Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ has Risen!

Happy Easter! What a joyous day :D I went to YNCC today and was pleasantly surprised to see that Joe is back as praise leader! The special Easter performance was great and you can watch it here:

2013 Awake Performance from YNCC on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, let me fill you in on the past week or so. Last Saturday (3/23) I went to the Rose Bowl Loop Track with Joyce. Bought supplies and made sangria and other preparations for the potluck. It was smaller than last time, but still pretty big at 14 people. The theme this time was Fooze, aka Food made with Booze. The main food contributions were: Mushrooms (Candace), Potatoes in Wine Sauce (Grace), Beef Stew (Christina F.), Short Ribs (Christina/Ron), Beef Marinated Chicken Wings (Joyce), and Vodka Pasta (Abby). For dessert we had: Kahlua Cake (Crystal), "Better than Sex" Kahlua-drizzled Chocolate Cake with Skor Bars (Tiffany/Charlie), Green Tea Tiramisu with Patron (Christina/Ron), Rum Raisin Ice Cream (Jessica), Butterscotch Sauce (Michael), and Amaretto Cherry Gelato (Grace). Michael and Vanessa also brought wine and I of course contributed sangria (which everyone loved).

{Normal group picture}

Last Sunday Jinwon and I went back to Live Church LA. Spent the rest of the day either watching TV or napping. Monday I finally watched my DVD of Six Seasons and a Movie (Kickstarter project) and tried to organise my room. Tuesday was errands and TV but on Wednesday I went to Rose Bowl Loop Track with Dena. Ran errands with my mum afterwards and got around to watching another Kickstarter DVD: A Cautionary Tail (short film with Cate Blanchett and David Wenham). Then Jinwon came over with In-N-out and we watched Wizard of Oz. It was such a nice walk down memory lane! But it was time for it to go because after we watched the movie my VHS tape completely died. On Thursday my mum treated me to McDonald's for lunch so she could try their new McWrap, which was actually pretty decent. On Friday I returned to the Rose Bowl Loop Track with Dena and then went with Jinwon in the evening to see my third performance of For the Record: The Marshalls. Got the bacon mac and cheese this time and it was so good, but really heavy and salty. The cast that night was Anna Bowen, Milena Govich, Delisco James, Ben Goldberg, Peter Porte, Angela Pupello, and Jackie Seiden. It was a special night because it was Peter's birthday! So we sang happy birthday to him :) And the special guest performer was Dionne Gipson! We love her so much so it was a great night.

{The birthday boy}

Yesterday was the first of my birthday celebrations as Joyce took me to Bottega Louie for my birthday brunch. I can't believe it took me so long to finally try that place! I bought a box of five macarons before leaving, of course, and so far I've tried the Salted Caramel and it is so good! We walked over to FIDM afterwards to check out their 21st Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition. It's going on until April 27 and was pretty cool, they had costumes from Skyfall, The Artist, The Avengers, The Hunger Games, A Royal Affair, Snow White and the Huntsman, American Reunion, Anna Karenina, Argo, Django Unchained, End of Watch, Hitchcock, John Carter, Les Miserables, Lincoln, The Master, Mirror Mirror, and Sparkle. My aunt also came to visit us so we will be busy with her for the next couple of weeks. But that didn't stop me from ditching her and my mum to go see Cavalia's Odysseo with Gardy. We got In-N-Out and then went to see the show. I cannot say enough positive things about it; I absolutely loved it! So much that I even teared up a couple times. Thank you Keri and Gardy for letting me experience this :)

After service today, I took my aunt to Koreatown (my mum had to stay at church) and we had lunch at Corner Place. Also went to Koreatown Plaza and DSW before going home, where we looked over an old family album and she told me about our family history. Then we headed back to Young Nak for a special Easter choir performance/contest that the different regional Bible study groups did. All I will say is that it was looong and my mum's group didn't win anything. But it's okay because I got a goodie bag tonight from Laura as a thank you for bunnysitting her baby! Such an unexpected and sweet gesture; thanks Laura! And with that, it's the end of March...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Getty Villa

{At the Getty Villa}

I was so active last week! Unfortunately, not so much this week, haha. But back to last week... on Friday, I met up with Dena again but this time for the Rose Bowl Loop Track. Afterwards I headed to Burbank for my first book club meeting at Studio Plaza. Grabbed lunch and then discussed Catch-22 with Janice and Thora. We decided that our next book would be Bossypants, but I'll be reading Les Miserables since I really want to read it (and I've already read Bossypants). Later that night I met up with Lorraine and her friend Jackie to watch For the Record: The Marshalls. I was excited to see Ben Goldberg in the cast! The other performers were Milena Govich (didn't know she sings! I recognised her from Law & Order), Charissa Hogeland, Payson Lewis, Steve Mazurek, Angela Pupello, and Jackie Seiden (a welcome sight as I had not seen her since my first FTR: Baz Luhrmann show). Everyone was great, including repeat guest singer Maiya Sykes. Service was lacking though, our server kept on getting our orders wrong and also took forever to do our bill.

On Saturday Christina and I went to the Rose Bowl Loop Track, although I ended up walking most of it on my own since she runs it. Went to Koreatown with my mum to run errands and also grab lunch at Young King. On Sunday, otherwise known as St. Patrick;'s Day, I went to Evergreen LA because Cilla was getting dedicated! I don't have any pictures since I was busy taking pictures for them on Daniel's camera, but it was adorable. Then I came home and watched TV the rest of the day. Monday was really relaxing--went to Wi Spa in the morning with my mum and spent about 4.5 hours there. It was actually not as relaxing as I thought it would be in the jjimjilbang because I kept on testing my endurance in the different sauna rooms, but overall it was a very nice day. Especially because I napped for four hours at home afterwards :)

Tuesday was my dinner date with Crystal at Slater's 50/50. We pigged out that night, a bit too much actually to be comfortable. We actually ran into Dena, her mum, and John there, which was cool. Later that night I found out Roy had been there too, but I didn't see him. After dinner we met up with Candace, Diana, and Sophia and hung out at The Blind Donkey for a bit before heading home. On Wednesday I went with my mum to her cardiologist to get her 24-hour heart monitor taken off. Seems like everything is okay with her, he just adjusted her medication a bit and that was it. We had lunch at Kang Nam afterwards, ran errands, and then I napped at home before heading to a Yelp Elite event at iPic Theatres. My first Elite event of the year! It was great and we got to see Oz: The Great and Powerful. It was better than I expected but I wouldn't recommend it.

Yesterday I met up with Judy and we went to Technique Restaurant for lunch. It was a bit disappointing, but I was glad to get some one on one time with her. Afterwards I hung out with her and the kiddies while she was running errands. And today Dena and I went on a date to Getty Villa! I had told her when we were having lunch at Trails that I had not been to Getty Villa since it reopened and she immediately took action and got us tickets. I'm so glad she did because it is absolutely beautiful there! The outer peristyle is breathtaking; I fell in love immediately. And it was actually pretty educational going through the different exhibits. We had lunch there and then rented Anna Karenina from Redbox to watch at her apartment. It was an interesting movie... I did not expect it to be directed/shot in that particular manner and it threw both of us off a bit. Will never be a fan of Keira Knightley but the movie was not bad. I originally wanted to read the book but now I think I will not. Tomorrow is our AHS Potluck so that will be exciting!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day

In honour of this wonderful day, Keri came by earlier and dropped off a homemade apple pie for me and Gardy. Yum! She actually dropped off another pie last week, so let me rewind...

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was going hiking for the first time last Tuesday! Dena and I did the Griffith Observatory Hike, which was a workout for me! And I need to get new shoes since my current ones have no traction on them -_- The Observatory is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so I wasn't able to check it out, so we headed over to Tommy's afterwards to reward ourselves. It was my first time having Tommy's and it was delicious! But a bit overwhelming... We then went to the nearby Target so I could buy some actual workout clothes. As soon as I get my shoes, I'll look legit! :P

On Wednesday my mum and I went to Costco and grabbed lunch there afterwards. We took a walk around the neighbourhood to keep my FitBit happy, which was good because Keri came by at night to bring me homemade banoffee pie. She had promised me one several years ago and she was finally delivering! It was for both me and Gardy so Gardy came by later to pick up her half. While the pie is not EAT's banoffee pie, it was still pretty good. Can't go wrong with banana and toffee together.

Then on Thursday I finally got around to getting my tax return done. And I was aghast to find out that, for the first time, I would have to pay more taxes instead of getting a refund! How upsetting! Thankfully Friday was a better day; I headed to Burbank to celebrate Suzanne's birthday with the other EFS EAs at Gordon Biersch. Then I headed to the library, for the first time since high school, because I've been reading Catch-22 for a book club at ** that I recently joined and it was killing me! I needed Cliff Notes. And a new library card, since it turns out mine didn't work anymore. The new one is a lot nicer than the old one! Saturday was some retail therapy at DSW and then another first for me: the opera! Selina and I got ourselves dolled up to go see The Flying Dutchman, although first we stopped at Blue Cow Kitchen for dinner. She's a season pass holder at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion so we had nice orchestra seats. It was quite an interesting opera and I am very glad that I had the chance to experience it. I definitely want to go back to see some of their other productions.

{I love this picture of us}

Hopefully y'all remembered that DST came into effect this Sunday! I went to Live Church LA (without Jinwon since she was sick) and there was a guest speaker, Jacob Swodeck, who had some really great stuff to say. There was a fellowship lunch afterwards at Lawry's that I went to. Then I met up with my mum and we went to Koreatown Plaza for lunch and errands. Also hit Woori Market afterwards before going home. On Monday I headed down to Irvine to hang out with Tasha. Had lunch at Pacific Whey Cafe, caught up on Psych, watched A Hard Day's Night, and then ended the night with Totoro! The next day we checked out an event that the grad student housing put on for residents, hosted by The Counter, before I came back home to celebrate my mum's birthday! We went to Noda since it's her favourite chirashi restaurant. Happy Birthday Mum!

Yesterday I went to the Rose Bowl Loop Track by myself. Went a little late in the morning, which was a mistake since it got really hot. But my highlight of the day was that I finally finished Catch-22! My goodness that was a hard book to finish. Rewarded myself with a short nap afterwards... and then an impromptu ice cream date with Crystal at Mother Moo Creamery. Got a half scoop of Butterscotch and a half scoop of Orange Vanilla Sorbet, delicious! Today Dena and I went back to do the Griffith Observatory Hike. It was so much harder today because it was hotter! But she rewarded me with lunch at The Trails Cafe afterwards and it was wonderful and quite refreshing. Then at home I started and finished Red Harvest, which I had borrowed from one of the ladies in the book club. It was refreshing to be able to get through a quick read after the painful slow reading that was Catch-22. Been watching TV ever since and am now waiting for Gardy to come by and pick up her half of Keri's apple pie. Thanks Keri for the second pie this month!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Goodbye **

Last week was my last week at **. More of it was spent eating rather than working, haha. What can I say, I'm very efficient at transitioning. On Monday, Suzanne treated me to lunch at Gala Thai. On Tuesday, I went to lunch with Barb at the ** Cafeteria, where I bought (for the last time, at least for now) a shrimp burrito from Poquito Mas. We had a nice lunch together and I even saw Carly Chaikin on the way back! Marisol treated me to dinner at Raffi's Place, which I requested since I wanted to eat there one more time before leaving **. I also finished reading It's Your Time by Joel Osteen, which is a good book. Then on Wednesday I went on a dinner date with Joyce to Tagine. While Ryan Gosling wasn't there, we still had a really good time. The food there is delicious! I had a couple of interviews Thursday morning and then I met up with my team at Morton's Steakhouse for my "good luck" meal. My boss had to leave early to catch his flight, but it was a very nice time spent with my team. They also gave me a parting gift: framed original film cells from The Hobbit! They know me so well ;) Thursday night was HH with the other EA ladies at Timmy Nolan's, which was Tina's treat. Afterwards a couple of us went to Lucy's 51 and shared a Lemon Drop. It was a really nice night with a lot of hugging :)

{"Good Luck" Lunch}

Friday was my last day of work. Janice treated me to lunch at Studio Plaza, where I got the shrimp chowder special. After I tied up all loose ends and finished packing, I had my exit interview with HR and then Matt treated me to Jamba Juice. And then that was that... I drove through traffic and came home. It wasn't really "goodbye **" because I went back today for another interview. Dropped off some final paperwork to HR and chatted with my former coworkers. Now it's "That's all folks!" with **. Although hopefully not for long...

Saturday was another visit to the Rose Bowl Loop Track, although this time Christina and Allison (and Serena) came along. Afterwards I went to IKEA with my mum and had my favourite meatball combo before running a bunch of errands in Koreatown. Yesterday Jinwon and I went back to Live Church LA, where we listened to a really moving testimony from one of the members. We went to Elite afterwards for dim sum and also got drinks from Half & Half Tea House up the street. That was a mistake because we were SO full afterwards that we wanted to die. Bulemia looked like a good idea at that point; that's how stuffed we were. Then last night Gardy and I went to see For the Record: The Marshalls! It was a lot of fun and there were a lot of performers I saw for the first time, all very talented of course. There was even a special guest performer, Maiya Sykes, who was amazing. But the most amazing part of the night? Getting a picture with Ben Goldberg after the show! ♥

After going to ** today, I walked around the mall to keep my FitBit happy and then ran some errands. Will watch some TV later this evening and then tomorrow will be my very first hike! Must take advantage of being "funemployed" ;)