Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I wanted to take a moment to thank all the men and women who serve in the military--what you guys do and the sacrifices that you have made is amazing and all I can say is THANK YOU.

So last Sunday Jinwon and I went to CCH and then headed over to the mall where we grabbed a quick lunch in the food court before watching The Great Gatsby. We watched it in 3D and I think they made pretty good use of it. I'm pretty ambivalent on the movie though; I can't figure out whether I like it or not. I'm probably leaning towards not... I think Baz made a good effort at bringing the book to the big screen, but so much of the magic of Gatsby relies on the beauty of Fitzgerald's written word. I never watched any of the previous Gatsby movies (I had thought there was just the 1974 one with Robert Redford but apparently there were also movies made in 1926, 1949, and 2000) so I have nothing to compare it to in that sense, although now I kind of want to watch the 1974 one. Afterwards we went to the Half & Half Tea Express across the street from my house since it's finally open, yay! Then we went to Redbox to redeem my free code and we watched Wreck-It Ralph. Now that's a movie I definitely liked, it was cute and sweet and the voice casting was perfect.

On Monday I met up with Dena and we walked the Rose Bowl Loop Track. And on Tuesday I went to the taping for The Voice. Michael picked me up and we went to Universal Studios and met up with Christina and Vanessa. We got there around 2PM and were there until 8:30PM... that was a long day! But it went by pretty quickly. Got food from the Cheer Burger food truck and was entertained while waiting by the staff (they're really nice!). After a couple hours we were taken to Stage 15, which is their largest sound stage, and we were brought inside. We got lucky and had really good seats with good views of both the stage and the coaches. Got to see them do some pre-taping, then we participated in the live taping, and then stayed for another performance (pre-taped for the following week). And Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez came during the live show to promote Fast and Furious 6 and invite everyone in the audience to the premiere that night. We grabbed tickets but ended up going home since we were too tired. We are such old fogeys :P

{Half and Half with Dena}

On Wednesday I hung out with Gardy after she got off of work at her house and of course I brought some Half & Half. And then on Thursday I went with Dena after we did the Rose Bowl Loop Track. She loved it! But since it was my fourth time having it within a week, I felt a little sick afterwards -_- Jinwon came over in the evening and we hit up Redbox and then McDs for dinner. We also stopped by Half and Half to get a drink for her but I refused. I needed to take a break... I get addicted way too easily. Then we watched Looper at my house; it was pretty good. On Friday I finally watched our episode of The Voice on Hulu. I made out a blurry Michael at one point and you can kind of hear Christina and me yelling a couple of times but that was it. Then in the evening I met up with Jinwon (again!) and we went to go see For the Record: Zemeckis. Jinwon got a gin and tonic along with the blue cheese burger with onion rings (which I devoured) and I got their specialty cocktail Death Becomes You along with bacon mac & cheese (which we shared). The show was great; it mostly focused on Forrest Gump but the performances were interlaced with those from other movies so it was nice. The cast that night was: Laura Dickinson, Rogelio Douglas Jr., Derek Ferguson, Lindsey Gort, Patrick Mulvey, Jason Paige, and Nicole Parker. I think I developed a crush on Derek Ferguson...

On Saturday I treated myself (and my mum) to In-N-Out for lunch. So delicious! Then we made sweet potato cupcakes for her church meeting on Sunday. And for dinner I drove to Pasadena to celebrate Crystal's law school graduation at Slater's 50/50! For dinner we were joined by Candace, Grace, Dyana, Jimmy, and Adalon. We all shared vampire dip for appetizer and then I got the BBB burger for dinner along with their pear cider. That BBB kicked my butt! I was able to eat everything but one bite... I just couldn't eat any more at that point. But I could drink! We walked over to Everson Royce afterwards to continue the celebrations. Started off with a nice light white wine (Charles Bove), then moved on to red (The Velvet Devil), and then I picked out a muscato (Moscato D'Asti). I think all in all I had about six glasses of wine, but three of them were moscato so I was completely fine. Several other people joined us for the drinking, including Betty and Annie, both of whom I had not seen since high school! It was great catching up with them :) The night ended (for me at least) at King's Row Gastropub where I was the first to leave at 11:30PM. They are such party animals! :P

{Delicious pizza and fries}

Yesterday Jinwon and I decided to check out Oasis Church. It was pretty cool, but it was a guest speaker so we want to go back again to hear the home pastor speak. For lunch we went to Brothers Pies & Fries in Pasadena, delish! And then we watched Forrest Gump since we were feeling nostalgic after the FTR show. Today I met up with Laura for lunch at La Adelita and then hit up a couple of stores in Old Town Monrovia. I finally got to check out Comic Cellar and buy a Bleach character guide book. After we went to JoAnns for supplies we worked on my Sailor Mercury costume for SDCC at her place. Thanks again Laura for all your help! This has been a productive "long" weekend! ;)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Congratulations J.D. Graduates!

Specifically, congratulations to my dear friend Joyce! I am so proud of you :D

The past two weeks have been quite busy for me. On Monday I ran errands with my mum, one of which was buying weight loss supplements. Hopefully these work... *fingers crossed* I also finished reading Their Eyes Were Watching God--good read! On Tuesday I watched a bunch of TV and then on Wednesday I finished reading The Great Gatsby. Now I'm ready to watch the movie! For dinner I met up with Jinwon at Anarkali Indian Restaurant since I had a gift certificate to use there. It was good and I think I've finally found my go-to Indian restaurant in LA. On Thursday Dena and I did the Griffith Observatory Hike and then rewarded ourselves with frozen treats from Whipp'd. That was delicious! Unfortunately that evening Arcadia was hit by a pretty severe storm and our house experienced a power outage that lasted for almost 14 hours. Thankfully our power came back in time for me to prep myself for my interview Friday morning! After the interview I spent the rest of the day watching TV and got to eat delicious In-N-Out for dinner with my mum. Saturday was spent running more errands and then Sunday was Mother's Day! I went to YNCC with my mum so we could spend the day together, which we did by going shopping afterwards :)

{My delicious Dole Whip from Whipp'd}

On Monday it was back to the Rose Bowl Loop Track with Dena. And then I headed to Santa Monica to spend time with my friend Christina S. who was visiting from Seattle! We spent the afternoon at Third Street Promenade and then had dinner at Umami. It had been over three years since I saw her last so it was great to be able to spend time with her. Tuesday was another TV day but on Wednesday I headed down to Norwalk to watch the very first screening of Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX 3D! There was a large group of us since it was also to celebrate a couple birthdays and it was a lot of fun to watch the movie with a bunch of Trekkies.

{So good to see you roomie!}

Thursday was another hike at Griffith Observatory and this time we rewarded ourselves with delicious melt-in-your-mouth brioche toast at Proof Bakery afterwards. Then at night I treated Joyce to dinner at Carmine's to celebrate her finishing law school! It had been too long since I went there last and mmmm the pasta rosa was so delicious! Then she treated me to Blockheads before we went to go pick up her hubby from LAX. And then it was time to party in Ktown! We hit up The Prince first before ending the night at DGM. And yesterday was Joyce's graduation!!! I went with Joyce, Richard, and Joyce's mum to UCLA in the early afternoon so that we could grab good seats in the audience. We were then joined by her dad, her uncles, and her grandparents. It was quite sunny there so by the time her graduation was over I was burnt to a crisp. But it was worth it to be there for her! Afterwards we had dinner with her family at Five Star Seafood Restaurant. Then before Richard and Joyce dropped me off at home, we made a pit stop at Half and Half Tea House for some delicious Iced Milk Drinks with Pudding and Honey Boba (and I got mine with Caramel as well).

{Congratulations dear! ♥}

Today I ran some errands in Ktown and then at our mall with my mum and now it's time to relax and watch some TV. And tomorrow will be Sunday Funday with Jinwon, which includes finally watching The Great Gatsby!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Yesterday was our AHS Potluck that was appropriately themed for this day of festivity, but before I get into last night's food fest let me rewind to the pigging out of the previous Saturday. So on April 27, I met up with Brian and Jae (a very long overdue hangout) and we had lunch at Seoul Sausage Co. I had not gone to Little Osaka in a long time so it was nice to go back and walk around the neighbourhood. We also grabbed coffee from Coffee Tomo afterwards before deciding to check out Third Street Promenade. It was a nice day to spend in Santa Monica :)

{We pigged out at Seoul Sausage Co.}

On Sunday Jinwon and I checked out CCH in Pasadena since the senior pastor there used to be at Young Nak. I recognised a few other people from YN as well... it was promising so we decided we would try it at least one more time to see if we liked it or not. Afterwards we had lunch at Daisy Mint and then went to the mall to watch G.I. Joe: Retaliation. It was decent as an action movie--full of plot holes, of course, but nicely choreographed by Jon M. Chu. On Monday my mum and I went to Ktown and bought some furniture for our house. We had lunch at Corner Place and then I had my appointment with EDD in Pasadena before we ended our day of errands at Costco. Tuesday was Rose Bowl Loop Track with Dena in the morning and then a bunch of TV in the afternoon. And I ushered in the end of April by watching Scorsese's Mean Streets thanks to the DVD set that Lorraine loaned me.

The only productive thing I did on Wednesday was hanging up the prints in my room along with some other items. The rest of the day was spent watching TV. But on Thursday I went back to the Rose Bowl Loop Track with Dena before spending the rest of that day watching TV as well. On Friday I finally got around to going to Planned Parenthood and getting a new batch of BC in addition to watching TV at home. And then yesterday Tiffany and I geeked out at watching Iron Man 3! While I'm a bit upset at what they did with the Mandarin, I absolutely loved the movie and RDJ could not get any more perfect than he currently is. ♥ Then in the evening I met up with her again for the AHS Potluck! The theme was Cinco de Mayo (of course) and most of our items clearly fit the theme. For appetisers/entrees we had: Chips/Guacamole/Salsa Con Queso (me), Chips/Five Layer Dip (Jessica), Pepe's Taquitos/Beans/Rice (Vano), Paco's Beef Chimichange (Tiff/Charlie), Pupusas (CHRON), Homemade Enchiladas (Elaine/Steven), and Tacos (Derek). For dessert we had: Cantaloupe/"Mexican" Brownies (Crystal), Individual Flan (Abby), and Banana and Pistachio Ice Cream (Tiffany). Yum!

{Group pictures: normal and moustache}

Today I went back to CCH by myself since Jinwon was sick. I'm on the fence about this place so I'm going to come back once more with Jinwon before I decide on it. I also started reading Their Eyes Were Watching God. And out of the various episodes of TV that I watched tonight, the most notable was The Mentalist because I remember seeing them film it on the lot! Well, I didn't actually see them filming, but I was at the building that it was filmed at while they were prepping to shoot. Pretty cool, right? Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful Fifth of May today and celebrated with delicious food and sweet margaritas!