Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012

Happy New Year's Eve! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I did... there was a lot of TV watching, and of course I had a nice homemade dinner wtih my mum. The day after, we went to ktown for some shopping and errands. And in the evening I had a potluck with some church friends! I provided brie and crackers, Jinwon brought chips and dip and delicious Domino's pizza, Diana made sausage stuffing, Williana brought Porto's, Jessica brought chocolate bark, and Annie provided dessert. What a successful potluck! And we did a gift exchange as well, which was a lot of fun. To end the night, we all put on nail polish (Williana brought over a bunch). Good times~

Thursday and Friday were really chill; I slept in both days and spent most of my waking hours watching TV. That's the good life ;) Nancy came back to Arcadia on Saturday so we had lunch with Adalon at The Counter. Then we went to ktown and checked out a few stores before getting sweet potato lattes from Cafe Daroo. Then we headed back to Arcadia, where all three of us parted ways. Yesterday was my last Sunday at YNCC before I start my church shopping. So after service I met up with Williana, Diana, and their friend Esther for some nachos with everything at Carnitas. Delicious! In the evening, to celebrate the end of the year, I treated my mum to dinner at Noda Sushi. And today she treated me to homemade California Rolls for lunch. Yum! Later tonight Gardy and Keri will come over so we can celebrate NYE together with some baking and games. Hope everyone has a great night tonight and rings in the new year with joy and celebration!

Monday, December 24, 2012

It's Almost Christmas!

Can you believe tonight is Christmas Eve? Man how the time flies!

So three Sundays ago, I met up with Gardy in the evening for dinner and a show. We grabbed In-N-Out for dinner and watched Nothing to Hide afterwards at Geffen Playhouse. I had previously blogged in June about how I had seen Derek DelGaudio & Helder GuimarĂ£es perform at the Magic Castle and was blown away. Well, now they had their own show at Geffen, directed by NPH, and it was AMAZING. Such a wonderful night :) On Monday I went to lunch with the "old team" at Raffi's and then went to Rolling Stone LA after work for the Yelp Elite Holiday Party. That was a lot of fun :D Then on Wednesday Matt treated us to Domino's pizza for lunch, yum, and I met up with Jinwon after work for the employee screening of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. We got to watch it in 3D 48FPS, which was really nice. I am such a fan of 48FPS now :D And we saw Duvien and Tammy there, which was great. While I'm not sure if I'm 100% on board with all the changes from the book, I still really enjoyed the movie and know that Peter Jackson will make yet another quality trilogy from Tolkien's work.

Wednesday was the fateful 12/12/12. That is the last time I will see the same three numbers in my lifetime. So the EAs in our department decided we would go out to lunch at Gordon Biersch. Later I had a work meeting and then after work I met up with Carol as she was my +1 to the BRG Board Appreciation Reception. After we had some food and I got a thank you bag full of swag, we got to see The Hobbit in 3D. Yay! On Thursday I returned back to Gordon Biersch, but this time with my team as we were celebrating Graeme's birthday. And then somehow I got sick so I was forced to leave work early on Friday to go home and knock myself unconscious on Nyquil. But that didn't stop me from running errands with my mum on Saturday in ktown. And after a nice nap, I met up with Selina in the evening and we went to U-Mini for dinner. Afterwards we went to go see Nothing to Hide. It's just as amazing the second time around! I love those two :D On Sunday I ran errands after church and then Jamie came over to help me with Joyce's bridal shower favours. Thanks Jamie! On Tuesday we had our all-hands department meeting at work and after work I met up with Lois for dinner at Campagnola since she's moving to NorCal soon. It was a nice dinner but I'm sad she's leaving. On Wednesday I passed out Christmas gifts at work, since some people were taking off starting Thursday. And we had a Christmas party in our building. That was fun. Our team had our own Christmas celebrations on Thursday, with lunch from Palms Thai and a white elephant gift exchange. After work several of us went to Lucy's 51 for Happy Hour; it was 2-for-1 until 7PM so I got 2 glasses of Riesling ;) And then I was off to Christina's apartment to have dinner with her and Abby, catered by Lemonade. And then Lois came to hang out with us, which was really nice. Yay for girls night!

On Friday I had no work since I was picking Nancy up from LAX. We went to Tacos Baja Ensenada for lunch where I had a very delicious shrimp burrito. Then we went to Class 302, where we tried their caramel pudding snow ice, and then went to 85C Bakery for some sea salt coffee and pastries. Then we met up with Joyce and watched The Hobbit in IMAX 3D. Yay, now I've seen this movie in all three 3D formats (regular 24FPS, IMAX, and 48FPS). And Saturday was Joyce's bridal shower! Nancy, Joyce, and I had In-N-Out for lunch while we decorated Joyce's house and then the bridal shower took place in the afternoon. Same theme as Christina's, but different games. It was a lot of fun :) Afterwards Nancy and I checked out Mitsuwa and then had dinner at Yunnan Garden. Ended the night at home watching an episode of Shinhwa Broadcast while drinking vodka Calpico cocktails.

Yesterday I bid Nancy adieu after church and made Bite-sized Baked Brie for my potluck. Our potluck theme this month was appetizers. So we had chips and spinach dip from Trader Joe's and green onion pancakes from Sinbala all courtesy of CHRON, edamame and Martinelli's from Grace, Abby's pork/apple/onion bites, Candace's mimosas, chocolate mint cookies made by Jessica, and Tiffany's delicious chocolate chip cheesecake! Yum. Today I slept in and organised our garage a little bit. That is a neverending mess... now it's time to watch some TV! Hope everyone has a very Happy Christmas tomorrow!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Pon & Zi

Everyone is familiar with Pon & Zi, right? Drawings of them have been all over the internet for years! I've been of fan of Pon & Zi for a really long time, so I was really excited to get to meet their creator, Jeff Thomas, tonight! But more on that later... first, let's rewind to a little over two weeks ago. Friday was lovely because, as the day after Thanksgiving, I had no work! So guess who spent all of Friday and Saturday either sleeping or watching TV? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE *points to self* On Sunday my mum and I went to Woori Market after church and had lunch there before buying groceries. Monday was back to work, but Tuesday was a wonderful night because I had In-N-Out for dinner. I tried their fries "well done" for the first time and it's such an improvement over their normal fries. Yay! On Wednesday I had a work meeting during lunch and on Friday our team did a volunteer event at Project Angel Food. We prepared, packaged, and sealed meals and it was a great experience. Afterwards we were rewarded with lunch at Palms Thai. What a great way to end November.

On Saturday I ran errands with my mum and on Sunday we grabbed McDonald's for lunch after church. After a nap, I headed back to Chinatown for our host team appreciation dinner at CBS Seafood. On Tuesday Jinwon and I went to Rockwell Table & Stage for For the Record: Tarantino! It was SO GOOD. My loves Von Smith and Ben Goldberg both performed and it was amazing. Totally buying the soundtrack on Amazon. On Wednesday I read Finding the Real Jesus and on Thursday I went to our all-BRG holiday party after work. Yesterday was great because Ethel brought in a box of Porto's cheese rolls to work, yum! Today my mum and I ran more errands (I feel like that is what we do half the time, run errands) and then tonight I went to the Pon & Zi Artbook Launch Party at Gallery Nucleus. I had supported the Kickstarter project and so was one of the first to know about the launch party. I brought my book there to get Jeff's autograph--he is so nice! It was great getting to meet him :) Now it's time for TV! :P