Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all had a wonderful NYE and I know 2014 will be an awesome year :D

The past week has been a great week for me to end 2013 with. Last Friday I had lunch with Jinwon at President Thai, which is a place I've been wanting to check out for a while now. Then we went to AMC and watched Frozen. OMG I *love* that movie! I will admit I teared up several times watching it... so good! Definitely recommend for all :) Then we ended our Friday Funday with cupcakes from ConfeXion. Yum! Nancy came by on Saturday for one last afternoon together before she had to leave. We met up with Crystal and walked down memory lane at AHS before going to ConfeXion for more yummies. We then consumed said yummies with wine at Everson Royce before making a quick stop at Intelligentsia Coffee and seeing Candace. After that we just hung out at my house until we had to part ways with Crystal. Nancy and I had dinner at Sinbala before I dropped her off at LAX. Miss you dearie! On Sunday I ran errands with my mum after church and on Monday I helped her take down Christmas decorations at work. We had lunch at Bhanu Indian Grocery & Cuisine before I took my car to Longo for its oil change and maintenance. Yesterday my mum and I cleaned up the house for the new year and in the evening Gardy and Keri came over. We made delicious Gooey Butter Cake and ushered in the new year with much chatting and laughter. I didn't get very much sleep, but it was a great NYE and start to 2014!