Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is planning (or at least going to) a delicious feast tonight! I will be making my traditional Thanksgiving broccoli cheese casserole, as well as Costco mashed potatoes to go with our Costco rotisserie chicken for dinner. Yum!

So last Thursday, it ended up only raining in the morning, so I guess there wasn't very much sky poison to deal with :P I stayed at home for most of the day anyway, but left in the evening to go to bible study. Only to find out after I had driven 45 minutes in traffic and searched for parking for 10 minutes that it had been cancelled. Le sigh. There went almost two hours of my life -_- On Friday I finished reading Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse. It was painful and I will never read Virginia Woolf ever again. Ran errands on Saturday and then made my broccoli cheese casserole for our Thanksgiving potluck! For our entrees we had my broccoli cheese casserole, Christina Fong's roasted brussel sprouts, Michael's spicy turkey and potato stew and pickled carrots, Derek's chicken/rice/plantains/beans from Versailles, CHRON's duck/fried rice from Daikokuya, and Jamie's turkey meatballs with gravy. For beverages, Derek provided beer and Vanessa/Jamal provided wine. And our desserts were Vano's spice cupcakes and Tiffany's croissant bread pudding. What a delicious potluck!

{Normal group pic + "Drake Hands" (have you seen that video? :P)}

Then on Sunday I did the We Run The City UCLA vs. USC 5K. Picked up Christina, Ron, and Judy in the morning and drove into enemy territory so we could be proud Bruins. Unfortunately USC won the race, but it was still a really good run. I actually jogged the entire first mile, and then some more later! This got me my fastest 5K time ever: 42:42! Of course, I'm still sore now as a result of this, so I'm definitely paying the price for pushing myself so much. Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with an early lunch at Urth Caffe. Christina bought us pumpkin cheesecake to share, which was delicious, and Urth was also giving out free samples of their pumpkin pie. Afterwards I dropped them off at the metro station and went to YNCC for service. Discovered that Williana was back so we hung out in Little Tokyo afterwards. We walked through Japanese Village Plaza, got drinks from Ozero, and shopped at Marukai before parting ways. Good times :)

On Monday my mum and I went to ktown so I could see a different acupuncturist. Ran some errands before going to the Americana to check out their new Din Tai Fung! Yeah... that was a mistake. No bueno. We walked around afterwards before heading back to ktown to pick up my freshly made stinky herbal medicine. Lovely. On Tuesday I helped out with my mum at her work and then met up with Selina in the evening to see JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE at the Staples Center! It was his first stop on the west coast for his 20/20 Experience World Tour and it was AMAZING. The night was perfect--started off eating my mum's California Rolls, followed by delicious fried chicken from LudoBird, and then it was time for the concert! He really put so much thought into every aspect of the concert and it was brilliant. The staging, the background, the instruments, the dancers, and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE HIMSELF... SO. GOOD. I've always liked JT, ever since his N'Sync days, but I never truly respected him until now. Yesterday I went to Costco to get their delicious rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes, and today we will be eating those--and my broccoli cheese casserole--for Thanksgiving dinner! I took my mum to the Rose Bowl Loop Track for the first time this morning and we walked the entire 3.3 miles, so I am ready to pig out guilt-free tonight! ;)