Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SDCC 2013!

Man I have really aged in the past year. It's taking me forever to recover from this year's Comic Con -_- But I am proud to say that it was my fifth full Con! YAY :D

{Final pic with my cousin and niece before I left for SD! Posing with our Half and Half of course ^^}

So last Wednesday I went to brunch with my fam. I of course impressed my mum and cousin with brunch at Julienne ^^ We had a great meal which we followed with Half and Half. Yum! Then Laura and I were off to San Diego! Unfortunately we hit a bunch of traffic so things didn't exactly go according to plan, but I got my 4-day badge and checked into the hotel with my car completely full of our stuff. While the Sofia Hotel is pretty nice, our room was TINY. Not good when you're sharing with four other people. I met two of them for the first time and then all five of us went out for a late dinner at RA Sushi (all four of them had preview night so I had to wait for them). As a result I missed out on the Psych musical screening but I'm glad I got to spend time with my roomies!

{The only time all five of us would be together the entire Con}

My Thursday morning started at 5:45AM. Ouch. Thank goodness I had baked blueberry muffins for all of us on Tuesday night so I had one for breakfast. Got ready and lined up for the convention center at 7:15AM. Finally got in and then had to line up for Ballroom 20--where I found Laurie! That was a gift from God: a friend to wait in line with! :D The first panel was at 10AM: Intelligence, a new series airing on CBS in the fall starring Josh Holloway and Meghan Ory. The pilot was better than I expected! I still probably won't watch it, but I don't mind recommending it to others who have less than 40 shows on their "plate" like me :P Then Star-Crossed (another new series, but on CW) was at 11AM (sorry, not recommending this one) followed by Beauty and the Beast at noon. And then finally the panel I had been waiting all morning for: PSYCH!!! It was moderated by Cary Elwes and so was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT *^^* Next was BBC's Sherlock, which was another great panel, even if Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman couldn't be there in person (but the recorded clips definitely made up for it). And then my last panel of the day was The X-Files' 20th Anniversary panel. It was great to see David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson together, even if they didn't seem very excited most of the time :P Afterwards I headed over to the Fulfillment Room at the Marriott to get my Psych shirt and then explored the exhibit floor for a bit with Duvien before we grabbed dinner at the Panda Express at Westfield Horton Plaza.

{My beloved James and Dulé saying SUCK IT}

But did my Thursday end there? Nope. Mark and I were determined to get into Hall H for Friday, so I headed over to the Hall H line after charging my phone for a bit in the hotel room (UGH my stupid phone was pretty much dead the entire Con). Got in line at 9:30PM and didn't leave until Mark came to relieve me at 2:15AM. That's right--for the first time ever, I lined up overnight for SDCC. It was actually not as hard as I thought it would be, EXCEPT I left my sleeping bag in the hotel room and was freezing the entire night. I know, I'm so smart -_- Took the shuttle back to the hotel and grabbed a couple hours of shut-eye before I got up at 5:45AM again. Joined up with Laura in line (she relieved Mark at 5AM) and then Mark and his friends joined us. I was tired and a bit cranky but it was WORTH IT. The day started off with The World's End at 10AM. I love Simon Pegg and am so excited for this movie! Then Veronica Mars at 11:15AM. I never watched the TV show but I did support the Kickstarter project and am also excited to see the finished product as I love the cast. That was followed by Universal Pictures' two panels--Kick-Ass 2 and Riddick--at 12:15PM. Then The Walking Dead panel was at 1:35PM, followed by my beloved GAME OF THRONES panel at 2:50PM! I was so happy to have finally made it into a GOT panel! I cannot wait for the next season :D The final four panels that I saw that day were all from Sony at 4:05PM: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, RoboCop, and Spider-Man 2. Yay for Andrew Garfield! Afterwards Mark and I went to the fulfillment room to get our GOT swag--good stuff! Had dinner with Laura at Thai Time and then we checked out this really lame party... won't go into details -_-

{The GOT panel}

Saturday started off even earlier with my getting up at 5AM. Laura and I both cosplayed on Saturday as Sailor Scouts: I was Sailor Mercury and she was Sailor Mars! She went and lined up for Indigo Ballroom (at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront) while I went to temporarily relieve Mark in the Hall H line. Once he came back I joined Laura in line... with three other Sailor Scouts! That was pretty cool :) Of course we made it in for the first panel: Machinima at 10AM. It ended with a really cool short film starring Ryan Kwanten, who was in the audience! Then it was Geek & Sundry at 11AM before the panel that we had been waiting for: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER at noon! Their one and only SDCC panel--how could I miss it?! (even if it meant missing out on Marvel in Hall H, sigh.) It was a great panel though and I'm so glad I got to experience it. Then it was The Originals at 1PM.

{I decided to call myself the "Amish Sailor Mercury" ^^#}

After that panel I went back to the hotel room and changed into normal clothes so I could go to the Game of Thrones Experience! I missed out on the personalised t-shirts (which was fine since I had my GOT shirt from the panel, which I was wearing!) but I did get the awesome picture on the Iron Throne. Checked out the exhibit floor for a bit before going to the Strike Back panel at 7PM. It was great to see my boys Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton.. can't wait for the next season! And I got a shirt from this panel too, yay for SDCC swag :D I meant to check out Nerd HQ afterwards, but I got so turned around by the crowds outside of the convention center that I just escaped into the shuttle and went back to the hotel room. Had leftovers from RA Sushi for dinner and spent the rest of the night packing.


Sunday started at 5-5:30AM for me. Got ready, finished packing, and had the bellboy come and load everything (which was a LOT of stuff; filled up his entire cart!) into my car. Then I took the shuttle to the Con and joined Mark, Laura, and her friends in the Hall H line. (I would just like to point out right now that Doctor Who fans are FANATICAL. Laura had to line up at 4:30PM the day before to secure our spot in line. That's crazy.) Our last day of SDCC started off with Supernatural at 10AM. It was so great to see Jensen Ackles *^^* Then it was Breaking Bad at 11:15AM, followed by the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary panel at 12:30PM, moderated by my love Craig Ferguson. While I've never watched the show, I still enjoyed the panel a lot. Then it was the panel (well, the first of two) that I had been waiting for: Community! Dan Harmon had a pretty great entrance. I was sad that a couple cast members were missing but it was still such a fun panel. Snuck out during the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia panel at 3PM for one final look at the exhibit floor, but I was definitely back for the Sons of Anarchy panel at 3:50PM! What a great way to end the Con.

{My love Charlie Hunnam}

With San Diego Comic-Con 2013 over, I headed back to the hotel with Laura and Mark and we all drove over to Phil's BBQ. But the wait was estimated at 1.5 hours and Laura and I were dying, so we crossed the parking lot and went to Red Lobster instead. We devoured our food and guess what? When we left, the other guys were still in line at Phil's :P We left, got gas, and drove back to the SGV! We got back around 11PM, which was pretty good considering last year I don't think I got back until 10 minutes before midnight. But I still felt the need to unpack and check emails and whatnot so I didn't go to bed until 2AM. But I Nyquil'd out and didn't get back out of bed until 4:45PM yesterday... only to go back to bed at 8PM XD I am seriously so old now; last year I was able to go back to work on Tuesday and be fine. I don't think I would have been okay if I had to work today... so yay for funemployment! I did get up at 10AM today though. Go me! And tonight I will be taking Jinwon out for dinner in Bev Hills and showing her a grand ol' time at the Magic Castle for her birthday! :D

So that was my recap of SDCC this year. I've uploaded all my pictures to a public folder in Picasa so you can see them here. And you can see my two videos from the Psych panel on my YouTube channel here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


What a week it's been! I've been quite busy... and am only going to get busier because I leave tomorrow for SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON! I am so excited :D

So last Wednesday, I had my interview at ** that was related to HP. I thought it went well but I haven't heard back from them yet so maybe not o.O Oh well. I'm not stressed out about it. On Thursday I finished reading CraigyFerg's American on Purpose. I may be biased since I've been a huge fan of his for years, but I loved reading his book. I really learned a lot about him and I have so much more respect for the man. On Friday was my book club meeting, so I got to meet up with Janice and Lorraine to discuss the book. We met this time at the new Claim Jumper which was quite nice! And I saw a couple former colleagues there as well :) I also caught up on a lot of TV during the week (in prep for SDCC haha).

On Saturday I went to the shopping mall with my mum and we tried out the newly opened Chipotle! I always love Chipotle so I was quite excited that they finally opened; unfortunately my mum didn't enjoy it as much. We ran some errands before we went home and I watched even more TV. On Sunday I went to church and then met up with Jinwon afterwards at the mall so we can watch Pacific Rim! While Jinwon was disappointed in the movie, I found it quite enjoyable. Please don't go in expecting any plot. If you accept the plot that the movie gives you, then that just leads you into questioning the hundred or so plot holes and that's never a good road to go down. So just accept that this is just a movie that is giving you nicely choreographed fights between alien monsters and robots and you'll like the movie a lot better. It also doesn't hurt AT ALL that there are three shirtless Charlie Hunnam scenes. Thank you Guillermo del Toro so much for those ;)

Yesterday my mum and I went to LAX to pick up my cousin and my niece. They flew from Korea to SF on Friday (my niece is going to go to some boarding school camp thing at Stanford next week) and came to visit us for 5 days! It was so good to see them :) We had lunch at Corner Place, of course, and then ran various errands in ktown. We then had dinner at the mall before heading to Marie Callender's to fulfill our tradition of getting their summer strawberry pie! Sadly the pie was smaller than before (they also made it cheaper) but it was still delicious :) Today was supposed to be a pretty relaxed day just taking them around Arcadia/Pasadena to run more errands, but it ended up becoming an Esther and Claire Funday at Universal Studios! That's right--I finally went to Universal Studios! You can read my Yelp review for the details but it was a lot of fun and I'm glad I got to go.

{Loved the Despicable Me 2 photobooth at Universal!}

We had delicious LA galbi for dinner tonight and I got a chance to catch up with my cousin for a bit. I'm sad to be leaving them tomorrow, but I'm so glad that I got to spend a couple days with them. Family is the best ♥

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Boy Who Lived

For the past two weeks, my entire world has been 99% Harry Potter. I read all 7 books and watched all 8 movies. It was actually "homework" for a job interview that I will be having tomorrow. My brain is now completely filled with HP facts and trivia O.O

Anyway, last last Thursday, Dena and I went to the Americana again to have free yoga with Lululemon. It was outside on the lawn but thankfully in the shade. A bit easier than the week before, but I think that's because we had a different teacher. I still did child's pose a lot :P Then I had McDonald's for lunch with my mum and went back into the world of Harry Potter. By Friday morning I had finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which ended up being probably my favourite book in the series. Then I went over to Judy's to help her bake about four dozen cupcakes for TT's birthday party the next day. On Saturday I showed up early to help set up the party and then got to enjoy TT's very first birthday party! It was a great party and then afterwards I hung out at their apartment. In the evening I met up with Jinwon and we grabbed dinner to-go from Porto's and then headed over to see Boogie Nights at Eat See Hear's drive-in. It was our first time doing a drive-in movie and it was pretty cool! Boogie Nights was also a good movie. We had bought tickets for the event through Goldstar and had hit a snag when we checked in; I won't go into details, but I will say that Goldstar's customer service is quite suberb.

On Sunday Jinwon and I went to Oasis Church for the last time. We met up with Kelly afterwards for lunch at The Counter. Then in the late afternoon I met up with Selina and we checked out the video game exhibit at iam8bit gallery. The entire exhibit is pretty cool, but we were there specifically to take pictures in Uncle $crooge's money pit. It was so cool! (The venue interior, however, was actually really HOT.) Then we headed to Runyon Canyon since I've never hiked there before. The view there is incredible! Even though the hike seemed easy enough when we were doing it... I was sore for the next three days -_- I spent the first day of July in HP-land, and on Tuesday I went to two different libraries to get the last two HP movies (Christina only had the first 6). Then on Wednesday I met up with Dena to hike at Griffith Observatory. I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, started on the next book, and then met up with Keri and Gardy. We headed over to Soowon Galbi for Keri's birthday dinner. It was delicious and filling. Gardy stayed over afterwards to chat :)

Since Thursday was the Fourth of July, my mum and I decided to head over to the mall to see if they were having any good deals. We didn't end up buying anything, but we did have lunch there. Then I was back in HP-land again until Friday evening, when Gardy came over and we went to Staples Center for THE PACKAGE TOUR concert!!! It was such a great concert. So nolstagic hearing Boyz II Men serenade us and then I was SO happy to see my loves 98 Degrees!!! They were the main reason why I was there. I cannot express how much I love them ♥ But I must say, I am a total NKOTB fan now. They have completely won me over with their amazing stage presence, energy, good songs, etc... such a wonderful night :) I finally finished uploading all my decent videos to my YouTube page, so definitely check those out.

{I even bought 98 Degrees' concert t-shirt!}

On Sunday I went to Live Church LA, which I have decided will now be my "home church." Jinwon couldn't go with me, but Kelly ended up meeting me there and has decided to attend that church from now on too. And in the evening I met up with Jinwon and we went to go see Much Ado About Nothing at Arclight Pasadena. I absolutely ADORE that movie and will say it's pretty much the closest to perfection I've seen in a movie this year. SO GOOD. Just everything about it was so wonderful; Joss Whedon has truly done it again ♥ Then we had dinner at Abricott--the staff there was really nice, especially considering that we came 10 minutes before closing. Then yesterday I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II, thereby completely the HP saga for me. YAY! After returning the DVDs to the libraries, I went out to lunch with my mum and her friend at Souplantation. In the evening, I went to the women's bible study meeting for Live Church LA for the first time. It was great meeting the other members and sharing our lives with each other for a few hours. Today I finally finished reading Japanamerica. I had gotten it while I was at TOKYOPOP years ago and never got around to it until last month, but I was just reading a chapter here and there. Then I had to put everything on hold for HP so I wasn't able to finish it until today. YAY for being productive and completing things! To continue this roll, I'm going to fully catch up on Psych tonight :)