Sunday, August 26, 2012

English Tea Bridal Shower

Yesterday I hosted a bridal shower for one of my close friends, Christina C. Since we had spent a memorable (but short) time together in Cambridge and London together, I decided to make it a English Tea theme. I got inspiration from many online sources, thanks to my obsession with Pinterest. In case you ever want to throw one for your gal pal, let me show you everything that I did~

I went on a Facebook stalking spree and printed out various pictures of the couple. Also Google'd for some Keep Calm signs which I printed out and put up. And for decorations, some of the girls and I got together to make tissue paper pom poms and flowers, inspired by Martha Stewart and an online blogger. I put the flowers in teacups that were either borrowed from a friend or bought from a thrift store. I think the mismatched ones are cute. And I borrowed a Scrabble set from a friend to use as decoration as well. Though they aren't pictured here, I also had streamers in UK flag colours.

The first activity I had for guests was to fill out a recipe card for the happy couple. The box and recipe cards are from Michael's, and the instruction card was modified in Photoshop from the one here.

We had one game during the party, which was "He Says... She Says". Got the idea from this blog and pretty much copied it exactly in Photoshop.

For the meal I had a lot of people chip in to help. I served tea sandwiches, scones, and salad along with iced teas and mimosas. And we had a variety of desserts: cake pops (in the shape of hearts), mini muffins, a fruit tart, a tres leches cake, macarons, and Cadbury chocolates (brought from London). And for party favours I gave out cookies. The designs were "inspired" by the cookies featured at this party. I have to give major props to Abby C. for slaving over these cookies! And did you know you can print on paper bags? Yet another thing I learned via Pinterest from this blog. The paper roses were made for me by my friend Gardenia, who found an online tutorial for them.

It took a lot of time and energy but thanks to help from the other bridesmaids and my friends, I would say this bridal shower was a complete success!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Celebratory Weekends

Congratulations to my beloved Dena for getting married this past Saturday! And in such a gorgeous ceremony ♥

So last Saturday, Joyce and Richard picked me up in the afternoon and we headed over to Malibu to attend Dena and John's wedding. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. The location was gorgeous, her mum completely outdid herself with all the decor and details, and everyone looked stunning. It was such a Pinterest-worthy wedding! And the food was delicious, especially the corn tamales. We ate, drank (out of mason jars!), photoboothed, and danced the night away. And Joyce caught the bouquet while Richard caught the garter--perfect! Such a great night :D (UPDATE: You can see official pictures on the photographer's website here and the recap on Style Me Pretty here.)

On Sunday I napped after church since I was tired from coming back at almost 1AM from the wedding. On Monday our team went out for lunch at Market City Caffe, Graeme's treat. That was nice. On Tuesday I bought some more supplies for Christina's bridal shower and then went to the gym. Stayed late at work on Wednesday but left early yesterday to make up for it. And I went back to the gym! I got to leave a little early from work today too, which I spent doing more prep for the bridal shower. I cannot believe it's tomorrow! :D

Friday, August 17, 2012

Magical Nights

The past two weeks have been another couple of busy weeks. Two Thursdays ago was a Yelp Elite event at the Hollywood Museum. It was a lot of fun exploring the Hollywood Museum and spending time with fellow Elites, and our fun at the event was followed by more good times at Lucky Devils down the street. (You can read the official Yelp blog recap here.) I spent Friday catching up on the Olympics; yay for Michael Phelps winning gold! Saturday was SDCC registration and thankfully managed to get a pass for all four days. Whewt! After running errands I had a bridal shower crafting session at my house with Abby, Tiffany, Elaine, and Vanessa, before going to dinner with Joyce and Richard at Maki & Sushi. We grabbed coffee at Starbucks afterwards and then ran into Christina on our way out--turns out she was about to have dinner at Maki & Sushi with Vanessa! We found that amusing :P

On Sunday I met up with Dena after church and, after a pit stop at Trader Joe's for supplies, we went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Pixar in Concert! They did scores from all thirteen Pixar movies and it made me so nolstagic; I want to watch all of them again! Great night. Monday was a frustrating day at work as Outlook rebelled against me for most of the day, but on Tuesday I enjoyed the employee screening of The Campaign after work. On Wednesday our team went to El Torito after work for HH with Kathy as she would be leaving our team. Thursday was a quiet day at work and I ended Friday by going to the gym. On Saturday I watched The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX with Joyce at the mall before going shopping with my mum. And on Saturday I treated Williana and Jinwon to lunch at Urth Caffe after church for their upcoming birthdays. And hung out with Jinwon afterwards at Starbucks. The Olympics Closing Ceremony was that night... though damn NBC for cutting it short! -_-

{Dena and I at the Hollywood Bowl drinking our moscato from classy travel mugs}

This past Monday I had a not-so-fun dentist appointment in the morning. And then my week was pretty quiet until Wednesday, when I met up with Joyce after work at the London West Hollywood for "Wednesdays at Sunset". It's their summer series where they offer complimentary drinks by their rooftop pool on Wednesdays from 6-7PM. Unfortunately, due to traffic, I was unable to get there until 6:40PM. But we still made it count--I got two drinks in before 7PM! Afterwards we went to Tender Greens for dinner. It was a fun date night with her. And yesterday?! MAGICAL. Why? Because we had a team outing to THE MAGIC CASTLE after work! How awesome is that?! We got our drinks on before we left with some vodka cocktails in the office, and then we headed on over to the Castle. We started off with seeing Daniel Ketchedjian in the Parlour of Prestidigitation before having dinner there, Graeme's treat. Then we hung out with Ghost Irma for a bit before going to see Dana Daniels in the Palace of Mystery. Then we headed back to the Parlour of Prestidigitation to see Ron Saylor before calling it a night. It was a lot of fun and I'm so grateful that we got to have such a cool team outing :D

{Our team in front of the Magic Castle}

Today I got to leave work about an hour early so I went to Happy Hour with Barbara at P.F. Chang's. It was eh-okay. Then I went to the gym to burn it off, haha. I'm excited for tomorrow: Dena's wedding!!! This will be an epic weekend :D

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Goodbye July

How is it August already?! Man the past two weeks have been busy! So two Tuesdays ago I returned to work after SDCC. On Wednesday our team went out to lunch at Raffi's to celebrate Kathy's birthday. Then after work was the IMPACT employee screening for The Dark Knight Rises. Good movie. On Thursday my boss and I, along with another colleague, went out to lunch at Firenze Osteria for a business lunch. And then I went to the regular employee screening for The Dark Knight Rises after work. Friday we had an all-hands meeting for our department at work and on Saturday I went to a BBQ at a former coworker's place. It was really chill and we spent most of the night watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

On Sunday I went to Nucleus after church to see their Beatles tribute exhibition--All Together Now: A Tribute to the Beatles. It was really nice. On Monday our team went out for lunch again, this time to Palms Thai to celebrate Jason's birthday. After work I met up with Gardy at Flavor of India for dinner since we had a Google Offer for the place. Afterwards we got drinks at Starbucks and then hung out at my house. On Tuesday I met up with Mandy, Emily, Kevin, Miloni, and John after work for a "EAP Reunion" dinner at Lukshon. It was great seeing everybody again :) Wednesday was another chill day and on Thursday I met up with Crystal Kim (who was visiting LA again!) and her friends Mike, Tammy, and Derek at Cafe Daroo after work. We got dinner and dessert there before going for drinks at Toe Bang. I must say that I loved the Corn Cheese there, yum!

I got to leave work about 30 minutes early on Friday, which gave me time for a short nap before watching the opening ceremy for the 2012 London Olympics. On Saturday I met up with Rene for a farewell lunch at Raffis, ran errands with my mum, and then had dinner with Judy and the fam for her birthday. On Sunday I met up with Lois after church for a bridal shower prepping session, fueled by delicious In-N-Out. And on Monday I tried making cheesy cauliflower puree as a substitute for mashed potatoes (since I can't have potatoes -_-) but it was not an adequate substitute. Sadness. Yesterday I met up again with Crystal and we went to Porto's for lunch. I cheated on my diet and shared the medianoche sandwich, a guava cheese roll, and a cheese roll with her. OMG, after being deprived, and then having that cheese roll, I TEARED UP. It was so good. Today I went out for lunch again, this time with WOW at the ** Commissary. Our lunch was with a senior female executive and it was really nice. Going to skip the Olympics tonight since I need to work on Joyce's save-the-date!