Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Are you all dressed up today for Halloween?! I have been enjoying pictures of everyone's costumes on Facebook today :)

So I'm still sick. Still have a bit of a runny nose but mainly my pesky cough is the problem. It's gotten worse -_- Sigh. So last Monday was pretty chill, and on Tuesday I helped my mum out at work for a few hours. Then on Wednesday I had an interview at **, but it was for a job I didn't really want so I was quite thankful when the HR recruiter called me up a couple days later to tell me I didn't get the job :P On Thursday I went to Co-Ed Bible Study in the evening and Friday was another quiet day at home. See? I really tried hard to fully recuperate but my body just isn't cooperating despite all the medication I put in it! On Saturday my mum and I checked out the Pasadena Fall Home Show at the Convention Center but there was nothing good there. So we walked around Paseo afterwards for a bit before going to Carmine's for lunch. It was my mum's treat and it was such a delicious meal :) And at night Joyce and Richard came over for about an hour just to chitchat since they were in LA for the weekend. So good seeing them! And Joyce also brought me a mango tapioca drink from Phoenix, yum.

On Sunday I couldn't figure out how to navigate around the marathon to get to Live Church LA, so I ended up going to YNCC for service. Met up with my mum afterwards to go to Little Tokyo Galleria Market. After a quick nap, I met up with Crystal and we headed over to Viva Madrid! for Jamie's birthday dinner. Quite a delicious and fun meal :) On Monday my mum and I ran errands in ktown, grabbed lunch at Mandarin House, and got my hair cut at Details. Jinwon came over after work and we watched Singin' in the Rain since she had never seen it before. It is one of my favourite movies! We actually meant to watch Trance but my DVD player had a hard time with figuring out the audio :( So I watched it later by myself on my laptop. On Tuesday I had an appointment with EDD and then helped my mum out at Kumon again for a few hours. And yesterday I went to a Yelp Elite Event at Lock & Key! It was a costume party and it was a lot of fun. I was Sailor Mercury and I was joined by Sailor Moon, her cat Luna, two Sailor Mars, and Tuxedo Mask. Good times :)

I have now permanently retired my costume so there will be no dressing up today/tonight. But I have candy so I am prepared for any trick-or-treaters! Hopefully we do get some tonight because we got a grand total of TWO last year :/

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

The past two weeks have been pretty quiet. Two Tuesdays ago I had an interview with **. I thought it went well, but I never heard back from them so I guess not *shrug* On Wednesday we found out that we have termites so we're going to need to deal with that soon. Ugh. On Thursday I helped my mum out at work for a couple hours and then had co-ed bible study at night. We had a really good discussion... and cheese rolls from Porto's! Yum. Friday was spent trying to catch up on TV and on Saturday I went to the HHW/EW round-up in Duarte to drop off some old electronics and expired medication. Last week was spent almost entirely at home because I got sick :( I did leave the house on Wednesday though to run errands with my mum. We got pizza from Domino's and went shopping a little too. On Thursday I had a phone interview with another HR recruiter at **. We'll see how this one pans out...

{A Little Party Never Killed Nobody}

Yesterday was my big night out. I met up with Keri, Gardy, and Gardy's coworker Claire and we headed on over to For the Record: Baz Luhrmann. Met up with Selina, her friend Duc, and Duc's two friends there. We had premium seats and it was so great to have unobstructed views of the various stages. The show was so much fun, especially since Jason Paige was so entertaining as Harold Zidler! He even did a magic trick for us before the show :D It was a fabulous night, ending on such a high note since I got pictures with Joanna Jones and Peter Porte afterwards. I absolutely adore this cast ♥ And again, if you want to see my videos from last night, check out my YouTube page.

While a little party may not have killed anyone, going out last night made my cold a lot worse. I couldn't sleep at all on last night due to my inability to breathe, but despite all that, I dragged my carcass to church this morning because there was no way I was going to miss Christine Caine! She was such an amazing and inspiration speaker. I bought one of her books after service and can't wait to get started (once I finish the book I'm currently reading). And now that I've pumped myself full of drugs and taken a nap, I do feel a little bit better. Hopefully I get completely better this week!

Monday, October 07, 2013

What a Weekend!

Before I get into this past weekend, let me update you on my past week. Last Monday was full of errands in ktown (how do we always have so many things to do there?!) and then in the evening my mum and I watched Vision: From the life of Hildegard Von Bingen. This movie critic she follows in the Korea Times reviewed the movie well so we watched it but we barely got through it since it dragged so much. Not a recommended movie. I helped my mum out at Kumon on Tuesday, opened a new claim with EDD on Wednesday, and finished reading Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us) on Thursday. While it does not sound like a great book, I will tell you that it was a really interesting read. I seriously want everyone who has anything to do with traffic rules and regulations to read this book. On Friday I helped my mum out at Kumon again and then met up with Jinwon in the evening to see For the Record: Baz Luhrmann. How I adore this show!!! Rumer Willis didn't perform this time but she was in the audience. And I finally got to meet greengal23! I had always wondered who she was since she always has so many videos of FTR performances so it was great finally meeting her and finding out that she works for the show :)

{One of the last songs from Friday. For more videos, go to my YouTube page.}

Saturday was my Torrance Fun Day with mum! We started off the day at the Torrance City Farmer's Market. It was huge and I was quite impressed, even though most of the prices were too expensive for me. Then we went to King's Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant for lunch. Decent lunch, albeit somewhat disappointing. Headed to Scrampers afterwards, which is a HUGE store dedicated to the art of scrapbooking! Then we went to Mitsuwa Marketplace, which has totally changed from the last time I came (years ago). It ended up being a very disappointing visit :( But then going to Daiso Japan put me in a good mood, followed by going to Marukai right next door. Although that Marukai was a bit disappointing since it is so small! Oh well, we still found stuff to buy :P Then my mum got curious about the Daiso Japan in Gardena, so we went there. And it was BEAUTIFUL. I was in love ;) What a great way to end our Torrance Fun Day! At night, I watched the final DVD from my Netflix trial (can you believe it's already been a month?!): Infernal Affairs. I have to agree with Natasha and say that this film is superior to The Departed. Tony Leung and Andy Lau are superb. If you haven't watched it yet, definitely check it out.

{My goodies from the bakery. Sad to say they were disappointing.}

Yesterday started off like a regular Sunday. Showered, went to church, watched a little TV. But then I met up with Jinwon and took the metro to Hollywood and Highland. Where we then walked up the hill to the Hollywood Bowl to attend the 12TH ANNUAL HONDA CIVIC TOUR CONCERT! By the time I got my concert tshirt and Jinwon got some food, we had already missed Rozzi Crane as the opening act. But we made ourselves comfortable and then it was time for Kelly Clarkson! She was great--such a powerful voice which of course sounds amazing live. She performed all 13 songs from her set list with three costume changes! Impressive. And Adam/Maroon 5 pranked her during her set by repeatedly playing the clip from The 40-Year-Old Virgin where Steve Carell yells out "OHHHH KELLY CLARKSON!" while getting waxed. Hilarious. Then it was time for my beloved Maroon 5! They also did all 19 songs of their set list, although there were no costume changes (unless you count Adam taking off his Hawaiian shirt, but he still had his wifebeater on for the rest of the night, boo). It was a special night for them since they are LA natives and this was also their last stop of the tour. Unfortunately, the crowd was really un-enthusiastic. I'm not sure if it's because the majority seemed to be a lot older than us (WHY are they at a Kelly Clarkson/Maroon 5 concert?!), but Adam tried so hard to get people to clap and sing along to their songs. He was finally successfully in the end for "She Will Be Loved," but that was also the second-to-last song :/ Nonetheless, it was a GREAT concert for me and Jinwon, and it ended with a bang! Actually, a lot of bangs, as it seemed like the Hollywood Bowl was trying to use up their entire fireworks inventory. Such a memorable night and I'm so glad I got to go. FINALLY I went to the Hollywood Bowl this year! I wouldn't recommend taking the metro though; it was fine on the way there, but on the way back it took forever because we had JUST missed the train in Hollywood/Highland and were forced to wait half an hour for the next one. So even though the concert ended around 10:30PM I didn't get home until almost 1AM. No matter, everything was worth it. If you want to see my videos (I only managed to record six songs because of my small SD card), you can find them all on my YouTube page.

Today my mum and I ran yet more errands in ktown and had lunch at House of Joy Chinese Restaurant. Then we ran more errands on the way home. And I finally took my car to get a car wash so now it's nice and clean! But since I was still tired from last night, I had to take a nap after all this :P Now it's time to spend a relaxing night at home watching TV...