Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so much to be grateful for: health, family, friends, food... I hope you have all had a great day today with your loved ones :)

Last Monday I attended a really cool panel at lunch, put on by WOW, which featured female senior executives from New Line Cinema. Inspiring. On Tuesday I went to Chipotle for lunch with Matt and Jason. After work was the employee screening of Schutzengel, a German movie which I quite enjoyed. Wednesday was the Warner Music Records holiday sale so I bought a couple CDs there before having lunch with Susan Hawn at Avon Grill on the lot. After work I met up with Gardy and we attempted some shopping at Marshalls but ended up not buying anything. On Friday we had a Thanksgiving potluck with the company EAs, that was really nice. And after work my mum and I went to Souplantation for dinner. Saturday I went to ktown with my mum to run errands and go shopping, and in the evening I met up with Gardy and Keri to celebrate Gardy's birthday. We started at the Paley Center where they are currently holding an exhibit by WBTV called "Television Out of the Box." My boss had recommended it and for good reason--it's really good! I really enjoyed it and recommend it for anyone who loves TV :D Then we went to Angelini Osteria for Gardy's birthday dinner. And then I had them come over to my house where I put them to work helping me make White Chocolate Filled Snickerdoodles.

On Sunday Jinwon and I checked out New City Church of LA. It was pretty cool and we met some really nice people, but I'm not sure if we want to go back. We went to BLD afterwards for lunch. On Monday I had a meeting for work and also passed out all of the thank you cookies that I made earlier. Yesterday was our team's potluck at work. Matt provided the turkey, Scott brought mashed sweet potatoes and cornbread, Jason brought string beans and stuffing, I brought cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes, and Graeme brought the desserts: apple pie, pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream, and Reddi Whip. We had a nice meal together and the day was made even better because we all got to leave work early. Today my mum and I met up with a family friend and two of her sons for brunch at Larchmont Bungalow. We hadn't seen them in a long time (the mum lives in Korea) so it was nice for my mum to catch up with her. After we came home I took a nap, and for dinner I had the leftovers from the potluck yesterday. A very chill Thanksgiving...

Monday, November 19, 2012

On Not Having Children

A Cup of Jo posted today about women's decisions on not having children. I've always known that I never want kids, but my mum, my family, and the world all try to persuade me otherwise. They tell me that it's not a valid decision, that I will regret it later, and that eventually, I will change my mind. How can a woman not want kids?!

Having never had my decision supported by anyone, it was so refreshing and comforting to read this post. I feel validated in saying that I'm not being selfish or immature in not wanting children. Why do I need to justify this decision anyway? Our world is overpopulated as is. YOU should justify having children--especially if you are having more than one!

Read the post and let me know your thoughts.

I can relate to all five testimonies. I get stressed out really easily, and I'm also really paranoid. My brain constantly asks "what if?" as it imagines all these horrible scenarios. But unlike Jean, I think my stress as a mother would be more about myself and how I would mess up my child. While I am not a fan of all children, I do tend to fawn over them when I see them (assuming they're cute and well behaved instead of tiny little demons), and all my friends will attest that I am madly in love with another friend's three daughters. But like Cat, I want to be the most amazing AUNT, not a mother. I don't have the maternal urge. Like Alexandra, I only feel pride and joy when others have children, not jealousy. I don't ever want that for myself. I am so happy for them and I know I will dote on their children, but I don't want to have my own children. While I didn't have the same experiences as Christina, I can still relate. My mother raised me on her own, and while she did the best she could, it wasn't a happy childhood. (And that's all I'm going to say about that here.) I also really liked what Muriel said. People really DO look at you in a certain way when you tell them that you don't want to have children. I hate it, which is why I almost never tell anyone outside of my close friends anymore. People do try to make you feel ashamed, but in reading these posts... I am breaking free of that shame at least a little. I do have additional different reasons from the ones mentioned in this post, but these are also all a part of it as well.

My name is Esther, and I do not want to have children. Thank you.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fantastic Baby

Happy Veteran's Day! Hope you all had a great day today :) I'm still smiling over last weekend though... on Friday (11/2) I met up with Selina after work and we went to Honda Center to see my loves BIGBANG in concert!!! It was such a good concert! They were so active and had so much energy; they had like 7 outfit changes and sang like 27 songs! Craziness. And Selina even bought me a concert tshirt to commemorate this event foreverrrrrr :D

{I ♥ T.O.P.}

On Saturday my mum and I ran errands and then I met up with Lorraine in the evening to watch For the Record: Scorsese again. I definitely enjoyed it much better the second time around, probably because this time I had done my homework and looked up the plot synopsis for all the Scorsese movies I hadn't watched :P But Lorraine let me borrow her Scorsese DVD set so I will try to watch some more of his films soon. On Sunday my mum went to The Pho Shop for lunch after church and then bought groceries at Woori Market next door. And after such an exciting two days, of course I had to take a nap when I got home. Monday was a normal day at work and Tuesday was exciting because Obama won the election! Yay :D On Wednesday our department EAs went out to lunch since Marie was going on maternity leave at the end of the week. We had lunch at El Torito, our usual place, and I got to try their lunch buffet which was pretty good.

{We'll miss you Marie!}

Thursday and Friday were again just normal work days. Yesterday I ran more errands with my mum and we finally tried Church's Chicken for lunch. We were not impressed. Meh. Today we went to the Corner Place for lunch--much better :P And for dinner I picked up food from Noda Sushi and took it over to P.Dan and Judy's to celebrate P.Dan's birthday! He turned 40 today and we had a great meal, ending with a lovely strawberry cake that Judy baked. I love this family :)

Thursday, November 01, 2012

November Has Come

So I'm actually not familiar with this Gorillaz song, but I thought it made for an apt title for this post.

But let's rewind to mid-October. So three Mondays ago, I was on my cheat week for my "no happiness" diet (spoiler: the week has now turned into several weeks... I think this means I'm off the diet for good -_-). So what did I do to celebrate? Go to Porto's for lunch of course! Matt treated Jason and me to lunch and I got their Medianoche. Delicious! I also bought boxes of cheese rolls, chicken croquettes, and potato balls for myself and a couple other coworkers. SO GOOD. And then I met up with Joyce after work for a delicious dinner at Lala's Argentine Grill. And on Tuesday I went to lunch with Lorraine and Thora at Bea Bea's where I got their OMG French Toast. Why is food so delicious?! After eating my Lala's leftovers for dinner, I met up with Crystal at Carmela's for some delicious ice cream :) On Wednesday we had a department screening of ARGO. It is a really good movie! And on Thursday I met up with Jinwon after work and we had a delicious dinner at Bossa Nova.

{Porto's is the best!}

Friday was our department all-hands meeting, so I came in to work early. And on Saturday Dena and I did the Color Vibe 5K! Even though we walked for most of it, we still finished in about 50 minutes. And despite it being pretty ghetto, it was a lot of fun! We rewarded ourselves afterwards with brunch at Julienne. After a nice nap, I had In-N-Out for dinner and spent the rest of the night watching TV. On Sunday my mum and I had lunch at Young King and ran some errands afterwards. Then I made a green smoothie, hoping maybe I could start drinking that from now on, but it tasted disgusting -_- Monday was really cool because I saw Simon Baker on the lot! They were filming for The Mentalist :D I left work early to go to Anapa Clinic again, where I found out that my MRI came back clean so I don't have any neck or spine issues. Dr. Cho said he didn't know what was causing my pain and recommended that I go see a neurologist. Sigh. On Tuesday we had another farmer's market at work so I went and checked that out with a few of the other EAs. The fire department was also having an open house so we got to tour the station and get some goodies. And then on the way back I saw Noel Fisher! In the evening I attempted another green smoothie but finally realised that I am not a green smoothie person. Sigh.

On Wednesday I volunteered at our lot screening of Miss Representation. It's a really good eye-opening documentary and there was a panel afterwards with a couple of our senior female executives that was really good too. And on Thursday I attended the employee screening for Cloud Atlas. A very bizarre but also really good movie, even if it did leave me quite traumatised. Friday we had our Halloween party, which was a lot of fun. And on Saturday I went with Joyce and Richard to meet their caterer/event planner/venue coordinator person and we decided on some of the details for the reception. Afterwards we met up with Allison, Steven, and Serena at Mimi's Cafe for lunch. Then it was time for my mum and I to head down to Capistrano Beach! We checked into our timeshare at Riviera Beach & Spa Resort and ran errands at the nearby shopping plaza. Afterwards we just chilled in our room and I finished reading Bossypants. On Sunday we drove down to San Clemente and walked the San Clemente Beach Trail. It was nice since we got to pass by City Beach, Lost Winds Beach, and see Calafia Beach. The trail is 2.3 miles long so we got a good workout! After we got back to our car at the Metrolink station we drove to Fisherman's Restaurant for lunch and then walked along the Pier. Then we checked out the nearby Target, which was awesome and we kind of went crazy shopping :P Stopped by McDonald's for a snack afterwards and then we went back to the resort.

Monday morning we packed and checked out of the timeshare; then we were off to Dana Point for some shopping and walking around. We grabbed lunch at the House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer, as usual, and then walked around afterwards. After a pit stop at McDonald's we came back home. On Tuesday it was back to work; I had lunch with Carol which was nice. Yesterday was Halloween, and our company's HR department goes all out for this! Our team went over and lined up to get a tour of their floor--they did a "tv show" theme and it was fun to watch. Tonight I met up with Joyce after work and we went to go see For the Record: Scorsese at Rockwell Table & Stage since I had won free tickets from their trivia contest. While I've only seen a couple of his movies, I still had a great time there and look forward to coming back in just a couple of days ;)

{In front of the Wyland Gallery in Laguna Beach}