expo. We got a lot of free stuff--thank goodness my mum was there to hold on to it for us! Then it was time for the sponsors and guests to speak. We heard some testimonies and then Matthew Morrison (Co-Host), Stacy Kiebler (Special Guest), Matt Bomer (Pace Car Driver), and Halle Berry (Co-Host/Revlon Brand Ambassador) came out to talk to us and cheer us on! Unfortunately they spent too long talking so our WALK started a little late, but we still managed to finish in under 59 minutes! GO US :D

Afterwards we were rewarded with lunch at the Corner Place, yum! Then after a well-deserved nap I met up with Jinwon at the Americana and we watched THE AVENGERS! Great movie, loved it so much :D Sunday was Mother's Day so I treated her to lunch at El Cholo after church. Unfortunately it was not a good meal, sorry mum :/ This week was pretty quiet, just work and TV, although on Wednesday I went to the gym so that was good. Now I need to get working on my packing since we're going to VEGAS tomorrow!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hello May

So... I got sick. Man my immune system sucks. But I still went to the Yelp Elite event two Mondays ago (4/23) with Gardy. It was a lot of fun and I'd like to check out the Autry again sometime. On Tuesday I actually left work early because I was so sick. Went home, ate lunch, and knocked out with meds. Went back to work on Wednesday, only to do the exact same thing again. Thankfully I was able to stay at work the entire day on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday I slept in and then ran some errands with my mum. Grabbed lunch on Sunday with my mum at Ham Hung Restaurant, and then I had In-N-Out for dinner with Gardy while we watched Thor and Captain America (getting ready for The Avengers!).

{We're on a horse! :D}

This past week was pretty quiet. On Monday I went to the gym after work, on Tuesday I had a WOW board meeting at lunch, and on Wednesday I went back to the gym after work. Despite all this I wasn't getting better, so I knocked myself out on drugs after work on Thursday. Went to the dentist on Friday and got some bad news regarding my teeth, ugh. Bane of my existance! But then I got a free lunch at work thanks to my boss so that was nice. Yesterday my mum treated me to lunch at Chipotle (as congratulations on being a permanent employee now) ^^ And then in the evening it was time for my potluck! The theme this month was Southern Food in celebration of the Kentucky Derby. Our appetizers/entrees were: Deviled Eggs + Beans (Candace), Cole Slaw (Abby), Spice Three-Cheese Mac & Cheese (Jason), Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Sauge (Brian), Pulled Chicken + 7-Up Biscuits (Christina), Cabbage (Ron), and my Baked Avocado Fries. Our desserts were: Hummingbird Cake (Tiffany), Porto's Red Velvet Cake (Derek), and Blackberry Cobbler (Crystal). What a delicious and fun potluck!

{We're so silly ^^}

Today I ran some more errands after church and now I'm ready for a nap. Later today Gardy is going to come over to continue our Avengers prep with The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2!