Friday, June 29, 2012

No Happiness Diet

So like I mentioned in my last post, I started a new "diet." It's really supposed to be more of a lifestyle change than a diet, but I don't think I can live like this forever -_- Basically it's no carbs, no starch, and no sugar. So I have nicknamed it the "no happiness" diet. I'm not doing so well at cutting out the sugar (I love me my mangoes!) but I'm trying really hard on the other two.

Anyway, so like I mentioned before, I went to the Magic Castle three Sundays ago. But before that, I met up with other Elites (well, two Elites and one wifey) for dinner at Fabiolus Cucina. Then we carpooled to the Magic Castle and saw Paul Greene in the close-up room, Dale Hindman in the Parlour of Prestidigitation, and then finally got to see the amazing Guimarães & DelGaudio in the Peller Theatre. Words cannot express how truly amazing those two magicians are. I am so blessed to have gotten to see them perform together--thank you so much Nelson!!!

{Group picture outside the Magic Castle}

On Monday I started the diet and made broccoli cheese casserole with spam. On Tuesday I went to the employee screening of Rock of Ages. Pretty fun mindless entertainment. The rest of the week was pretty chill and on Saturday was Cilla's 3rd birthday party! It was Ladybug Girl-themed :) After the party was over and I helped clean up, I picked up Jinwon and we headed to the Falcon Theatre to watch No Way Around But Through. Scott Caan is absolutely brilliant! Great play. On Sunday I went to church, napped, and watched TV. Kathy treated me to lunch at Raffi's on Monday. On Tuesday I got to go to the theatre on the lot during lunch to see previews for upcoming 2012 movies... they look pretty good! I'm excited :) And on Wednesday after work I met up with Daniel Kwon at Tender Greens. I got a Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad and did not care for it. Then we walked around and got coffee at Starbucks.

Crystal Kim came into town on Thursday, yay! So we met up for dinner after work at Bun Bun Tea House. Being the sweetheart that she is, she got me a bouquet of sunflowers. So nice ♥ I got their 101 Burger "protein style" to stay diet-friendly and gave my fries and potato ball to Crystal to eat. I also got us sweet potato fries (free with Yelp check-in) and cheated by having one, haha. Overall it was a great meal. On Friday our team went out to lunch at Raffi's to celebrate our new hire. Man I love that place! Went to brunch with Crystal on Saturday at Julienne. We walked around the neighbourhood afterwards before going home. Later I picked up Jinwon and we went to South Coast Plaza. Crystal went off to meet with her friend and Jinwon and I had dinner at Ruby's Diner. I got their Cobb Burger "protein style" and asked for cole slaw instead of french fries. It was a sad meal :( But all that was forgotten when we saw Les Misérables at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Amazing as always (although not as good as the one at Ahmanson last year). Met up with Crystal afterwards at 85C Bakery where I was good and got their Sea Salt Coffee sugar-FREE. That was such a disgusting mistake. It definitely needs the sugar. On Sunday we went to lunch at Carnitas after church with her friend Mike. Then we went to go see the Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show at Monk Space. It was amazing to see all the fanart that so many talented artists had made for this beloved TV show. I even ended up buying a piece called "Troy and Abed's Dope Adventures" :D Afterwards we went to go see Brave at LA Live Regal Cinemas with Mike. It just so happened that they were having the premiere of Magic Mike that night so we saw Adam Rodriguez when we were leaving! We met up with Brian at Road to Seoul for dinner and had drinks afterwards at Cafe Jack. Good times :)

{With Brian at Cafe Jack}

On Monday Crystal came with me to work and I got to show her around the lot. It was a case of perfect timing because we saw Christopher Nolan and Anne Hathaway! Yay for celebrity sightings :D On Tuesday I went to ktown after work to see an eye doctor because apparently I had eyelashes growing into my eyeball o.O Thankfully they plucked them out and gave me prescription eye drops, so I think I'm fine now. On Wednesday Crystal and I went to the employee screening of Magic Mike after work. It was a good movie, but a lot more depressing than I thought it would be. Guess I should have known better with Steven Soderbergh as the director. Afterwards we went to Cherry on Top and hung out with Mike, Jane, and Joe. Thus ended my last full day with Crystal. It was so nice having her visit and stay with me; I will miss our nights spent having really good conversations with each other! Yesterday I ate lunch on the lot and then went to the employee screening of Deliverance (for its 40th anniversary) after work. There was also a Q&A with the four main actors: Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, and Ronny Cox. Such a good but disturbing movie. Today my boss was nice and let us leave work early. So of course I took a nap ^^ Man, can you believe June is almost over?

{Silly pic in front of the Magic Mike poster with Crystal. I ♥ you!}

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hanging Out with Friends

This past couple of weeks have been a lot of fun. Three Wednesdays ago, I met up with Joyce for lunch at Bea Bea's. And on Thursday after work it was time for another Yelp Elite event! It was a kickoff party to Yelp's 100 Days of Summer festivities and the theme was to wear your jammies! So I changed into "pajamas" before leaving work and met up with Christina there. It was a lot of fun; you can read my review here or the Yelp blog post here. On Friday I got to work early but also got to leave early (since it was a three day weekend), so I took advantage of that by taking a nap when I got home ^^ On Saturday my mum and I ran errands in ktown and had lunch at Curry Hyang. And then on Sunday after church I headed down to Irvine to hang out with Natasha! We went to South Coast Plaza and then went to dinner at Haveli Fine Indian Cuisine. After stopping at Tasti D-Lite for dessert we headed to Irvine Spectrum to see The Avengers. On Monday (which I had off for Memorial Day), Tasha made breakfast for me and then we headed back to South Coast Plaza for some more errands. Then we had a nice lunch lunch at Casa Oaxaca before heading back to her place to watch some TV. Had dinner at Berkeley Dog and then it was time for me to come back home.

It was back to work on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I met up with Gardy, Keri and her daughter Katie, and our friend Steve for dinner at Souplantation. On Thursday I met up with Barbara after work for Happy Hour at Firenze Osteria. And then it was June! How the months fly by... On Saturday, I went to the gym and then ran errands. On Sunday my mum and I had lunch at O Jang Dong after church. We shared their MoolNaengMyun and Kalbi, but ended up with a free meal since a family friend was also there for lunch and ended up paying for our meal. So nice! This past Monday found me back at Gala Thai with Graeme and Kathy for lunch. After work, instead of going to the gym, I went walking around the neighbourhood with my mum. That was nice. But on Tuesday and Wednesday I was back at the gym. And on Thursday I met up with Selina for coffee at Cafe Home and dinner at Wako. It was a life-changing dinner as Selina told me about Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat and how she's changed her diet as a result. I need to change my diet too! But I had to deal with this weekend first...

On Friday, I met up with Abby after work and we went to Flappers Comedy Club and saw a show in their Yoohoo Room. It was called "Jeff Ecker Presents" and starred Chris Dunham, MC Jeffrey Urrea, and comedians Andrew Berkovich, Charles Allen, Jeffrey Ecker, Max Silverstein, Myke Wright, and Ryan Hernandez. I got their Chili Cheese Fires and Tiny-Tini Trio (Bee's Knees, Pear-Tini, Carmel Apple-Tini) and Abby got Sliders. The show wasn't as funny as I had hoped it would be but it was still a good night. Yesterday I went back to the dentist and had my previous bad news cancelled. Whewt! Then went to McDonald's for lunch and met up with Gardy so we could go to the Aquarium of the Pacific! That was a lot of fun. Afterwards we walked along the harbor and had dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ.

Today I went to Costco with my mum after church and also took a nap. Why? Because I will be staying out late tonight! I am meeting up with a few Yelp Elites for dinner tonight and then I'm finally going to get to go to the Magic Castle!!! I'm so excited :D