Monday, July 16, 2012

SDCC 2012!

And so my fifth Comic-Con has come to an end. It was quite the successful one this year, largely thanks to Gardy and her help/support.

So on Wednesday we headed down. We went to Hodad's for lunch. Walked along the Pier to burn off our burgers and then picked up our SDCC badges. The process this year was so much better than last year's, yay. Then we met up with Josh, got the keys to his condo, and unpacked a bit. On our way to Ralphs, I drove by Nerd HQ (at Block No. 16) and who do I see?! ZACHARY LEVI! So I immediately pulled over and ran out to take a picture with him :D Then after a stop at the apartment to drop off groceries, we hit the Gaslamp Quarter and checked out Darkness & Light: Art Inspired by Heroes & Villains, Hope & Heroism, a Warner Bros. exhibit currently at Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts. The artwork there was amazing.

On Thursday, Gardy and I lined up at 8:45AM to get into the exhibit hall floor. Managed to get freebies from CBS, Fox, Lionsgate, and WB. Also did a green screen for Homeland at the CBS/Showtime booth and bought a shirt from Wong Fu Productions (and got a picture with Ted!). Gardy left to go wait in the Ballroom 20 line first and then I joined up with her. And it was time for my favourite PSYCH panel! Gardy was kind enough to suffer through the Beauty and the Beast panel by herself so I could go back on the floor. Got more swag from the various booths and also got to see the Frankenweenie exhibit at Disney's booth. That was really cool. Then I headed back upstairs for the Elementary panel. We left Ballroom 20 after that to go to the Fulfillment Room, stop by Nerd HQ again, and have dinner. Then we went back to Ballroom 20 in the evening to watch Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. It was a really good film!

{James and Dulé singing a song they made up on set}

Friday was a really early morning as Gardy and I got in line for Ballroom 20 at 6AM. We were rewarded with a hilarious Community panel; so glad I got into it this year. Left Gardy alone again for the Legend of Korra panel so I could go back to the floor and get some more swag. Then I returned for the Firefly 10 Year Anniversary Reunion panel. In a way I'm glad that I haven't gotten around to seeing Firefly and Serenity yet because I got so emotional during the panel and I can only imagine it would have been much worse if I actually saw the series. Then it was time for the Bones panel and then Gardy went to the floor while I stayed for the Arrow panel. Afterwards I left and went to Room 6BCF and attended the Falling Skies panel. Unfortunately I was in the way back and was unable to get any decent pictures from that panel. But I wasn't there for that panel, I was there for the one following: Spartacus: War of the Damned! It was such a great panel as they brought out a majority of the cast, including fallen characters. Then Gardy and I checked out the HGTV/Frankenweenie exhibit outside of the convention center. It was pretty cool. Then we picked up items at the Fulfillment Room, stopped by the White Collar Fan Party (where Gardy won a notebook!), and had dinner back at the condo. We also met up with Duvien at Starbucks for a bit.

{Manu Bennett does the Haka}

Saturday found Gardy and me in line for Ballroom 20 at 7AM. We weren't even going to attempt the ridiculous Hall H line. The first panel of the day was Warehouse 13. For the first time ever, I had a question prepared for the panel... but I lined up too late in line and didn't get to ask it :( Then was the Once Upon A Time panel. Afterwards we went to the exhibit floor to try to get some more freebies. Gardy went to the Grimm panel but I wandered around--I went back to the HGTV/Frankenweenie outside exhibit and did the photobooth, then did the Grimm tour. Met up with Gardy again and we chatted with Duvien for a bit before checking out WB Presents: Extra at Comic-Con in Bayfront Park. It was really cool to get to see all six Batmobiles.

Yesterday was another early day; Gardy and I lined up at 6AM for Hall H for an emotional Fringe panel. Then we explored the exhibit floor a bit more, ate lunch, and went back to Nerd HQ. This time I used their photobooth! Then we returned to Hall H to see The Cleveland Show panel followed by the panel I had been waiting all day for, Sons of Anarchy! Went back to the exhibit floor afterwards so I could buy some manga from Dark Horse and then we went back to the condo, finished packing, and turned over the keys back to Josh. Went to Smashburger for dinner and then we headed back to the SGV. We got back past 11PM and I was so exhausted, it was all I could do to email my boss and let him know that I would not be coming into work today. I was literally limping and coughing by the time I got home -_-

But going to San Diego Comic-Con was worth it. Not only did I spend more time on the exhibit floor than ever (and get more swag than ever before), but I had a really great time, even if as a result I was bedridden today until about 4PM. Finally unpacked and now it's time to return to the land of the living!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth (maybe just SoCal)

The last couple of weeks have been busy! Two Saturdays ago I went to Allison's baby shower with Joyce. It was really cute and her soon-to-be-born daughter already has so many adorable outfits! And I won one of the games so I got a prize. Go me :D In the evening was our AHS potluck, but this time it was at Crystal's house. The theme last month was Brinner (breakfast for dinner), but I didn't make anything since I'm on my diet. I brought my own dinner to the potluck... although I did cheat and take a bite out of what everyone made :P Our appetizers/entrees were: Tomato Cups + Stratas + Peach Bellinis (Candace/Alexei), Fruit Smoothies (Marvin), Vegan Sausages (Rachel), Fruit Salad with Vanilla Pudding (Abby), and Roasted Potatoes + Cheddar Chive Biscuits (Jason/Minda). And our desserts were French Toast with Apple Compote (Crystal) and Creamy Berry Coffee Cake with Fresh Blueberries and Raspberry Jam (Tiffany). Yum! Then to kick off the beginning of July, Dena and I went to a Yelp Elite event on Sunday afternoon. It was at California Plaza and we had a lot of fun. And afterwards we even went and checked out the bench from (500) Days of Summer.

Monday was a pretty chill day and on Tuesday we got to leave work early since the next day is a holiday. So I went over to P.Dan's and played with Cilla for a few hours, that was nice. I spent July Fourth (Happy Independance Day!) sleeping in and then watching a lot of TV. Perfect. Thursday and Friday were also pretty chill, which was good because this past weekend was EPIC! So on Saturday I met up with Crystal and Tiffany at the mall and we watched The Amazing Spider-Man. I really liked it :D And on Sunday I ditched church to go to... DISNEYLAND!!! Man I haven't been there in ages. This was a special outing with Yelpers and we all got the Park Hopper pass. We started off at California Adventures (my first time there!) to ride the Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land. The line took us almost an hour and a half but the ride was a lot of fun. Then we were off to Disneyland! We started at Adventureland and got the Pineapple Dole Whip. Then we went on the Pirates ride before we went to the famous and exclusive Club 33! Afterwards we went on Star Tours, Space Mountain, Star Tours again, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasts, and Matterhorn Bobsleds before heading back to California Adventures. There we went on Toy Story Midway Mania and checked out the Mad T party before calling it a night.

{With the ladies in front of Club 33}

Yesterday and today have been pretty chill at work. Today was my last day of work this week since tomorrow Gardy and I are heading down to San Diego for Comic-Con!