Sunday, October 14, 2012

The CHRON Wedding!

Congrats to my "wifey" Christina and her hubby Ron for their gorgeous wedding!

So on Friday, I left work around lunchtime and drove down to Irvine. Checked into the hotel and met up with my roomies! Then I accompanied Michael on a couple errands before we went to the rehearsal at Strawberry Farms, where I met most of the guys. After we went through everything a couple of times, we went to dinner at Capital Seafood. We had a great dinner--I got to eat carbs and starch and sugar for the first time in a long time!--and all of the bridesmaids got their gifts from the bride (the groomsmen also got gifts and the parents did as well). And of course we stopped by 85C Bakery afterwards for some sea salt coffee! Then it was back to the hotel, where I shared a bed with my wifey for the last time ever...

{Roomies for the night}

Yesterday started off with a complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Then we headed to Strawberry Farms to get our hair and makeup done. My artist was Jennifer (from Grace Lin Professional Makeup Team) and I showed her the print-out of this hairstyle pin from Pinterest. She did such a great job and I think I looked amazing ;) And I discovered that fake eyelashes ARE MAGIC! Even if they are sticky and uncomfortable -_- The venue gave us complimentary champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and we also ordered lunch which was pretty good. Then it was time to get dressed and One Love Photography came to take beautiful photos of us. Finally it was time for the ceremony!!! It was quite beautiful and touching~ That was followed by a cocktail hour and then it was time for the reception. The entire bridal party had to do a dancing entrance and my groomsman and I were assigned to do the "corners" dance move. It was a FAIL. But the reception was so much fun! Good food, open bar, great speeches (although mine was so nervewracking!), and such a fun photobooth! As if that wasn't enough fun for one night, we followed it up with karaoke at Ziller. Such a fun night, and again props must be given to Grace Lin's makeup team because all the ladies still looked stunning at 2:30AM!

So obviously we went to bed really late (or is it really early?) last night. I crashed into bed at 3:30 this morning but barely managed to get a couple hours of sleep thanks to some excruciating pain in my leg... thank goodness for Advil! Had another complimentary breakfast courtesy of the hotel this morning and got to chat with the newlyweds before I finished packing and checked out. Then we all went to 85C Bakery and got some drinks and pastries. The newlyweds and some friends went to get lunch but I met up with Tasha instead. Grabbed lunch for myself from McDonald's while Tasha got food from Chronic Tacos, and then we hung out at her apartment until it was time for me to head home for dinner. So I'm back and unpacked now. What a weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

On to October

It's almost time for the CHRON wedding! I can't believe it's this upcoming weekend :D

Two Tuesdays ago, 9/25, I finally got my ergo equipment at work in the hopes that it would help with my wrist/arm pain. So far it's not really doing much though :/ On Wednesday I met up with Gardy and Keri after work just to hang out, which is always nice. Thursday and Friday were just normal work days and on Saturday I hung out with Joyce! We went to FIDM for their Art of Television Costume Design exhibit. It was really cool and they had a hat exhibit there too that we also checked out. Afterwards we walked to LA Live and checked out New Zealand Natural. Unfortunately they didn't have my favourite flavour, Hokey Pokey, so I was good and didn't cheat on my diet. There was also a fair for the upcoming triathalon so we managed to get some goodies there. On Sunday we had a wedding craft session at Christina's house--there were seven of us, not including the couple, and we worked very hard! Went to work on Monday and on Tuesday I had a dentist appointment in the morning. Wednesday was yet another regular day of work, but on Thursday I met up with Jinwon after work and we watched THE BOOK OF MORMON at the Pantages! It was so much fun and I absolutely loved it :D

On Friday I went to hang out with Judy and Daniel after work and their family. Had lots of fun playing with the girls and also got a nice dinner too. Then on Saturday I went to Anapa Pain Clinic to have another doctor look at my wrist/arm. I met with Dr. Sheldon Cho and he said that it's not carpal tunnel and that he suspects a neck disc, so then I went to Shin MRI to get an MRI done. We shall see what the results are... Afterwards my mum and I ran errands before I went to Christina's for our final bridal "sweatshop" ;) On Sunday I ran some more errands and napped. Monday was cool because there was a special screening of the "Arrow" pilot at work, and not only did we get some free swag but Stephen Amell was also there! He's so hot~~~ And on Tuesday we had a farmer's market on the lot so that was cool too. AND one of my coworkers came back from his UK business trip and he brought me banoffee pie! So delicious :) Yesterday was a pretty chill day, but today I had to stay late at work to prep for a big meeting tomorrow. I can't believe the CHRON wedding is almost here!!!