Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Thrill Capital of the World

Like I mentioned in my last post, I spent the afternoon two Thursdays ago making mini Oreo cheesecakes for my women's bible study. I also made regular ones as well for my upcoming potluck. But I only brought the mini ones to the bible study. It was great going to women's bible study that night--it had been so long since my last one! And it actually ended up being the last one for this year; they're putting the women's bible study on hold until January since everyone is really busy, especially with the upcoming holidays. On Friday I picked up Christina and Abby and we went to go see For the Record: Baz Luhrmann! We are the original crew that saw it for the first time last January, so it was special coming back here with those ladies. It was also a belated birthday celebration for Christina :) Such a great night, especially since I came home to find Andy oppa! He flew in from Korea earlier in the week to attend a conference in Las Vegas and drove all afternoon on Friday so he could spend the night with us. It was so great to see him ^^

{Stole this from Christina's Instagram}

I went shopping on Saturday and then in the evening was our AHS Potluck! The theme this month was "School Food"--basically we were tasked with recreating whatever it is that we ate during high school. Christina Fong and Elaine brought appetizers: chips, dips, and a veggie tray. The entrees were: Poutine (Abby), Sloppy Joes with Hawaiian Bread (Tiffany/Charlie), Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese and Hot Cheetos (Ron), and Fried Chicken + Mashed Potatoes/Cauliflower + 7-Up Biscuits (Christina). I provided the sole dessert with my Birthday Cake Oreo Cheesecakes. During dessert Steven and three of his friends stopped by and provided a lot of entertainment, but I ended up kicking everyone out by 10PM so I could finally spend some time with my cousin. On Sunday I bid adieu to my cousin (he was flying out of LAX in the morning) and then headed to church with Jinwon. It was our church's fourth anniversary, yay! Afterwards we had lunch at Cowboys & Turbans, which was quite an interesting meal. Then I spent the late afternoon/evening watching the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards.

{Four years! Stolen from Live Church LA's FB page}

On Monday I was back at Longo Toyota because my low tire pressure warning sign had been on for two weeks and I don't know how to put air in my tires -_- Then I went over to Judy's to help out with the kiddies since she had hurt her back. Watched The Shawshank Redemption in the evening since Joyce had been adamant that I watch it, and WOW. Really good! On Tuesday I was back at Judy's for part of the day and then spent the evening watching TV. Wednesday was a chill day at home and then on Thursday I went with Dena to the Americana for yoga on the lawn. Stopped at Starbucks in Target afterwards where I tried their blended salted caramel mocha--pretty good but not salted enough :P Finished reading Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns); it made me like her a lot more. Then it was time for co-ed bible study. On Friday I met up with Janice at Chipotle for our book club meeting. Then in the evening I was back in Burbank to meet up with Laurie and Paul for dinner. We had dinner at Mo's (whoo hoo now I can say I've had dinner with an Emmy winner!) and then watched Twilight Zone Unscripted across the street at Falcon Theatre. That show is amazing--the cast members are SO talented! And I got to meet and greet with some of them afterwards so that was lovely :)

{With Edi Patterson, who was also Arwen/Legolas in Fellowship!}

Yesterday was another exciting day! I met up with Gardy, her coworker Claire, and Keri in the morning and off we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I hadn't been there in ages so I was so excited to finally go! We got there as soon as they opened (10:30AM) and stayed until minutes before they closed. In that time, we went on a total of six rides. We started off with Viper, then went to Tatsu (so much fun!), then Roaring Rapids (I didn't go on this one since I did not want to get wet), followed by Superman (this one had a super short wait compared to the others... but then the ride was also super short!), and then Ninja (which was totally not worth the ridiculous 90 minute wait time). Then our group split up so that Gardy and Keri could ride Riddler's Revenge while Claire and I checked out Full Throttle. That was definitely my favourite ride--it was so much fun! Afterwards we had dinner at Sharky's and then headed home.

{Full Throttle!}

Today I tried to go to Live Church LA but thanks to all the street closures due to the Triathlon I ended up just driving around in vain and then coming back. So I went to CCH instead but had to leave early since I was meeting up with Dena and Crystal at Urth Caffe for coffee. Got the blended Spanish Granita Latte again... I really like it! Now it's time to again take advantage of my Netflix trial and watch the entire first season of Spaced :D

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Catching up on Movies

The last couple of weeks have been busy. So two Saturdays ago, like I mentioned in my last post, I met up with Judy for dinner. We went to Golden Deli, which was nice since I had not been there in years. Then later on Jinwon came over and we watched Shaun of the Dead to prep for the end of the Cornetto Trilogy. While it did have its gruesome scenes, overall it was not bad for a zombie movie. So on Sunday, after church, I met up with Jinwon again at the mall and we watched The World's End. It was an enjoyable end to the trilogy but it was also the weakest of the three. Hot Fuzz will always be my favourite. Later in the day Gardy and I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see the screening of the pilot of Sleepy Hollow. I was excited since I had always wanted to check out Hollywood Forever Cemetery. We had a great time, and I even ran into Laurie here! On Monday my mum and I ran errands in ktown and had lunch at So Hyang. Then in the evening I met up with Gardy again to watch Strictly Ballroom. It was a fun cheesy movie and I can't wait to see FTR: Baz Luhrmann again to appreciate it even more!

{Who knew photobooths could make GIFs?}

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty chill; Wednesday is special because I finally watched Pretty Woman that evening. I know, I can't believe it's taken me this long to watch that movie! I am a total fan of it now and cannot wait for FTR: The Marshalls to come back so I can appreciate that one more too ;) On Thursday I finally went to yoga with Dena for the first time in over a month. It was hard! But to motivate me to keep at it, I bought a yoga mat from Target afterwards. Had co-ed bible study in the evening and then I ended the night with Friends with Benefits. Friday was the start of the Lululemon warehouse sale, so Dena and I set off on the metro to LA Convention Center so we could buy some Lululemon clothes at a discount! Yeah... that was a complete fail. The line was absolutely ridiculous. We were told it would be over 4 hours wait for us, so we left and went to Nickel Diner for brunch. Then in the evening I met up with Christina and Ron and they drove to Sabina's European Restaurant for dinner. The meal was a bit disappointing, but then we went to Theatre Asylum to see The Pokemusical! We met up with Abby and Jessica there for the show and it was much better than I expected! Hung out with Christina again on Saturday when we went to the Rose Bowl Loop Track for some exercise! She almost killed me by making me jog a lot -_- But then she treated me to a delicious blended Spanish Granita Latte at Urth Caffe afterwards so I forgive her :) I spent the rest of the day reading David Sedaris' Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls and watching Scarface.


On Sunday I had lunch with Kelly after church. We went to BCD, but that drive was a lot longer than expected because it seemed like most of ktown was shut down! Apparently there was some festival/parade celebrating Mexico's independence? I'm not sure what happened but it was crazy. I spent the rest of the day at home watching TV. And on Monday it was back to ktown! This time with my mum to run errands, and we also had lunch at Corner Place. Ran some more errands back in Arcadia and then for dinner I met up with Gardy and Keri and we had In-N-Out for dinner while chatting at Keri's house. Dena and I were supposed to go to the Rose Bowl Loop Track on Tuesday morning, but because of an accident on the freeway we met up later in the morning and hung out at Bean Town instead. She graded papers while I read, and then we ended the morning with lunch at Corfu. Later in the evening I watched The Town. Can you see that I'm taking full advantage of my Netflix trial? XD It's a good movie and worth checking out :) Yesterday was a pretty chill day at home and today I'm going to be baking mini Oreo cheesecakes to bring to women's bible study tonight!

Saturday, September 07, 2013


Keep The BackStreet Pride Alive! How is it that I've been a BSB fan since 1997 and I just learned about this acronym this year?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. So last Thursday (8/29), I relaxed at home most of the day (you know, recovering from SF haha) and then went to co-ed bible study in the evening. Friday was pretty chill as well, but then I met up with Gardy after work and we went to go see For the Record: Baz Luhrmann! It really is completely different from the show last year; not only did they add music from The Great Gatsby but they totally remixed it! It's pretty darn awesome :D Didn't hurt that we sat at the bar and I got a free drink from the cute Italian bartender ;) And then the best part is that afterwards I was able to get pictures with three of the cast members! YAY :D Hung out with Gardy again on Saturday when we went to go see Pulp Fiction with EAT SEE HEAR at LA Historic State Park. While our experience there wasn't the best, I'm so glad I finally got to see the movie. It really made me appreciate FTR: Tarantino even more and now I can't wait for it to return!

{With Tomasina Abate and Steve Mazurek}

Sunday was Fellowship Sunday at church which meant free food after service! They provided a baked potato buffet which was delicious. Mmmmm potatoes :) Ran a lot of errands on Monday with my mum, which included quite a bit of shopping. I also tried Wienerschnitzel for the first time ever and I am not a fan -_- Finished reading Salman Rushdie's The Enchantress of Florence in the evening; great book! I definitely liked it a lot better than his Satanic Verses. So on Tuesday I went to the library to return the book and borrow a couple more. Wednesday started off at Longo Toyota since my car was included in Toyota's latest recall. Lovely. Then it turned out they needed to keep my car for a couple days since it has some kind of oil leak. Sigh. So I got a rental car from the on-site Enterprise; they gave me a Yaris. I can tell you right now, I don't like the Yaris. But then again, I've already made up my mind about never buying another Toyota ever again. Thursday was a good day because not only did I start my month FREE trial with Netflix, but I had dinner with Laura. We walked to Zelo's and shared their corn pizza with sausage. Yum! And to make the night even better, we then walked to Half and Half and I got my usual: Iced Milk Drink with Caramel, Pudding, and Honey Boba. Delicious!

But yesterday... yesterday was AMAZING. I grabbed McDs for dinner and then met up with Selina and her friend Katherine. Selina drove us to Irvine and we parked a couple blocks away from Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre so we wouldn't have to deal with their clusterfuck parking. We got there a little late, so we thankfully missed Pauly D's set. We saw Jesse McCartney perform and then it was time for A WORLD LIKE THIS with BACKSTREET BOYS!!! Our seats were pretty good and I absolutely loved the concert. Our MEN had three costume changes, two videos (one was a trailer for their upcoming documentary which I am so excited for!), and many moments where they talked to the crowd and were so sweet. They performed all the songs in their setlist and the entire concert was like this huge group karaoke night. SO. SO. SO. GOOD. And Wyland was even there painting on stage for part of the concert! MIND. BLOWN. Such a perfect night ♥


So I got home a little before 2AM this morning. So tired but it was so worth it. Finally picked up my car from Longo today. Later today I'm going to have dinner with Judy and then I'm meeting up with Jinwon afterwards to watch a movie. If you want to see the performances from BSB that I recorded, head on over to my YouTube page!