Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Whole 'Notha Person

So much has happened since I last blogged. So last Tuesday and Thursday, my mum took advantage of McD's "buy one quarter pounder, get one free" deal to try their new quarter pounders. On Tuesday we tried the Bacon & Cheese, it was pretty good. On Thursday we tried their Deluxe one. My mum preferred the Bacon & Cheese one, but I actually liked my Deluxe one because they accidentally included bacon in it, keke. Anyway, on Wednesday Dena and I did the Griffith Observatory Hike and then--after a quick change of clothes at her place--we headed to The Capital Grille for lunch. It was a great experience, especially since most of our meal ended up being comped (thank you Yelp!). We shopped at Beverly Center afterwards before checking out Beverly Connection and then heading back home. Then on Thursday I did yoga for the first time ever! Lululemon at the Americana hosts this free yoga session every Thursday taught by teachers from local yoga studios. Since it was free--and since Lululemon would also provide complimentary mats for the class--I agreed to go with Dena. MAN, yoga is hard! It made me realise how completely weak my body is. So I told Dena I'm willing to continue to do this class with her as long as I'm unemployed since I need to work on my body strength! We also went to Target and Costco afterwards which was fun. We saw Sam Jaeger at Costco but were too embarrassed to approach him :P

{But we met Barney! ;)}

Then on Friday Dena and I did the Rose Bowl Loop Track and I spent the rest of the day being productive by doing a ton of laundry while watching TV. On Saturday my mum and I checked out the Pasadena Farmer's Market before heading to Ktown for lunch and errands. Once I got home I baked blueberry muffins.. for the first time ever! Thankfully they were a success :D In the evening Jinwon and I headed over to Hollywood to check out How to Convincingly Fake Honesty, which is a comedy/magic show part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It was a lot of fun and we got to get a photo with them and their autographs afterwards. On Sunday I went back to Live Church LA on my own and then met up with Jinwon afterwards to have lunch at the Burbank mall and watch Man of Steel. It was really good! And then in the evening Gardy and I went to In-N-Out for dinner before heading over to see How to Convincingly Fake Honesty (again). On Saturday I had met Shanon and her bf there, but on Sunday I met up with Nelson, Laura, her hubby, and their group of friends. It was again a lot of fun, especially since most of the people in our group got to participate. And Leeman and David both remembered me and David even gave me a hug *^^*

{Group photo from Sunday}

On Monday I got my car a long-overdue car wash and then made another batch of blueberry muffins. Yesterday I did the Rose Bowl Loop Track with Dena in the morning and then watched some TV in the afternoon. And in the evening, I met up with Gardy at McDs for dinner before heading over to Pasadena to get our hair cut by Christy Honsberger! Yes, you read that right, we both got our hair cut. SHORT. I ended up donating about 13.5" of hair. Christy said I turned into an entirely different person afterwards (hence the title of this post). It was a pretty crazy transformation for both Gardy and myself but I think we look great :D Afterwards, to celebrate, we went to Half & Half in Pasadena. Today I finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (I'm on a HP marathon; will explain at a later date), got my car's 40K maintenance taken care of, and am now going to (re)watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!

{What do you think?}

Monday, June 17, 2013

Catching Up on Life

I'm loving funemployment! I have been so behind on life and this is the perfect opportunity to catch up (or at least try to). The Wednesday before last, I finally finished a couple of TV shows and also finally watched The Aviator. Good movie. On Thursday Dena and I tried out a different trail at Griffith Observatory and in the evening I headed over to Judy and Daniel's to babysit Cilla for a few hours. I was worried I would bore her to tears but thank goodness she finds pretty much everything amusing! It was a lot of fun :) Saturday was our June potluck! The theme was jarred/canned foods--at least one ingredient in your dish needed to be from a jar or a can. Crystal and Dyana actually came over before the potluck time so we could check out Half and Half's grand opening, but unfortunately they had already wrapped up by the time we got there :( The potluck was really good! I made kimchi fried rice with spam, thereby covering both canned food (spam) and jarred food (kimchi). The other apps/entrees were: Corn Casserole (Crystal), Corn Bread (Dyana), Chips and Fruit Salsa (Christina), Beer (Grace), Broccoli Casserole (Jessica), Quinoa Salad (Abby), Corn and Spam Soup (Vanessa), Spaghetti (Candace), Spam Musubi (Derek), and Macaroni Salad/ZhaJiangMien (CHRON). Our desserts were: Alfajores (Abby), Almond Pudding Fruit Cocktail Dessert Thang (Michael), and a delicious White Chocolate Fruit Tart (Tiffany). So much good food!

{This was supposed to be "prom style"}

On Sunday Jinwon and I went back to Live Church LA. Then we went to the mall afterwards, grabbed lunch from McDonald's, and watched Now You See Me. We liked it; it was pretty entertaining. Then we checked out the 626 Night Market. It was a cool experience and I'm glad we went, but we probably won't go back. Watched the Tonys at night; NPH was a great host! On Tuesday Dena and I went back to the Rose Bowl Loop Track and then I spent the rest of the day watching 11 episodes of TV. How am I still not caught up?! :P On Wednesday my mum and I ran a bunch of errands in Koreatown and then checked out the farmer's market in Pasadena. A little bigger than the one on Tuesday, it was still small but we were able to buy several items there. And then on Thursday I went to the gym for the first time in almost a year! Don't worry, I took it easy ;P Gardy came over in the evening to watch Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Having gone in with really low expectations, I thought it was decent. Gardy didn't really like it though. I was just happy to have Jeremy on the big screen ♥

{The best part of the 626 Night Market: Starry Kitchen's famous Tofu Balls!}

On Friday I had my book club lunch meeting. It was just Janice and myself (again) but it was nice catching up. Our next book will be American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson, which I'm really looking forward to reading. On Saturday I went over to Judy and Daniel's since it was Cilla's birthday; I couldn't stay long since Annabel was sick but I dropped off presents and chatted with them for a while. Yesterday I went back to Live Church LA, but without Jinwon since she slept in. Took a short nap afterwards since I was really tired and then I went to MAGIC CASTLE! I love that place :D And we got to see so many magicians (Chris Korn, Paul Vigil, Ben Seidman, Doc Eason, Scott Wells, George Tovar, Shoots); it was truly a magical night. Thanks again Nelson! Then afterwards we all went to Shin Jung Restaurant since we were hungry. Got home around 2:30AM this morning. Thank goodness I get to sleep in! Ran a bunch of errands with my mum today and now it's time to watch some more TV!

{With Steve, Stacee, Bridget, Nelson, and John}

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bucket List

Do you remember using Notes on Facebook? And how different checklists/etc were popular back then? So in February 2009 "the bucket list" was being passed around. You were supposed to place an X by all the things you had done, remove an X if there was one by things you had not, and then send it to your friends. So I posted mine on 02/24/2009 and I had checked off 30 of them. Granted, some of them are iffy (I've had salmon roe and other fish eggs but not the typical black caviar, I didn't go inside the Westminster Abby, stuff like that), but everything was close enough. In the 3+ years that passed since then, do you know how many more I have been able to check off?


Some of the things on that list aren't items that are on my bucket list (this was a generic one passed out online): I'm not interested in seeing someone die, hugging a homeless person, paying for a meal in coins only, etc. But there are others that I am interested in and it's a bit sad that I haven't done more of the 86 items on the list.

Some of these items are on my Pinterest bucket list, and hopefully the next time I look back on this list I can check off some more items. I have included the list at the bottom of this post.

{One of the items on my bucket list. I may not be able to attend it in person yet, but I will be watching it on my TV tonight! In about 34 minutes...}


Things you have done during your lifetime:
( ) Gone on a blind date
(X) Donated Blood
( ) Skipped school
( ) Watched someone die
(X) Been to Canada
( ) Been to Mexico
(X) Been to Florida
(X) Been to Hawaii
(X) Been on a plane
( ) Been on a helicopter
(X) Been lost
(X) Gone to Washington, DC
( ) Hugged a homeless person
( ) Swam in the ocean
(X) Swam with Stingrays (technically I was standing and they were swimming around me while I fed them, but same difference)
( ) Been sailing in the ocean
(X) Cried yourself to sleep
( ) Played cops and robbers
(X) Recently colored with crayons
( ) Ran a marathon
(X) Sang Karaoke
( ) Volunteered at a soup kitchen
( ) Paid for a meal with coins only
( ) Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch
( ) Seen the Northern Lights
( ) Been Parasailing
(X) Been on TV
(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
( ) Made prank phone calls
( ) Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans
( ) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
( ) Fed an elephant
( ) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(X) Fired a gun
( ) Danced in the rain-naked
(X) Been to the Opera
( ) Written a letter to Santa Claus
( ) Serenaded someone
( ) Seen a U.S. President in person
( ) Been kissed under the mistletoe
(X) Watched the sunrise with someone
( ) Driven a race car
(X) Been to a National Museum
( ) Been to a Wax Museum
(X) Eaten caviar
(X) Blown bubbles
(X) Gone ice-skating
(X) Gone to the movies
( ) Been deep sea fishing
( ) Driven across the United States
( ) Been in a hot air balloon
(X) Been sky diving
( ) Gone snowmobiling
(X) Lived in more than one country
( ) Lay down outside at night and admired the stars while listening to the crickets
( ) Seen a falling star and made a wish
( ) Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser
(X) Seen the Grand Canyon
( ) Seen the Statue of Liberty
( ) Gone to the top of Seattle Space Needle
(X) Been on a cruise
(X) Traveled by train
( ) Traveled by motorcycle
(X) Been horse back riding
(X) Ridden on a San Francisco cable car
(X) Been to Disneyland OR Disney World (been to BOTH!)
(X) Truly believe in the power of prayer
( ) Been in a rain forest
(X) Seen dolphins in the ocean
( ) Been to Niagara Falls
( ) Ridden on an elephant
( ) Swam with dolphins
( ) Been to the Olympics
( ) Walked on the Great Wall of China
( ) Saw and heard a glacier crack
( ) Been spinnaker flying
( ) Been water-skiing
( ) Been snow-skiing
(X) Been to Westminster Abbey (but didn't get to go in)
(X) Been to the Louvre
( ) Swam in the Mediterranean
(X) Been to a Major League Baseball game
( ) Been to a National Football League game
( ) Swam with sharks
( ) Been White Water Rafting
( ) Written a book or screen play

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

It's June?!

Seriously, how is it June already? It's been 3 months now since I've been laid off and wow does the time fly by!

Last Tuesday, as usual, I met up with Dena to do the Rose Bowl Loop Track. Then afterwards we headed to Lake Ave. in Pasadena for the farmer's market but it turns out they stopped having one there months ago. Good job Yelp and Pasadena for not updating your respective websites -_- So we went to Trader Joe's instead and then had a delicious lunch at Abricott. I spent the rest of the day working on my Pinterest bucket list and despite the almost-300 pins it doesn't begin to cover all the things I want to do! In the evening I headed over to Jamie's parents' house to celebrate her hubby's birthday with her and her family. On Wednesday I ran errands with my mum and then had dinner with Williana (who was visiting shortly from MA) at Shamshiri Restaurant. We had dessert at McDonald's, where I finally tried the combo of fries with vanilla ice cream. It's surprisingly good! I quite enjoyed it :) Then Gardy came over afterwards and we watched Jack Reacher since I had a free Redbox code for the day. Someone (I can't remember who) had told me that it was a good action movie but it was horrible. The fight scenes were few and very short and there were no explosions! While it was nice to see Varro (aka Jai Courtney) again, Gardy and I did not like this movie at all. Robert Duvall is its only saving grace, but he doesn't even show up until near the end.

{Our lunch at Abricott}

On Thursday I got to spend time with Judy and her two youngest at Corner Bakery for lunch. I hadn't gone to Corner Bakery in a while so it was nice to have it again. Friday I spent the entire day catching up on TV shows, which was somewhat interrupted in the evening when our block had a random power outage for about 30 minutes. Not sure what caused it since we didn't have any wind or storms so that was really odd o.O Saturday was more TV and then on Sunday Jinwon and I headed back to Oasis Church. It was another guest speaker (who was pretty good) so we'll have to come back another time to hear the lead pastor speak. We tried Five Guys for lunch and I can now confidently say that there is no burger that compares to In-N-Out. We then went to Whipp'd for dessert, and this time I actually got to try Blue Bell Ice Cream! I got half of the Krazy Kookie Dough Blue Bell and then half Pineapple Dole Whip. It took a while to get used to, since I was combining rich dairy with tart non-dairy, but I liked it. Then in the evening I picked up Crystal and Dena and we celebrated Crystal's law school graduation with dinner at LAMILL and dessert at Pazzo Gelato. Then we ended the night with a glass of sparkling white wine at Dena's place :)

Yesterday I had a job interview in the morning and then spent the rest of the day shopping and running errands with my mum. This morning Dena and I did the Rose Bowl Loop Track before checking out a different farmer's market in Pasadena, which I am happy to report still exists. The Tuesday one is pretty small but I still walked away with three baskets of delicious sweet strawberries. And I am now currently working on catching up on some more TV... funemployment sure keeps me busy! For those of you who love doughnuts, I would like to take this time to remind you that Friday is National Doughnut Day which means you can get a free doughnut from your local Krispy Kreme!