Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Busy Hostess

Man this month has just been busy busy busy! There has been no time to just stop and breathe...

So three Fridays ago, I met up with Grace Yang for the first time in months to have lunch. Of course it was raining... but that didn't stop us! We had a really nice lunch at Lemonade, Grace's treat. In the evening I met up with Jinwon and we went to Williana's house since she was back in town for Thanksgiving. We had a Thanksgiving-leftovers dinner and got to chat which was nice. On Saturday my mum and I went back to Rose Bowl Loop Track and then ran errands for most of the day. I had started to feel sick on Friday night and unfortunately woke up on Sunday with a full-blown cold. Ugh, what a way to start off December. To make things worse, our church had just merged with Mosaic and it was quite an upsetting service for some of us :/ But that didn't stop me from going out at night to see Selina shake some serious booty at her KPOP dance showcase! I met up with Carol and her daughter Lyzeth and we completely enjoyed the performance. Yay Selina!

{Group photo after Selina's KPOP dance showcase}

On Monday I helped my mum out at work and she rewarded me with a delicious lunch at IKEA. On Tuesday it was back to helping her out at work and I also managed to watch some TV too. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty quiet, and Friday was really exciting because Andy Oppa came to see us! He had flown in from Korea on Wednesday but had business meetings constantly in Irvine until Friday afternoon. He made it up here in time for dinner so we had a nice dinner together :) I had been so excited to go out with him on Saturday, but of course it poured rain -_- So we spent the day watching movies... I got to finally watch the first Hunger Games and then we watched a Korean movie called Spy. We also got to talk a lot, which was really nice. I miss my cousin! On Sunday I went back to church and then hung out at Lindsey's apartment afterwards getting to meet some of the new Mosaic people. I'm still a bit wary of all the changes, but at least the people I've met so far are really nice. In the evening I went to LAX to pick up Crystal and brought her home with me ;) We went to Rose Bowl Loop Track on Monday morning, ate lunch at home, and then headed over to Burbank in the afternoon to see a taping of Conan! Before we went to the taping we walked around the lot for a bit and I got to see some former coworkers which was really nice. And the taping was really fun! The guests were Snoop Dogg and Mike Birbiglia, and Snoop Dogg performed at the end as Snoopzilla (his "funk" name). AND we got to see George Takei even though he was the guest for Wednesday's show since he only had time on Monday to film it. Such a fun show!

{Can you spot me? :P}

On Tuesday Crystal and I walked around Arcadia instead of going to the Rose Bowl. It was quite a good walk! Then we parted ways while I went to help my mum out at work for a few hours; we met up again in the evening and went to The Oinkster for dinner. Then I dropped Crystal off at Susina to meet up with a friend and I hung out at the Starbucks next door. Later Crystal and I went to MILK and shared their Thai Tea macaron ice cream sandwich. Yum! On Wednesday we power-walked around the mall for exercise (it's 1.5 miles) and then shopped for a little bit. Then in the afternoon I dropped Crystal off at LAX. Miss you luvvie!

Guess who went back to LAX on Thursday? ME! To pick up Nancy dear. We went to Coni'Seafood for lunch and it was delicious! Shrimp in butter and garlic... so good. Then we went to the 85C Bakery in Hacienda Heights for some pastries and sea salt coffee. And since a Daiso Japan opened up in the same plaza, of course we went there afterwards. Then we went home and watched Elementary... live... on my TV. It has been so long since I last did that... I think it's been YEARS. Crazy! On Friday I did leg lifts at home, per my cousin's recommendation, since Nancy didn't want to go to the Rose Bowl. We went to Taqueria Los Anaya for lunch and had some delicious flautas before going to Getty Villa. After enjoying the beauty of the villa, we went and enjoyed the beauty of Sunset Beach. Nature is amazing. Nature's creator God is amazing. It was so refreshing to be standing there at the beach in awe of God and his creation. Afterwards we went to Getty Center. Since we got there a little before closing, we just walked around taking pictures for a bit before leaving. Good thing parking was free! (We got a parking voucher from Getty Villa before we left.) Then we battled traffic for almost two hours to get to Tacos Baja Ensenada. Thank goodness I love their scrumptious shrimp burrito or else I would have been really pissed. After dinner we met up with Crystal at Tasty to Go and shared a green tea snowy. Then we met up with Adalon and headed to 1886 for drinks to end the night on.

On Saturday I did some more leg lifts before Nancy and I hit ktown. We went to Kim's Home Center and Koreatown Galleria before going to Hae Jang Chon for lunch. Then we stopped by Koreatown Plaza before heading to Alhambra for the evening. Since we overate at lunch, we skipped dinner and just went to dessert. We tried the Brown Sugar Snowy at Pa Pa Walks and enjoyed it. Then we headed to Gallery Nucleus for the opening reception of Out of the Shire: A Tribute Exhibition to Middle Earth. It was so cool to see all of the fanart, and Gentle Giant had a Sauron that we could take pictures with. There was also a caricature artist, Angelo from Toon Upz, who would draw you as an Orc, Elf, or Hobbit (of course I chose elf). Despite the long line for the caricature artist, overall I had a lot of fun at the reception. Afterwards we checked out the Sonic Drive-In in Duarte before heading home and doing a video chat with Joyce.

On Sunday Nancy slept in while I went to church. Afterwards I drove to Angel City Brewery to meet up with Dena, John, and their friends for Dena's beer yoga birthday party! There were a lot of yummies from Costco, Porto's, and the Pie Hole, and I even got a complimentary beer from the brewery. Good times :) I drove back home to pick up Nancy and took her to Tacos La Bufadora for (her) lunch. They have $1 fish tacos on Sundays so she helped herself to six of them ;) Then we went to the mall and watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in 3D. Loved all the attention that Kili (Aidan Turner) got (even if I didn't approve of all the plot choices), loved how ridiculously awesome Legolas (Orlando Bloom) was, greatly enjoyed how ridiculously fabulous Thranduil (Lee Pace) was, surprisingly really liked the completely new character of Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly), and of course got lost in the wonderful voice of Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch). What I absolutely hated (of course) was the scene with the giant spiders. NIGHTMARE COME TRUE. Not sure if I can handle watching this movie again... Anyway, afterwards we went to El Taco Taco to grab some carnitas nachos and then we raced back home to eat them while watching Psych the Musical. It was such a fun episode to watch :)

{Happy (Early) Birthday Dena!}

Nancy's parents picked her up on Monday, so then I went and ran errands with my mum. Gardy came over after work and we got to catch up a bit. We're fumigating our house this weekend, so I spent all day yesterday trying to pack up food items and doing some general organising. My room/life has fallen apart since I've been so busy with guests! And then in the evening I met up with Laura and we went to the Yelp Elite holiday party in Pasadena. It was an "ugly sweater" party and Laura provided me with such an ugly sweater :P It was a lot of fun and we ended the night with some Half and Half. Today I ran some more errands and did some more packing. I feel so overwhelmed--I have a potluck on Friday at my house, then we have to exit the house Saturday morning so it can get fumigated, and yet I have a potluck on Saturday evening to attend. So much to do, wish me luck!

{We are awesome.}