Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pigging Out and Working Out

{Posing with our medals!}

So I did get sick, like I was worried I would. Still sick now actually, but a lot better than I was during the week, thank goodness. But does being sick keep me from pigging out? Never! On Wednesday, I met up with Kathy at Bea Bea's. Wonderful meal, as always, and it was her treat since I'm getting laid off. We shared the crunchy OMG French Toast for dessert and it was so good. Thank goodness my cold/flu whatever has left my taste buds intact! We went to Starbucks afterwards, where it was my treat. Later that night I stopped by Trader Joe's and tried their dried kimchi, which I found out about on FB. If you're interested in trying it, don't. It was horrible. Ick.

Thursday I met up with a different HR group and tested with them. My fastest typing time ever: 117wpm! I'm pretty proud of myself, haha. Went out to lunch with Susan afterwards to Gourmet 88 for lunch before heading back to work and packing everything up. Why? Because we moved buildings Friday morning! And to celebrate the move, I got Porto's cheese rolls from Matt (it was also because he owed me) and delicious Martino's tea cakes from Suzanne. Ahhhh carbs and sugar!!! Later I went out to lunch with most of my team to Studio Plaza where I got their curried turkey salad sandwich (delicious) with a side of potato salad (not delicious). Friday was a pretty big day... also because I finally got my FitBit!

Which I put to good use yesterday morning when Joyce and I went to the Rose Bowl Loop Track again. We were a bit more ambitious this time and alternated our walking with jogging, although I still insisted on walking a lot. I am so out of shape! Afterwards my mum and I went to Chinatown to pick up my race packet for the Chinatown Firecracker 5K. Got free goodies and some food before we headed out on some other errands, which included another trip to the shopping mall. And then last night was our biggest AHS Potluck yet! (as you can see from the above picture) We had 19 people come, which meant using four tables, my piano bench as seating, and also borrowing folding chairs from Elaine. It was a mini-AHS reunion but a lot of fun. The theme was Comfort Food. Since I had my hands full with hosting nineteen people in my house, my contribution was milk. Which, if you know me, really IS my comfort food. I drink three glasses of that stuff a day!

{So many fobs!}

The main food contributions were: Broccoli Cheese Casserole (Christina F), Spinach Dip & Tostidoes (Jamie/Keith), Oxtail Borscht Soup (Vanessa), Mashed Potatoes (Joyce), Fried Gyoza (Derek), Kimchi Fried Rice (Christina/Ron), Corn Dog Muffins (Crystal), Mac & Cheese (Abby), and Chicken + Creamed Spinach + Hot Cheetos (Elaine/Steven). For dessert we had: Croissant Bread Pudding (Tiffany/Charlie), Ooey Gooey Butter Cake (Jamie/Keith), Boston Cream Cupcakes + Toffee Brownies (Candace), Klondike Bars and Vanilla Ice Cream (Jessica), and Kahlua + Root Beer + more vanilla ice cream (Grace). Candace and Michael also contributed wine. So last night involved a lot of pigging out.

But we kind of worked it off this morning??? I took the metro with Christina, Ron, and Michael this morning to Chinatown for the 5K! The three of them left me in their dust, however, and I huffed and puffed to walk (and sometimes run) the annoyingly hilly course. Uphill is so hard! -_- But I was rewarded with my fastest time yet: 43:37. Of course Christina finished over 10 minutes before me and the guys finished before her. But whatever, we all enjoyed the free goodies afterwards and hung out until Jinwon picked me up for church. We checked out Live Church LA together and then went to Green Street Restaurant for lunch. Now I'm chilling at home waiting for the Oscars... hope it will be good!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy President's Day

My last post was right after I went to see Ellen, and today I went to see CraigyFerg! But before I get into that, have you processed the awesomeness that is the above picture?! I met up with Dena on Friday for a lunch date at Olive & Thyme, which turns out to be a celebrity hot spot! First we spotted Kiefer Sutherland, but he clearly wanted to be invisible (it's okay, not a fan of his anyway). Then Danielle Fishel walked in and we got excited, but we were going to be cool and leave her alone. But then she met up with Ben Savage, and game over! We turned into two giggling fangirls and had to take a picture with them. They were so nice! :D

Saturday morning was spent being pissed off at the SDCC registration system. It was a complete fail even though I clicked at the exact right moment. Argh, they really need to fix that system! But then my day got better because my mum and I went to the mall, had junk food, and did some retail therapy. For dinner I headed over to Judy and Daniel's apartment--the kids are so big now! I was in awe all night long. Judy made a delicious dinner so that was a great night. Yesterday I checked out Live Church LA and it was really cool. It's at LA Live and service is usually held at Club Nokia, but this time it was at the Grammy Museum. As a result, I got to see the Whitney Houston exhibit for free! The people were really nice so I definitely want to come back again.

Today is President's Day, which means my Ellen taping will air today! I started off this holiday with a car wash... my car's very first car wash since I bought it in 2010. Isn't that kind of horrifying? Well, I believe in nature's free car wash, rain, so I never bothered with it... but my neighbour's pine tree is doing some serious damage to my car with its sap and whatever else it's showering down. I now need to get my car detailed because they couldn't get everything off :( Afterwards, I met up with Jinwon and we headed over to CBS for a taping of my favourite late show: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson! We met up with one of her coworker friends and her hubby and they were a lot of fun to hang out with. You can read my Yelp review for details, but Jinwon and I had a great time there :)

Now the only problem is that I have a sore throat, and I'm afraid I'm going to be sick. I blame Cilla for this because she was coughing all over me last night -_- Wish me and my immune system luck!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day


Weren't expecting another post so quick, were ya? But how could I not share that I was at Ellen! But before I get into that, let's go back to Tuesday. I had my first interview for a certain position at **, which I think went pretty well. It seems like a cool gig so hopefully things work out with that one. Went to a lunch hosted by HR for BRG board members which was pretty cool. Learned more about **'s vision for the BRGs and also got to meet board members of the other BRGs.

On Wednesday my mum and I went back to the doctor. He said that the CT scan showed that the blood is all gone, YAY! There is just a little scarring left there, which is why she is still a little dizzy. It will take 3-6 months to clear up so we need to be careful during that time. She also has to avoid high altitude during that time, so nothing over 3K feet which means no plane rides and no trip to Santa Fe. Afterwards we had lunch at the mall before I went back to work. I had a couple meetings to attend so I stayed late. But it's all good because I left work early today! Gardy came over to my work today bringing me McDs for dinner. We quickly ate and then headed over to the check-in/waiting area for The Ellen Show. You can read about my experience on Yelp, but overall we both had a great time, although I was disappointed that we did not get any giveaways or swag. And it was a lot more tiring than I expected, but that could be because I'm weaksauce. I'm still very glad that I was able to go, so yay for working at **!

{Celebrating 10 seasons!}

Monday, February 11, 2013

Going Out

It's been a busy life for me since my last blogging! Last Sunday (a week from yesterday) was a day of absolute gorging for me. At church, I got a mini lemon cupcake from Big Man Bakes. And then Krystal and I went to Carnitas and got fries with EVERYTHING and a large Orange Bang. It was so good! But it didn't stop there. Later on Joyce and I went to Jamie & Keith's apartment in Long Beach for their Super Bowl party. And of course there was plenty of food there: chips and dip, tomatoes, devilled eggs, noodles, pizza, etc. It was a lot of fun, although I'm sure Keith was frustrated from having to explain every single thing that happened on screen to me (it was my first time watching an American football game... ever). We left after Beyonce's fabulous performance and then I headed over to Izakaya Sushi Ran to celebrate Abby and Crystal's birthdays. We finished watching the game there and unfortunately the team I decided to root for, the SF 49'ers, lost. Eh, no biggie to me :P

Most of last week was spent working and catching up on TV. I met with my HR recruiter on Tuesday and she seems really nice. Hopefully she will be as helpful as my first one and then I can get back to ** quickly. I also got my free pizza slider from Pizza Hut that day since I never miss an opportunity for free food (as long as it's not too out of my way). Friday I took the morning off of work so that I could take my mum to the hospital for her CT scan. Hopefully the results come back clean! *crosses fingers* This past Saturday Joyce and I went to the Rose Bowl Loop Track for the first time ever. It's really nice there! She made me jog at the end though -_- And then later my mum and I ran errands in ktown, including going to the dentist. Fun times -_- Actually, the real fun times were had later that night because Abby and I headed over to Ron and Christina's apartment for Abby's birthday dinner, part II! Christina is such a fancy hostess--she printed out a menu for the night and did a three course meal with cocktails. Pretty amazing! Later Jessica and Allison joined us for dessert and then rounds of laughter while we went through Abby and CHRON's Taiwanese photoshoots. So ridiculous but so good.

{I wasn't kidding... there was an actual printed out menu}

Yesterday Jinwon and I tried out HROCK Church and it was not what we were hoping for. Cross that off the list of potentials. My mum and I had rice cake and dumpling soup for lunch since it was Lunar New Year. That's pretty much the only thing we do to "celebrate," haha. But Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! Hope it was full of delicious food for y'all :) Later that night Jinwon and I took the metro (did you know they use TAP cards now?!) to Ahmanson Theatre to watch Backbeat! I got free tickets via Yelp Elite (thanks Katie B!) and it was a great show.

Today our team and I went to Granville Cafe for lunch to celebrate Matt's birthday (which is actually tomorrow). The amount of carbs (and sugar and starch) that I've been partaking of lately is no joke. I really need to get back onto that diet... but I have more going outs planned, so we'll see how things go :P

Saturday, February 02, 2013


{Victory jump with Selina}

Continuing on the theme of my world being turned upside down, I found out this week that I'm getting laid off. Isn't that lovely?

On Sunday, I ended up going back to YNCC since I had to drive my mum to church. We went to lunch afterwards at Shin Beijing, which was disappointing, before running errands at Koreatown Galleria. I finally watched Like Water for Chocolate since it was on Hulu. It was interesting to see how they turned the book into a movie, but (surprise, surprise) I prefer the book. Monday was my mum's doctor appointment. Since she's on a HMO they need to submit a request for her to get a CT scan, so we'll be back again once that is approved. She was able to get an x-ray for her tailbone since it still hurts, but it's just a bruise and will take time to heal. We ran some errands afterwards before I had to drop her off at home and head in to work.

Work was normal this week until my boss asked to meet with me on Thursday morning. He sat me down and told me that my position is being eliminated so I will be getting laid off. While now I see that I should have seen this coming, at the time it was a big shock to me. But I am glad to say that ** is really good at laying people off--my boss had this binder from HR and it had everything I could ever want to know about being laid off. And he made it so that instead of the usual 2 weeks' notice I got a month's notice, which is really nice. I also got the rest of Thursday and all of Friday off so I could "wrap my head around" what was happening and also start jobhunting. Meanwhile, I took this opportunity to run all the errands I've been putting off since they could only be done on weekdays during business hours. I also decided to try retail therapy to see if that would help... unfortunately, because I am weaksauce, it ended up just making me really tired. It's of course a sad thing to be laid off, but I can see God's hand in this and I know it will all work out for the better. So I will be positive about this and continue to look for a better position at ** (I do want to stay in the same company). HWAITING!

And on that positive note, today was an exciting day! I did the Color Run 5K LA with Carol (from work) and Selina (both pictured above) and it was a blast! It was just so chill and so much fun. Why is getting coloured corn starch thrown at yourself fun? I have no idea, but it is. Don't you love the picture at the top of this post? I am so happy to have a successful jumping picture! Now I just need to work on my facial expression when I jump... :P We followed up our workout with lunch at Mimi's Cafe, yum. And now I'm all showered and clean and I feel good :) Tomorrow will be my first Super Bowl party so I am looking forward to that!